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... "Let down again :(". 21 hours ago

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DUE TO THE HIGH DEMAND.. DRESSING AGAIN BUT PLEASE NOTE NO CAR OUTDOOR OR HOTEL MEETS.. oh and really into top guys or tgirls/crossdressers

Date: a couple of weeks ago now

Raw sex vs Passionate sex

Since I last wrote, I have had 4 other meetings and just not had time to document them. Here is just two of them and I don’t want to lessen the fun I had with either of them.. its just a time thing

Normally soon after a meet I like to describe them here for three reasons… so I don’t forget.. it always gets me horny writing about them and finally some people like to read them, so I feel I owe it to them, since some are in an impossible position that they can never be as sexual active as I am, and hope that they can live out their fantasy through my little stories.

But when you’re meeting that many times in just a couple of weeks and have a living to make, it just does not seem to leave a lot of time before you’re off again for another meet.

I have already mentioned that I have not dressed for many months so my next three meets were in male mode, to be honest I don’t think I have ever meet a 100% gay guy as yet. I could be wrong as when I meet it’s not the number one topic :) Normally these are guys that are just over sexed, locked into a sexless marriage or divorced .. and I have had one of each just recently.

In each case I told them I would only meet in male mode, which did not worry any of them. The first was just raw sex, I was invited to his house, and he answered the door in just his undersized robe. Asked how I was as we walked up the stairs into his bedroom, I answered I was fine as he let his robe drop to the ground as I kicked off my shoes, took off my jacket and l stepped out of my trainer bottoms . Within seconds we were both naked on the bed rolling from side to side, his cock rock hard either down my throat or his tongue in my mouth.

He was on the muscular side with tattoos on his arms and legs. The was good old raw sex.. nothing romantic or passionate about it .. just "All I want to do is cum… and fucking soon" ... which he did on my chest.

My next encounter was just within the next couple of days.. totally out of the blue. Normally I swap a few messages over a few days before a meeting is set up. But that day, in the morning I was working and I got a message asking the usually, how’s you etc then "how about a meet". I agreed I said I could make it by the end of the week, he asked if there was any chance of meeting that day. I explained I could not accommodate but he said he could. I then went on to say I would only meet in male mode, which thinking back sounded like I was making an excuse not to meet at all, but again he took me up on the offer.

I told him the earliest I could do was 2 pm, so we agreed and I went back to work feeling a bit excited that was going to get cock again that afternoon. But soon after I received another message asking if I could get there any sooner, as, and I quote "Im so horny for you". Now thats is a red cape to a bull :)

Some of the work I do I can leave and return at a later date, but even if I left now I would not have time to get showered or have a pussy cleaning. So I messaged him back about getting showered at his and he agreed. Down went my tools and a quick tidy up, I thought I will have to forfeit any pussy play… groan

I popped home and quickly put on my trainer bottoms and my jacket and drove to where he lived. My instructions where to enter into the extension of the house and wait there until he came to let me in. "Do you still want that shower" as he greeted me, the look on his face "Please say no".. So I declined, besides I had been only at work for a few hours so I was reasonably clean and not sweaty anyway

We entered the living room area and he went to close the patio curtains... that was my cue to drop my pants, and take off my jacket.. once again I was totally naked. He returned to me and let his robe open, and I placed my hands on his hips. He was much taller than me and he looked down and said "do you like kissing", I never said anything thing and I gently kissed his lips.

With that his tongue shot into my mouth and we stood kissing fanatically , my hand went down to feel his cock swelling, I pushed off his robe and we were both naked in the middle of the living room, his arms around me holding me close to him while I fondled his cock. His hands searching my body and though he want to touch every part of it... this was passion :)

Soon he led me to the settee, he sat squarely while I sat at his side on one leg, and my left hand was wanking and squeezing his cock while we kissed. Every now and then he would try and finger my pussy but I pulled away. The excitement was now building, it was though we both to be inside of each other, the kissing was deeper, his hands squeezing my tits, nipping at my nipples.

I pushed him back and my mouth sank down onto his cock as deep as I could.. I gagged but held it there for a few seconds and I could hear him moan, my mouth came up and my tongue found his pee hole. It circled it to begin with, then I pushed my tongue into the hole.

We stayed like this for a while, I would come up for air and as soon as I did would be kissing again. This was certain passion.

We continued like this and every now and again he would try and get me into a position to mount me.. dam if I was not in such a rush to get here he could be pounding me right now.

