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... "So long & thanks for all the fish. Douglas Adams. Have a great week people. :-)". 2 hours ago

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No late night unplanned meets or late night monosyllabic messages!

I’m not the local tourist board either!

I’m an easy going fully bi guy in Portsmouth so I lick both sides of the stamp. I like a varied lifestyle with my fun & it really does take many forms. I am very discreet & I expect discretion in return.

I have a face pic on file & it’s available if we decide to meet. I’ve a few private pics of me & yes I do need some more pics, please let me assure you that I have all my own hair, it’s brown. I’ve two eyes & one is polished regularly, all my limbs are safely attached though they may flail about in moments of ecstasy. My veris show I’m no Quasimodo but can you be my sanctuary?

My verifications show I like femininity & the company of a CD. I do have a soft spot for the girls & a not so soft part too but many of my friends & contacts are gay, bi & straight looking. Some are Indeed straight & still in complete & utter denial.

While some of you may think it fun to be a prat or waste people’s time. To me, one of the most important things a person can be is happy in their skin.

If you are not happy in yourself then seek help & don’t take it out on other people or waste their time being the dick you see in the mirror.

I really do like all sorts of fun & while I like to go with the flow or chemistry in the room. I am as happy with a sensual 1 on 1 as I am with a writhing group in a sauna. Experimentation is fine by me & I like to help others try new things too.

I do not have just one type of fun i seek or need, if it’s not on my profile then don’t be afraid to ask, I may surprise you.

I’m a regular at Tropics sauna in Portsmouth & also swim off Eastney nudist beach from spring to late autumn. Please DO NOT ask me for directions or info like ‘Is it busy?’, Ans; Come & find out. ‘Where do you sit at Eastney?’ Ans; On my bum!

If you can find this profile then you can use google. There are some seriously ungrateful people around.

The bear & Tgurl events at Portsmouth Tropics sauna are great fun. I thoroughly enjoy & respect the gurls company (I’m also on TVChix) & I am as happy to spend time listening to their journeys & stories as I am sharing their company, passions & fluids.

I do & have met smokers but only if they are fresh breathed & don’t imitate an ashtray. Believe me, I’ve met them & walked away.

If I’m expected to be clean & respect your ways then it must be mutual.

If you have reached this far, bless you, thank you for visiting my profile & please put ‘night’ in the message heading.

The moan section;-

Do not! send me a friend request without ever chatting or establishing some common ground with a mind to meet.

Late night requests to meet will NOT! get me running. I do not sit indoors waiting for you.

Your right hand must be fit enough by now!

Winks with links to wank online or phone sex are deleted instantly. Get a life, an inflatable friend or exercise the other arm to balance things out. Just block me instead. Please!

Similarly short dumb messages like ‘Wana fk.’ ‘Meet me.’ ‘Suck me.’ will be ignored, deleted and/or the sender blocked or block me.

Put the crayons down, stop licking the windows, put some thought into it & be nice.

It’s sad to see so many who’s age exceeds their IQ.

Syllables can be strung together to form longer words & at times with practice even form whole sentences. Maybe try an online tutorial. Now is surely the time to block me.

If you look up during the day, there’s a big bright thing in the sky called the sun. News flash foolish egotist, the world revolves around the sun & not you!

Desperation, rudeness & ignorance are very unattractive traits! Go ahead, block me.

TWs. Moderators do not like lists of them on a profile & my last quite comprehensive list was deleted. TWs beware! New profiles with the same old words & profile pics repeated are blocked also.

Just because you are lonely fantasists & can’t colour within the lines. Don’t put your sad little lives on others & do try taking the meds children. A little bit of sugar helps apparently.

Why am I not blocked yet!!!

To Sydney University - Do not use my profile or pics. Have at it but beware. Facebook has taught me a particular set of skills. I will hunt you, I will find you then i will force feed you pineapple pizza, jaffa cakes, marmite, yes marmite, multiple spoonfuls! Wafer thin mints and root beer till your belly explodes and you will admit you were wrong to take them!


