dulwich guy ,near Crystal palace daytime meets , looking for regular

Man in London, Greater London, UK   TickPhoto Verified

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Hi bisexual guy easy going,into most things within reason, like a bit of spanking bondage blindfolds mouth and arse fucked, just use your imagination and lets have fun nipple play or what ever you fancy.daytime meets only, looking for a sensual regular genuine friend who is adventurous

with handcuffs etc. Love being bent over someone knees and having my bare arse spanked bye hand. Like meets in cars also and kissing


67 years old, Bisexual

5'8"  173cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
Some tattoos
No piercings
Size: Average
Role: Bottom
Caucasian (white)

Looking For

Couples (MM) Men TV/TS
Aged from 18 to 99
Will meet smokers


Can accommodate
Can travel


Wanking, Voyeurism, Uniform, Twinks, Tattoos, Shaved, Safe sex, S&M, Rubber, Oral, Older guys, Naturism, Leather, Kissing, Group sex, Cruising, Anal, 1 on 1

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Verified Genuine Profile

*obert6969xxx (78), Man on 10 November 2021 by Meeting in person:
Another great meet with Tony , this time Lexus another of his friends joined us and we had a great threesome

*exus battersea babe (59), Man on 5 November 2021 by Meeting in person:
Meet with Tony yesterday afternoon at his place.He had another friend join us and we had a great time in and out the bedroom.

*obert6969xxx (78), Man on 24 October 2021 by Meeting in person:
Thanks for licking my arse and fingering me whilst you were edging me it was fantastic

*obert6969xxx (78), Man on 19 October 2021 by Meeting in person:
Met Tony again and he can take a hard flogging on both his arse and cock and balls ,he is very obedient and licked and sucked my balls and played with my cock giving me some wonderful feelings including using his electro toys on my cock,looking forward to my next session with him

*obert6969xxx (78), Man on 10 August 2021 by Meeting in person:
After several failed attempts finally got to meet Tony and we had some great fun. I flogged him which he took very well and he sucked my cock and balls to great effect . He also applied his electro stim machine to my cock trying various pulses until as he turned it up high he made me come.thank you Tony for a great time

*ondonMale4Fun (72), Man on 31 July 2021 by Meeting in person:
Tony and I keep in touch regularly but due to Covid -19 and being health conscious, we have not been able to meet for some time. Last Thursday Tony and I received a call from a Sub, Versatile CD we had been communicating with for some time informing us that he was available to meet on Saturday when he had booked out of the Hotel prior to retuning to Manchester. We agreed it would me nice to meet at last and a time was agreed for today. Having enjoyed a glass of wine and a chat I told Anita to go into the bathroom and get changed and Tony was told to strip to his briefs as I sat on the Sofa sipping the wine and getting the floggers, paddle and ruler ready for action along with condoms, just in case. Once Tony had stripped to his briefs I stood up and I told Tony to drop to his knees, which he did. I took of my top and Tony pulled my track suit bottoms down looking at the bulge in my briefs and feeling it and between my legs. He asked if he could remove my briefs as it had been a long time, I agreed and he pulled them down and I stepped out of them. He grabbed hold of my cheeks and eagerly started to suck on my cock and fondling my balls. As he was doing this Anita walked back into the lounge looking good in her bra and panties saying “WOW” looks good. I instructed Anita to drop to her knees telling her it was her turn to suck me which she did as I gave her a taster of what was to cum. I then told Tony to remove his briefs and bend over the Coffee Table as I started to administer the punishment he deserved and enjoyed, as I told Anita to join in, we had a cheek each. It was then Anita’s turn to strip and bend over for her punishment which she took very well. As Tony is very tight and as Anita is very small, I asked Anita if she wanted to fuck Tony, without answering Anita put a condom on. I held Tony’s cheek wide open and Anita went right in first time. Giving Anita a few strokes of the flogger it had the desired affect to make her fuck Tony harder and deeper. I then moved to the front and I started to simultaneously fuck Tony in the mouth which I have done several times at various meetings. As Anita had cum, I pulled out of Tony’s mouth and told both of them to kneel and take turns at sucking me, once I was ready to cum, I told both to open wide as I exploded into both of their mouths. Anita said to Tony you are right Richard does cum a lot with much force and it is salty but I’m not complaining. The only downside of the meeting was that as a result of a faulty SIM Card the photos did not come out. Having said that it was still a very nice meeting with a very nice couple and Anita will keep in touch and will log onto Fab Guys when she knows that she will be back in London. Thanks to both of you for a great afternoon and I hope that your cheeks are not to sore. LOL. I look forward to future meetings. ??