The finale came when he had cornered me at the edge of the settee, if I close my eyes I can still vividly remember the details.. he was now stood on the settee wanking his cock, his legs had trapped me on each side, as I looked up at him his eyes wide then tightly closed, his berthing was deep one minute, then the next he would hold it. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue across my lips, his cock just inches away from my mouth.. I never swallow but I just wanted to tease him. I rose up so his cock was just below my chin, but as I did that I could see that he was nearly on his toes trying to aim for my mouth.. I said in a soft low voice "on my chest love".

As I said that his spunk came out and gushed against my chest, as he continued to wank, a little cum flew over my eyes and on to my side cheek and he still did not stop and any cum found on my chest I smoothed into my breast and tits...

After he sat there asking if he could make me cum and I told him maybe next time.. which I hope will not to be in the distant future


7 Minutes

Not been dressed for months now… for one reason or another and as a guy I don’t have much to offer. My cock is small and does not get very hard these days :( but I thought I would at least try and meet in male mode… was I in for a surprised.

Those that read my blog, dairy call it what you want will know Im all bottom and do enjoy receiving anal along with giving oral, and recently started to train my throat to gag on my dildo, which by the way is coming on great.

Anyway there is this guy who describes himself as athletic and he body builds so I thought I would try and drop him a wink… and he winked back. Good start I thought, so not to waste time I asked him if he would like to meet at his but I would be in male mode. I waited for the reply and it came, “Yes why not”. We planned to meet the very next day but earlier on in the morning I was messaged by him to say his brother was ill… You never know if people are spinning a yarn but he had a lot of verifications so I accepted his word and we arraigned to meet the next day. Again he could not make it.. was it a doomed meeting?

I left it for a couple of days and we swapped a few messages, now I was getting quite eager to meet… anyone. I mentioned it again, this time he agreed to meet that afternoon. He gave me his post code and I started to plan my appearance.

Keep it simple I thought, trackie bottoms with no underwear and my hoody .

I made my way to the post code and I gave him a message, “What number” and he came back “29”. I looked out of my car window I was only at number 3 so I made my way to where he lived.

A car was parked in his driveway so I knew he was home. I had a fresh bottle of p0ppers in my glove compartment so I took them out.

Locking the car I made my way to his house. I knock on the door and he answered with a robe on, “Your expecting me?” “Yes come in” he replied. As soon as he said that I took my jack off and let it fall to the floor and kicked off my shoes. He opened his robe and sat down on a sofa. It was difficult to say if he was athletic since he only opened the lower part of his robe, and limp cock was exposed.

I knelt between his legs and took hold of his cock, genially started to wank it . It was not an oversized cock but it was well trimmed and clean.

Soon it was coming harder, his hands reached out and grabbed my chest, twisting it. First his right hand then with his other hand. Every now and again he would twist my nipples.

His cock was now standing on its own and I thought now is the time to give it some real attention.

My head went down over his cock and I started to suck, very gently to begin with but my sucking became harder and his hand would reach out to the back of my head pushing down deeper into my throat. My tongue found his pee hole and I pushed it into it and circled my tongue around it.

By this time I had pulled down my tack suit bottoms and my tiny cock started went from soft to limb

His breathing was getting heavier, every now and then he would groan with pleasure, “fuck” he shouted as he took hold of his cock and wank it, faster harder and then it came, his spunk came shooting out onto my chest and I started to rub it in.

After the last pump of his cock, he sat there for a few seconds. I got up and made my way to the bathroom and cleaned myself up.

When I got back to the car I looked at my watch… 7 minutes :) still its not always about the length of time but the quality .. hope to see you again


5 Months later…

My eyes where closed tight, the bed bouncing up and down as I could feel his cock trusting down my throat causing phlegm to pour from my mouth over his cock. Another was pounding my pussy hitting the back so hard causing the pain of pleasure which I had not experienced for a long long time. One of a girls best dreams, being spit roasted, for a second I had to take a reality check.. was this real?

August 2019 was my last meeting and now 5 months later it was all happening again. So where has Naomi been? Her personal circumstance had once again changed and was locked away in the closet.. locked away she was, but never totally dormant.

I have only been back on this web site for a few weeks and had a number of offers from others, some genuine and some cybersex hunters, including a married couple wanting to meet Naomi. But each time I turned them down. But how much can a girl stand, just rubbing her clitty watching porn like “CD pleases Daddy”, “Sissy CD takes Daddies cock”, “Tranny gags on alpha male’s huge cock” and who can forget “Crossdresser Gangbang”.

I also had a couple of invites from people I had meet before, but as soon as I mentioned I would only meet in male mode the interest in the meet, diminished.