63 years old, Bisexual

5'8"  173cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings
Size: Average
Role: Versatile
Caucasian (white)

Looking For

Couples (MM) Men TV/TS
Aged from 21 to 99
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


Wanking, Voyeurism, Safe sex, Rimming, Oral, Older guys, Naturism, Kissing, Group sex, Fur, Cruising, Anal, 1 on 1

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*ubangela66 (56), TV/TS on 23 March 2023 by Meeting in person:
Great to see Steve again. Always a pleasure and always delivers x

*ollyMixture (42), TV/TS on 23 March 2023 by Meeting in person:
I met with Stephen again a few weeks ago, to continue my voyage of discovery into serving older men. After previously treating him to the mincing pink satin sissy maid look, I gave him a change of dress this time, opting for tight fitting PVC mini skirt, clingy tops and heels, etc. I think he approved of this look, given the bulge in his pants, as we sat on the sofa for a chat and cuddle. As we sat on the sofa chatting, I pulled his cock out and started slowly wanking him, loving the sight and feeling of his cock growing hard in my hand, and slipping his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock, working the precum out of the tip. Soon, I was on my knees between his legs, and taking up my rightful position to wank and suck his cock, pleasuring his needs, and swallowing his hard cock down to the balls. It wasn't long before Stephen suggested we move to the bedroom for some more fun, and how could I refuse such an offer. He spanked my bum, as I knelt on all fours on the bed, the butt plug in my bum jiggling with each smack from his hand and slipper, before telling me to turn round and take his cock in my mouth, before face fucking me. After a sound spanking, my butt plug was then removed and I waited on all fours on the bed, for the moment I had been craving. Feeling the head of Stephen's cock as he moved in behind me and rubbed the head of his cock up against my lubed, pouting hole. And then the feeling as he slowly pushed up against me, feeing the slight give of my greedy hole, as it pouted and then slowly opened for him. As he gently pushed against my hole, it willingly accepted his cock head, then swallowing his cock down until he was balls deep in me, so Stephen could fuck me on all fours, making me the gurl I had wanted to become. He finished off by pulling his cock out, face fucking me a bit more as I lay on the bed and then releasing thick streams of cum over my upturned face and mouth. All in all, another fun and frisky frolic with this lovely man who puts the Fab into FabGuys.

*ollyMixture (42), TV/TS on 14 March 2023 by Meeting in person:
Lovely catch up in the park today with Stephen for a chat in the sunshine. Resisted the urge to fondle his cock as it was a bit public, but we had a nice saucy catch up and talked through some ideas for next time behind closed doors.

*ichaela (66), TV/TS on 8 March 2023 by Meeting in person:
After many years following Steve on Fab I finally got to catch up with him at Tropics, albeit just for a very convivial session discussing the scene about which I consider him to be the authority. What a nice guy, friendly an helpful. I look forward to our next meet.

*azzed (72), Man on 8 March 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met Steve again, what a lovely guy. Shared a great time with each other too - this guy is damned good at sex!! :)

*luvnylonstockings (62), TV/TS on 25 February 2023 by Meeting in person:
Was at a loose end and Shane invited me over . Had a great time both of us satisfied.

*ollyMixture (42), TV/TS on 10 February 2023 by Meeting in person:
I had another lovely catch up with Stephen the other week, and got to fully dress for him this time. Was fabulous to be able to mince around for him in satin and heels, sitting on the sofa, for a relaxed chat and cuddle, and feel his wandering hands caress and stroke my legs and bum. I couldn't resist getting his cock out while we chatted though, and loved spending some quality time serving his needs. It was also a pleasure modelling for him to receive my 1st messy cum facial, under his masterful stroke. This man is a true gent, with a wicked sense of humour, roving hands and a yummy cock.