*aquline (65), TV/TS on 30 July 2021 by Meeting in person:
Tony is a bitch A dirty bitch Loves being used abused In a collar lead blindfolded Can suck cock most excellent I have fucked his pussy mouth hard Many times Top host Very elegant X jaquline

*exus battersea babe (59), Man on 18 November 2020 by Webcam:
I have been chatting and have been on cam more than once with this Bitch,and getting more horny wanting to use the bitch. Looking forward to meeting when time is good for all Bitch loves to have someone in control a Master/Mistress is very submissive into been tied and hooded and used for pleasure which is both ways. Also like to satisfy small group with both ends ie spit roast loves to swallow cum and likes, waters ports as well

*ondonMale4Fun (72), Man on 5 February 2020 by Meeting in person:
It was great to meet Tony again not only for a chat but to give him the punishment he enjoys. After a chat I ordered to Tony to strip and bend over in order that I could start to punish him, one cheek at a time building up to both. The sound of the flogger whistling through the air and landing on Tony's bright red cheeks along with the reaction it was having on Tony was so horny. Once Tony had reached his limits he immediately dropped to his knees in front of me and holding my cheeks he pulled me towards him. Taking all of my cock deep into his mouth he proceeded to suck me off as enthusiasticaly as he has done on previous meetings, one to one and more. When I could hold back no longer I exploded into Tony's mouth and despite his best efforts he had no choice but to let some of my spunk drip out of his mouth. Thanks for a great time Tony and I look forward to meeting you again and perhaps having you Spitroasted as on a previous occasion.

*atecummer (71), Man on 21 November 2019 by Meeting in person:
Had one of many great sessions with this guy on his bed yesterday. He is strong and could kiss for Britain. He can dominate, as well as be a very willing bottom, and only the size of his cock had me stop him from having his very horny and wicked way with me - almost virgin that I am!

*ohn31 (71), Man on 9 September 2019 by Meeting in person:
Had a good meeting with Tony again and gave him a good flogging his arse was red after I had finished. His sucking skill is amazing and I filled his mouth with my hot spunk which he swallowed. Tony is a willing bitch and obeyed my orders without question

*aleLondon007 (72), Man on 14 May 2019 by Meeting in person:
I was lucky enough to meet Tony again but this time we were joined by Charlie. Both of them received the punishment they deserved, wanted and enjoyed. They showed their appreciation by taking turns to suck me off. I look forward to meeting both of them again. Apologies for the delay in posting this verification.

*uckums (63), Man on 31 January 2019 by Meeting in person:
Tony came around to my new place in Purley, he wasn’t in the front door and I could see a bit of a bulge in his trousers witch gave me a swelling in my own, as I knew what was coming, while showing him around I wasn’t wrong, by the time we got to the bed room he had my cloths off and my cock in his hand (I still don’t know how he undressed me). We fell on to the bed playing with one and other getting down to a lovely 69. Tony could suck for England and a arse so fuckable you could die for. If you got any sense you won’t miss this one out (a lovely shag).

*aleLondon007 (72), Man on 3 December 2018 by Meeting in person:
I have had the pleasure of meeting Tony in his nice, clean home on previous occasions. We have enjoyed one 2 one, threesomes and foursomes and I look forward to meeting Tony again at a mutually convenient time. I have repeated my verification as due to a technical fault I was not able to log in under my original username and therefore I had to create a new username.

*uckums (63), Man on 17 August 2018 by Meeting in person:
Meet my old mate Tony in the wine bar, had a bottle to get in the mood. Went to my place, didn’t get inside the door and Tony was tugging at my belt, we were undressing on our way to the bedroom, jumping on the bed, playing with one and others cocks/balls, then Tony turned me over and I felt his mouth on my arse, his tongue darting up my arse (boy dose he know how to rim). The next thing I know is cold lube and being finger fuck, Tony must have found my g-spot I nearly come my coco, hanging on to the bedcovers, I had to ask Tony to stop. Pulled Tony to the edge of the bed so could kneel on the floor and parted he’s legs so I could see his arse (Tony’s arse looks like a clit), lube that clit up and slowly entered him with my fingers, and had a five minuet finger fuck, he’s arse felt so inviting I pulled my fingers out and started to penetrate that lovely arse with my cock, just as the tip of my cock started to go in, I heard a moan, then I had a wonderful shag. We had a rest with a glass of wine. A 69 followed (Tony’s a grate sucker) we both spunked one and others mouths at the same time and yes, we both swallowed. A day to remember, I’ll be back for more soon. Get in touch with Tony you won’t regret it.

*sjv (49), Man on 24 July 2018 by Meeting in person:
I have meet Tony a couple times, all of them amazing, very easy going guy, with some incredible oral skills, makes you feel comfortable and a good chat. Hoping to meet you soon.