Then day before yesterday I got a message from a guy that had in the subject “Cock”.. ok I thought I could work with that lol, I messaged them back saying I would only meet them in male mode, after a delay of a couple of minutes and me refreshing the page constantly a reply came back. “You want to come to my place today?” Before I had time to reply another message came through from the same guy “I have p0ppers”. This I thought is a no brainier …

I said I might be able to make it and a further message came through “Cool get here for 2, what are you going to bringing?”. Oh now what does he mean by that, “bring some toys, lube and something to wear”. Ok now this is getting interesting “You want to use my toys on me”, “Yes” came the reply. I thought thank God for that, I don’t like using other people’s toys or lending mine to others. Next.. what to wear? I thought I had better make it clear “I can only meet in male Mode”.. “that’s fine” came the reply

I nipped for a quick shower and Im always smooth now a days anyway but it would not harm to just titillate a couple of area before I went. The other thing I have been doing, mainly on my Sunday sessions when Im alone in the bath is experimenting with tooth paste…..

After douching my pussy I apply just a smidgen of tooth paste to the end of my dildo then send it home. It not quite the same as the feeling of a hard cock, but it does have some strange and pleasant feeling, besides it make my pussy smell nice. By the way its not recommend as tooth paste contains a bleaching compound.

Now what to wear.. bollocks I thought, I’ll strip off and just put on my leather Jacket (Fake of course), and a pair pants and jeans so when I get there its just a few of items I need to remove.

I put the address in my mobile and it came back .. distance 8 minutes. I packed my dildo, and hand gel that I use for lube and I jumped in the car and made my way to the address, it was a block of flats.

I entered the number of his flat and pressed the call button, there was a loud clunking noise and the door slide opened. I entered another area where there was a second door which was operated using a large button on the wall, I pressed it and the doors flung open. I hate these places.. all concrete and cold.

I saw the floor he lived on and entered the lift and press the floor number. I took a few steps from the lift when it arrived at the floor I had select to his door, and knocked.

He led me into his living room where there was another guy sitting on a sofa, my host said “We are just waiting for another guy to come”. “Oh I didn’t know it was going to be a group thing” I said.. “are you ok with that”… lol am I all right with that… I was delighted. “You two go through and get started”

Clutching my bag containing my toy, we entered the bedroom.. right I thought I had better give him a head start since I have only three items to remove.

He was much taller than me and slim, he carefully removed his shirt, jeans, socks, shoes and finally his pants. Off came my jacket, kicked off my shoes and pull down my jeans. I stood there naked except my underwear.

“You have any limits, like you ok with kissing” “as long as it safe and enjoyable Im ok with just about anything”. He laid back and I mounted the bed and made my way to him, it was a cold flat and our host came in with a heater. I rub my hands together to warm them and we started to clutch at each other and we kissed. The tongues touched and we explored the inside of each other’s mouths.

My hand was wrapped around his limb cock, not a huge cock I would say about 7 inches and thin. His hands running over my body, and he pull down my underwear exposing my limp clitty, I thought “oh how I have missed this” the taste of someone else, the smell of another body, the nakedness, the body contact.

Our host entered the room again, “the other guys not coming” he said as he started to undress. My partner on the bed was now sucking and biting my nipples, I must admit I love that as I continued to run my hand over his cock and balls which had started to grow.

Our host stood on the bed watching us while wanking his cock, I thought its time to get down to business I made my way to between my partner’s legs, and there staring at me was his manhood, 5 months… 5 fucking long months.. this guy is going to be lucky I don’t bite it off I was so cock hungry

I sank my mouth over his cock, deliberately making hit the back of my throat that make me ch0ke and I gagged. I have been practicing gagging on my dildo for some time now and think I have it as a fine art… just needs a bit more practice with the real thing :)

By this time the host had knelt down on the bed feeding his cock to my partner, his hand was clutching at my balls squeezing them, then his hand would find my pussy and finger fuck me.

That feeling you only get from sex like this started to overwhelm my body and I wanted more, much more.

My partner then knelt on the bed with his legs apart and took our host cock into his mouth, I took hold of my partners balls and squeezed them, but this was an opportunity I was not going to miss.

While my partner was sucking the hosts cock I managed to get between his legs and his cock came down into my mouth, almost fucking my throat, once again phlegm was building up as I gag on it.

“You bring any toys" the host asked. As he looked at me I pointed over to my bag and I took out my dildo and applied a small about of hand gel to the end of it.. I then inserted into my pussy.

By this time my partner was sat on the edge of the bed, taking hold of my dildo, the host was stood upright and wanking into my face. I felt the dildo getting faster and deeper, the moment was getting hotter, I could feel the whole atmosphere become almost electric.