*ubchas (66), TV/TS on 7 December 2022 by Meeting in person:
I met Shane recently and he is a wonderfully easy person to talk to, he listened and understood perfectly the situation with my cross dressing. After chatting I was completely at easy in his company, I asked for his honest opinion of me which he gave. After what happened later hopefully I got my answer. Look forward to more of the same, Thanks Claire x

*luvnylonstockings (62), TV/TS on 7 December 2022 by Meeting in person:
Had a last minute meet with Steve and his friend ,nice way to kill some time and nice to see two satisfied people plus me

*ustin2022 (55), Man on 26 November 2022 by Meeting in person:
Thanks for a very relaxing and rewarding time. Forget the footie. You definitely know how to make a welshman very happy.

*ustin2022 (55), Man on 24 November 2022 by Meeting in person:
An absolute pleasure meeting today. A real gentleman and very much on same wavelength a mutually rewarding time which I hope we can repeat again very soon J x

*DSian (60), TV/TS on 30 October 2022 by Meeting in person:
I have met Shane on a number of occasions and have always found him to be a polite friendly and attentive partner. Have enjoyed a variety of experiences together and look forward to the next time xxxx

*ickens (60), Man on 24 October 2022 by Meeting in person:
Met S for first Time. Very pleasant guy, and easy to get on with. Conversation led to few things which made for a pleasurable afternoon. Look forward to meeting again sometime

*ld t (65), Man on 18 October 2022 by Meeting in person:
We’ll I cannot add any more praise than this man has already had, perfect gentleman , made me feel relaxed, and took it very steady led me slowly , thank you really enjoyed our time and I can only improve xx

*ollyMixture (42), TV/TS on 29 September 2022 by Meeting in person:
Was lovely to catch up with Stephen a couple of weeks ago, and spend some chilled time with this kind, gentle man. Catch up soon I hope. Daisy X

*ongshot66 (56), Man on 16 February 2022 by Meeting in person:
Met this guy after a fair bit of chatting first, he turned up and we started with sensual kissing and caressing, he stripped to his pants and slowly undid my robe and we got down to it, finished with him swallowing my load. AWESOME

*azzed (72), Man on 10 February 2022 by Meeting in person:
What a lovely guy! We’ve been chatting online for a short while and when we eventually met we started by kissing gently and softly but it soon became incredibly passionate. Steve kisses, wanks, sucks and fucks like a demon! I was left breathless and now can’t wait for more of him! Soon I hope!

*ardener1548 (64), Man on 27 January 2022 by Meeting in person:
Met Shane tonight. He fulfilled all the requirements. Nice top guy. Very satisfying. Clean and respectful. Cheers mate. Hope to meet again soon. L

*ersatile masculine (49), Man on 9 January 2022 by Meeting in person:
Arranged a meet at a sauna with Steve yesterday after messaging for ages. He is a lovely guy who I will definitely meet again if he invites me. Great kisser and passionate it is no wonder he is popular. He has a nice cock and cute arse which I enjoyed fully, he is orally an expert OMG. Thanks Steve a great long afternoon.

*aula Lovemore (50), TV/TS on 17 November 2021 by Meeting in person:
I have seen this most charming of men at tropics sauna in Portsmouth many times before, he always says “hello” and pays such wonder compliments. But last Wednesday I spent some time with him in the hot tub and we had a jolly good chinwag. He is a true gentleman not pushy at all and just one of nicest guys on the local scene. I promise that next time we meet you can have your wicked way with me. Girls or guys this guy is a true diamond. Be nice to him and I’m sure you’ll get the same level of respect and kindness in return. Until we next meet love Paula x

*elly fox (59), TV/TS on 16 November 2021 by Meeting in person:
Great to serve steve again A non pushy considerate lover who knows how to impress his tgirls, Smashing fella & naughty kisser with a heart of gold and always makes this girl cumm without fail , Our steve cares for the girls he makes passionate love with & thats why hes a favourite i never say No to … thanks sweetheart xXx love Kelly fox

*sian4older2004 (51), Man on 11 October 2021 by Meeting in person:
Just met this guy in sauna and we have had a very good afternoon together. Steve is an easy person to get along with, very clean and polite no doubt why he is so popular in there. I like to play with his gorgeous body to play with. Definitely see him again and high recommend. Thanks again Steve for wonderful afternoon xxx

*uzzi 64 (58), Man on 1 July 2020 by Meeting in person:
Met up for a chat an he's a genuine all round nice guy. Hopefully we'll meet up for more sometime.