*aleLondon (72), Man on 21 May 2018 by Meeting in person:
A couple I had previously met referred a friend of theirs to me who is not on Fab Guy’s but was visiting England from Spain for a few days. He is 25, a Top. and extremely pleasant, clean, and polite called Carlos. Having spoken on the phone he agreed that he would like to meet Tony and I. Naturally I spoke with Tony who was also happy to meet and accommodate at his home. The meeting was arranged, at short notice, for yesterday Thursday 17th May at 14.30 hours. Carlos arrived at about 14.15 hours and we enjoyed a glass of wine and chat to get to know each other and relax the situation. We reiterated what we would all enjoy .i.e. I would punish Tony and Carlos could have a go as well. I love being sucked off and Tony would like to be tied down and Spit roasted (safe sex only) if things went well, no pressure. As Carlos is not keen on photos being taken we agreed not to take photos as all must enjoy no pressure or no point. I told Tony to go to the bedroom, strip to his briefs, bend over the edge of the bed, and wait for me. I stripped to my briefs in the lounge and as I was about to go to the bedroom Carlos pulled my briefs down and started to suck my cock very enthusiastically I stepped out of my briefs, went to the bedroom and I started to use Tony’s Flogger on him. As the sound of the flogging continued Carlos entered the bedroom, picked up the second flogger and we took turns at flogging Tony. I told Tony to get up and suck the cock (Carlos’s) that was going to be fucking him soon. Like the good Slave Tony is he always obeys me. He took Carlos’s briefs of and started to suck away. I know from previous sessions that Tony sucks like a Dyson. After a while we told Tony to lace face down on the bed and his wrists were tied behind his back and his ankles tied together. Some pillows were place under his stomach so his arse was raised up. Carlos put on a Condom and covered the end in Lube. As he moved towards Tony I held Tony’s cheeks open and Carlos went right in on his second attempt. The sound of his balls smashing against Tony’s arse was incredible as I went to the front of Tony and I put my cock into his mouth and I told him to suck away as Carlos continued to fuck him deep and hard. Later Carlos said he needed to cum, I asked him to wait until I was ready so we could both cum at the same time. As we both exploded into Tony his whole body shook with the feel of two cocks Cumming in him with some force. Having untied Tony, we cleaned up and had another drink. We have agreed to keep in touch and will definitely meet up when Carlos is next in the UK possible August but definitely near Christmas. To say it was a great afternoon it would be an understatement, thank you Tony and Carlos (although Carlos not being a member of FG’s will not see this verification) for a great time. I then gave Carlos a lift to the Station enabling him to continue his onward journey to his relatives in London.

*eville2015 (62), Man on 10 February 2018 by Meeting in person:
Invited to Tony's on 08/02/2018. Very welcoming & good conversation. Really nice guy. Paid a great deal of attention to my body that was gratefully received. Eventually cum after much oral & hand work. Hope to be invited back. Recommended.

*aytime cuck fun (61), Man on 17 January 2018 by Meeting in person:
Was looking farward to meeting Tony for a while Went to his place today.wow what can I say well worth the wait had him sucking my cock within minutes of getting there, I then bent him over and gave him a good long spanking which he love's, I then fingered and fucked his pussy while stopping every now and then to spank him a bit more to keep them cheeks nice and red then when I was ready to cum I got him to suck me till I gave him a nice warm mouth full.great guy looking farward to next time

*oulace (72), Man on 16 December 2017 by Meeting in person:
Great meet with Tony lovely man hope we can meet again x

*aleLondon (72), Man on 28 August 2017 by Meeting in person:
Tony and I arranged to meet again last week, this time we were to be joined by Joseph. Previously Joseph told me he wanted me to severely punish him and that he must obey me at all times. About an hour prior to our meeting Tony asked if his friend John could join us, we all agreed. When Joseph arrived he laid out his cane, paddle and other items I was to use on him. I told him to strip and face the wall. Tony, John and I watched. I ordered Joseph to go into the bedroom, bend over the bed and to wait for me. Having striped to my briefs, I went to the bedroom and started to administer the severe punishment Joseph wanted. On hearing the sound of the whacks Tony and John entered the bedroom and John and I took a cheek each to punish. Tony dropped to his knees, removed my briefs and started to suck away on my cock, he is great at sucking John and Tony left the room as John said he was going to use restraints on Tony's wrists and ankles. Joseph got up as I ordered him to suck my cock as I gave him a taste of my spunk so he knew what to expect later. As the sound of the thrashing had stopped John came back and watched as I fucked Joseph deep and hard in his mouth. We then went to the lounge were Tony had been secured by his wrists and ankles to the door frame. John and I started to punish Tony as I told Joseph to start sucking Tony later I ordered Joseph to suck John. Joseph and I then returned to the bedroom were after a few more severe strokes Joseph lay on the bed and continued to suck me off, John came back into the room to watch Joseph wanking himself off as he continued to suck my cock. When he had cum he asked me to give him some more of my spunk for him to taste and then to wank the rest of my spunk over him and John could watch. This I was happy to do. Sadly due to a fault on my sd card a lot of the photos of the fun afternoon did not turn out. Thanks guys for a great afternoon I left fully drained by you and I hope Joseph was not too sore. We aim to meet again very soon for more fun. Thanks Tony for accommodating all of us :)