The dildo was pulled out from my pussy and my partner was rimming me.. fuck I love that. His fingers sliding in and out of my pussy… please please mount me?.

Then it happened, I felt his cock enter me, it pushed me forward towards the host cock and let it fall in to mouth and it made me gag, again he thrust his cock into me harder, deeper again and he continued faster and faster. My head was now at a different level, I was gagging on a cock and a cock in my pussy.. it never gets any better than that.

My partners rhythm was building up, I could hear him grunting making every thrust even deep harder I knew what was about to happen and suddenly it did.

His thrust where now deep and long, again deep and long and finally deep long and he stayed there while he gave a sigh of relief and he pulled away

Meanwhile our host was wanking still, I knelt looking at him then he exploded onto my chest and it was all over.

God that was a good fucking session.. I did later message the host and told him I enjoyed it and we must do it again… soon and not in 5 months !!


When two sisters collide

A few weeks ago I got a message from a sister that said she was sorry that I was also bottom, I replied that two girls can have as much fun, even if they were both bottom… anyway I left it as that and nothing more was said…. Until Monday.

My Sunday ritual is something that is now become a way of life for me. About 4 ish I settle down for a bath, now that’s not too unusual for many people until I tell you, I take with me my anal douche, my 8 inch dildo, a 500 ml of hygienic-gel, a syringe and my p0ppers.

It all starts with a good douching of my anal pussy, I continue to pump warm water with soap until I totally run clear and I feel 100 % clean. Stage 2 is covering my dildo with soap and using that next, once its sliding in and out without too much resistance I move on to stage 3.

Now it’s a case of covering just the head of my dildo with the hygienic-gel, I like to get total naked with just my black shoes on and my wig, sometimes with lipstick and a bit of makeup. A few months ago someone bought me a red dog collar so I also put that on as well

I then take in several breaths of p0ppoers then squat down and wait for the rush, as soon as it starts I slowly start pumping my dildo.. not too far to begin with, just enough so I can feel the gel on the edges of my pussy lips, and feel the sensation burning away inwards to it.

I normally close my eyes and imaging being instructed to do this, to be a better and cleaner girl for my bull. Hes not too impressed with my attempt so far, so he tells me to do the whole procedure again, but this time I must inhale more p0ppers and use more gel and insert the dildo even further.

I feel sad that I have not been able to give him what he wants so, I put at least twice as much gel on, squat down again, and use twice as much p0ppers. I wait for the rush and insert it even further, pumping, in then out in and out…

He looks board so I must do better, maybe if I insert it in all the way in it might make him happy?

Again I apply much much more of the gel, its now soaked in it running down the sides of my dildo. I squat, inhale deep my p0ppers, the rush starts, in my mind Im telling myself it does not matter if it stings or burns, I do this for my bull.. the rush starts and I insert it the whole length, the secession is almost unbearable I don’t think I can manage to hold it there for more than a few seconds… but wait my bull is smiling, in fact he moves to me and starts to kiss my lips, “my pretty little Naomi”…. Ultimately, he tells me to bend over and inject 5 ml of gel into my pussy, push and hold my dildo until the sensation subsides, I do this for him to make him happy.

The problem with this is I know its only fantasy but for those few seconds at the end it all seems so surreal … in a wonderful way. On some occasions I will then have a wank and cum straight after… but not always which leaves me horny until I do have a wank, which can be another 24 hours or more.

Monday morning came and I was as horny as hell, I just had to have a wank and release some of the pressure. I sat at my PC with my bottle of p0ppers and did a search, “Crossdresser takes panful anxx (had to censor that as this breach some of this websites conditions) porn”

I started to scroll through the many hundreds of sites and video, seen that… seen that… this went on for some time until I saw “1 unread message”. I read it and it was from a sister that message me a few weeks ago. Her profile picture did not give anything away, and it was until after I met her she has a lot of verifications.

“Free to meet?” came another message, “Yes but cant accommodate” I replied.. a few seconds later “I can” came the response. I didn’t care who or what she was I just need to be with someone that day, in fact immediately.

She gave me her address and I ran into the bathroom to clean my pussy and have a quick shower. I quickly got my stuff together and made my way there, my instructions was to ring the doorbell three times. Which I did, she opened the door and wow what a sexy girl she turned out to be, she smile and said “You can get changed in the bathroom”

I made my way to the bathroom and started to change into Naomi, “Drink ?” she asked, “Coffee black please, no sugar” I replied

Soon I entered into her bedroom to find her laying on the bed, I looked down and saw she had a bottle of p0ppers, yummy I thought as she put her hand around the back of my head and pulled it towards her face, our lips touched and our tongues went to work.