*ubangela66 (56), TV/TS on 6 March 2020 by Meeting in person:
Met Steve for a quiet evening in. Always a pleasure with this genuinely nice guy who never disappoints x

*a1961 (62), Man on 22 February 2020 by Meeting in person:
Just met Steve in person. What a fabulous cock and lived sucking him hard and making him shoot. Loved sucking him more afterwards as well. Well worth a meet

*igdeal (39), Man on 1 February 2020 by Meeting in person:
Nice chap with something very tasty between his legs! Hope he had as much fun as i did x

*uzy cd (55), TV/TS on 13 January 2020 by Meeting in person:
Lovely guy..lots of experience with CDs TVs. Very gentle at start..great experience x

*loffus (81), Man on 22 December 2019 by Meeting in person:
Had another good fuck with Shane at the party last night. Thanks Shane.

*elly fox (59), TV/TS on 11 November 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met Shane at Tropics for a Private session and what a naughty time we had xx lol.. thank you sweetheart same again soon kiss kiss xx Kelly fox

*oppy mai (52), Man on 10 November 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met this lovely chap , chatted and made me very relaxed. Dont pass up on this guy

*uge (55), Man on 13 August 2019 by Meeting in person:
Had a great time with this guy and stayed longer than we both thought we would, cracking meet not to be missed

*ockdaddy (56), Man on 13 August 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met Shane at the weekend,,,and found him to be a very nice guy...friendly and straight forward.....oh....and a rock hard cock....which I was on the end of.....gorgeous..

*elly fox (59), TV/TS on 6 August 2019 by Meeting in person:
Poped into Tropics sunday to meet Shane and enjoyed a mutually satisfying session, always enjoy our time together thanks hunni Kiss kiss XX kelly fox

*elly fox (59), TV/TS on 16 July 2019 by Meeting in person:
Love meeting steve at tropics its always a deliciously Naughty session together , & long may it continue lol , thank you sweetheart x see you again soon kiss kiss XX Kelly fox ....

*igi-tv (60), TV/TS on 10 July 2019 by Meeting in person:
I’ve seen Steve a few times at Tropics but never really talked until today, I’ve certainly been missing out, what a lovely lovely guy he is, kind considerate and certainly appreciates a tgirl, till next time xxx

*ucy green (49), Man on 17 June 2019 by Meeting in person:
Absolutely lovely genuine guy gave me exactly what I needed

*tubb (69), Man on 10 June 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met Shane today at a group meeting. Quietly spoken and a beautiful kisser I enjoyed our time together immensely.

*enny123 (61), Man on 9 June 2019 by Meeting in person:
What a really nice man ,a very enjoyable time together. Took a lot to arrange the meet ,but well worth the wait . Thank you so very much Steve a lovely man xx

*ubangela66 (56), TV/TS on 17 April 2019 by Meeting in person:
Genuine guy, help to arrange at short notice party. Always welcome xx

*loffus (81), Man on 3 April 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met Shane again at Tropics and had a nice time with him. as always . Thanks

*ubsteff (51), TV/TS on 12 March 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met Shane at Tropics earlier today and I have to say, a nicer man I have yet to meet. I say met at Tropics, but actually he waited 35 mins for me to arrive before allowing me to go in with him as I’d never been before. A top bloke x

*elly fox (59), TV/TS on 19 November 2018 by Meeting in person:
Arranged to meet at tropics Saturday had some quality time together Loved showing off my Deepthroat skills lol hes relaxed , non pushy , and a Tgirls favourite.. Dont miss him girls thank you babes kiss kiss xXx Kelly fox

*hrissytvuk (58), TV/TS on 14 November 2018 by Meeting in person:
I met this lovely man at Tropics today. We all had lots of fun in the TV room (quite appropriate given the event) and he rewarded me with a nice mouth full of cum to swallow.