*ust 58 (65), Man on 25 March 2017 by Meeting in person:
Spent a long horny sexy exhilarating afternoon with Tony. After long kissing and caressing - his touch is electric and kisses so well, indulged in long slow mutual sucking, Tony's oral skills are awesome at last knelt over his face and face fucked till I came in his mouth which he swallowed X Awesome time Tony, thanks looking forward to the next time

*ust 58 (65), Man on 3 February 2017 by Meeting in person:
Had a long sexy time with this guy today. Ticks all my boxes and a great host. Till the next time Tony x

*aleLondon (72), Man on 31 January 2017 by Meeting in person:
I was invited to meet Tony again and this time his friend John was scheduled to meet us. When John arrived and we had enjoyed a drink and a chat I told Tony to go to the bedroom, strip to his briefs bend over the bed and wait for me. I undressed to my briefs in the lounge and told John when he was ready to join Tony and I. I started to use the ruler on Tony's arse, one cheek at a time, building up to both. On hearing the wacks John entered the room and removed Tony's briefs as I continued to punish him. John then removed my briefs and holding my arse pulled me towards him and started to give me a fabulous sucking. He then took over punishing Tony whilst I made Tony suck me off. Tony was then told to lay face down and spread eagle on the bed. His wrists and ankles were secured and a couple of pillows were put under his stomach to raise him up. I then gave him a few wacks with the belt whilst John put a condom on and covered it in lube. I could feel the heat of Tony's punished cheeks as I held him open so John could slide into him. Once he was fucking him deep and hard I started to symutaniasly fuck Tony (the Bitch) in his mouth until we were both ready to explode in him at the same time. Thanks Tony and John for a fantastic time, must do it again soon :)

*aleLondon (72), Man on 23 July 2016 by Meeting in person:
I initially met Tony a couple of years ago and whilst we have kept in touch, for one reason or another, we were not able to meet again until yesterday. I met Tony with a gentleman, called Sam, I have communicated with on line. They both received the punishing they wanted and deserved and both took it really well. It was nice to have two guys bent over for punishment. I was then rewarded with a nice sucking by both of them. Before I came I asked Sam to put on a condom on and lubed up, Tony was bent over and I held him open so Sam could enter him and pound away at his arse. Once Sam was fucking him deep and hard I started to simultaneously fuck Tony in the mouth. As soon as Sam had cum he started to suck me again and I exploded over him as Tony watched Thanks to both of you for a very pleasant meeting

*atecummer (71), Man on 17 March 2016 by Meeting in person:
Lovely guy. Have met twice and am about to again. He respects your limits, and up for lots of things himself.

*ntotherim (69), Man on 5 March 2016 by Meeting in person:
Had a great meeting with Tony ending in me giving him a large facial, great time, really enjoyed Tony, I think most people would.

*imi-ann (101), TV/TS on 23 October 2015 by Meeting in person:
happy to verify Tony again...he hasn't asked me to do this... but it was a great 'meet' with him in his old 'identity'...xxx aimie

*aleLondon (72), Man on 11 October 2015 by Meeting in person:
I met Tony some time ago, see the verification he gave me. Tony had to re do his profile and the verification was not transferable. So I will reiterate : I met Tony as arranged at his clean and tidy home. He took all the punishment he craved for and photos were taken of before, during and after. He also supplied a paddle and straps to be used on him. Once he had reached his limit he showed his appreciation by sucking me off until I exploded for him. We hope to meet again at a mutually convenient time either one2one or more, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

*nksukfuk (68), Man on 20 July 2014 by Meeting in person:
Have spent a very pleasant afternoon with this charming man and unloaded exactly where he wanted me to! Give him a try, you won't be disappointed.

*aleLondon (72), Man on 19 July 2014 by Meeting in person:
I met Tony after exchanging a few messages, e-mails and texts. He took everything he said he wanted with regard to me punishing him, No Excuses! When I had finished punishing him he sucked me off, as promised, asking me to explode some of my cum into his mouth, then pulling out and shooting the balance over his face. I was happy to oblige :) A very enjoyable meeting with a very pleasant guy who I look forward to meeting again.

*aturebiguy50 (68), Man on 16 July 2014 by Meeting in person:
Met tony a few times now always a relaxed entertaining and pleasant guy recommend him