*ubangela66 (56), TV/TS on 29 October 2018 by Meeting in person:
Second time at the party. Great genuine guy, had time to chat as well as play. Really like this guy

*ubsteff (51), TV/TS on 28 October 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met shaneports at a party recently and what a nice guy he is, very polite and friendly. Unfortunately I didn’t get to play with him but I did see him in action & I very much want to play x

*usie4u (56), TV/TS on 27 October 2018 by Meeting in person:
I was lucky to meet Steve again at a party tonight. He is so attentive and a real genuine guy. Once again you left me trembling. Looking forward to next time . Kisses susie xxxxxx

*ulietv69 (53), TV/TS on 30 September 2018 by Meeting in person:
We met the other day at Tropics. What a lovely guy; great kisser and I loved his hands being all over me and I did enjoy his cock very much. Hopefully, more again soon. Julie xxx

*elly fox (59), TV/TS on 29 September 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met again at Tropics... i got personal attention in a room alone with this fab lover lol .. S is one special guy & we did it ALL...for ages and ages hehe ... thoroughly enjoyed every minute and im seriously needing more babe.....thanks hunni kiss kiss XX Kelly fox

*ubangela66 (56), TV/TS on 20 August 2018 by Meeting in person:
Arrived with my party in full swing. Straight into the action, having fun upstairs. Easy to get on with and a genuine guy. Welcome anytime xx

*eewee60 (64), Man on 13 August 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met Shane at Tropics Very nice chap who knows how to give you pleasure. Looking forward to another meet. Thanks Shane. Luv Paula xx.

*usie4u (56), TV/TS on 13 August 2018 by Meeting in person:
Round 2 with this caring guy Steve at a party. He took me upstairs and gave me such a fantastic fucking. I want more please xxxx

*ikki31 (58), TV/TS on 10 August 2018 by Meeting in person:
Had a great meet with Steve at Tropics this week. He’s a lovely guy who looked after me after I became very disheveled in one of the play areas. Will definitely head his way the next time I’m down there. Nikki. X

*elly fox (59), TV/TS on 17 July 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met Steve a few times now Hes a Smashing fella non pushy , & a considerate Lover He's a sexy kisser too with a yummy cock i take ages with..hehe.. Good company great fun and he can have me anytime... thanks Steve xXx kiss kiss...Kelly fox .

*loffus (81), Man on 17 June 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met Steve again at Tropics and we had an nice standing fuck in the dark maze and later some more fun in the red lounge in a threesome with another guy. He is a good chap and well worth meeting.

*usie4u (56), TV/TS on 4 June 2018 by Meeting in person:
I met Steve last eve. A true gent. No messing chatted arranged to meet and all i will say is he found most of my hot buttons. Girls do not kiss and tell but he was fab. Round 2 when possible please. Lingering kisses for you. Susie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*ance1155 (67), Man on 24 April 2018 by Meeting in person:
Nice guy, genuine, considerate and I would meet again

*onnyboy (74), Man on 16 April 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met Shane after a few messages between us over a couple of days. Shane is a very friendly and knowledgeable fellow and it was easy to communicate with him. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and it ended with a great outcome for both of us. I hope to meet up with him again soon. Cheers mate TC

*ornymale84 (38), Man on 31 March 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met this wonderful, happy, caring guy at a sauna. He is a great laugh and meets when he say he will. Please don't mess this young guy around. Can't wait to meet up again.

*ornymale84 (38), Man on 24 March 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met this wonderful, caring and honest man at a sauna. Knows how to have a laugh, very discrete. Please don't waste his time. Would meet again.