My hand went down to her lacy knickers and I could feel her clitty, her hand was now pulling my jock strap to one side and her hand found my semi hard clitty. We both stayed like that, each massaging each other’s clitty and kissing.

She then bent forward and took hold of my clitty into her warm mouth, we then found ourselves in a 69 position. By this time I had pulled out her clitty and started to suck and blow, we were now groaning with pleasure, wanking and sucking on each other’s clitty. Every now and then we would stop and inhale a session of p0ppers, the passion was growing.

At one point she was on top of me and her pussy was only a few inches away from my face, I couldn’t resist and my tongue flicked out into her, I started to rim her.

She then stopped and disappeared from the room. I wasn’t sure where she had gone but decided to get my p0ppers from my bag, I ask her what she was looking for as she looked as though she rummaging in, what looked to be a washing bag… “My dildo”. “I only have my butt plug” I said pulling it out from my bag and pushing it into my pussy. She ran it under the tap to clean it and we both returned to the bedroom.

The fun started again, “on all fours I said” and took hold of her dildo and applied some lube then gently pushed it into her pussy, she groaned and groaned with pleasure. My actions became quicker, her hips moved from left to right, backwards and forwards. My hand was wanking and caressing her clitty, pumping her dildo into her. We stayed in this position for a few more minutes… then it was my turn.

She took the dildo into the bathroom again and washed it. I got onto all fours, she lift my skirt and started to apply my lube into my pussy. By this time I was quite apprehensive as I have never had anyone fuck me with a dildo before. I thought… its time for my p0ppers.

Now another problem with p0ppers it can increase certain sensations while blocking out others. Ok now that my give you the impression that it is a wonder drug, no its just all in the mind. What I mean is the sensation of being fuck is increased, but other sensations such as pain is dulled …. Well it was for me.

The dildo was pushed into my pussy, easy to begin with, then harder and harder then deeper, until it would not get any deeper. As I said I have never had anyone fuck me with a dildo so I found it exciting.

Eventually she stopped and we both sat just chatting, and although neither of us came I found it a fantastic change and given the opportunity again… would without question. But maybe we could introduce a bull into our action… while of of us is being fuck the other could be kissing and feeding the other with p0ppers… thanks pet really enjoyed it


Window cleaner

Being a girl like Naomi can be hard at times as she always crave attention, amongst other things lol, so when it comes her way she is always grateful.

The other thing is getting ready, yes she has said it before but it does need repeating. Most girls go out on a limb to get ready and she’s not just talking about the makeup etc, it’s the pussy cleaning thing. If someone is lucky enough to fuck her (lol) and then want her to suck them off then she wants to make sure she is 100 % clean. That means using a douchebag, ironically it was first designed for women to clean out their fannies, and if you think that a douchebag is a dick head… Goggle it.

Admittedly it can be messy to being with, but after a few uses it does become quite pleasurable, she has also started to use a hygienic hand gel as well. So after using the douchebag, she apply this to her 8 inch dildo then slowly insert it in her pussy, and yes it does sting when it comes in contact with her, but it’s a small price to pay knowing she is 100% clean. Finally she finishes off using a syringe and injecting herself with a small amount, then finally she uses wipes all around her pussy.

She admits that on a Sunday she normally go for a long bath about 4 ish, along with her douchebag, her 8 inch dildo, a bottle of hand gel and her trusted p0ppers. She first start off with a clean making sure she has removed anything untoward with the douchebag, then she applies a small amount of soap to her dildo, just so it can slide in and out easily. Once she’s clean she then goes to work with her p0opers and the hand gel.

She squats down over her dildo and imagines she is at the feet of her master and he has ordered her to get clean so he can first rim then throw her over the bed and fuck her hard… oooh she wishes

Anyway back to most her recent adventure, she received a message from this guy who described himself as a “novice dresser” and was looking for someone “older” lol.. that’s sums her up… she’s an old queen.

She has to admit the conversation they were having was starting to play out like a bit of a ping pong thing, and she was starting to think he was just another guy looking for a cyber chat.. and she gets a lot of that which is quite frustrating.. you have to understand she’s here to meet no just chat !!

Anyway it came to a point where he said he could meet Tuesday or Wednesday the following week, usually to her that means “We are not going to meet”. So she just agreed and no more was said.

Tuesday morning came so she thought she would try her luck, so she message him for his post code… surprising he came back with it, so the game was on.. or would he cancel last minute ?

She went through usual ritual, cleaning her pussy, getting her gear together. He then message her again and asked how she wanted to play this. It was suggested he leaves the front door unlocked, she comes in and gets ready in the bathroom, then goes into the main bedroom where he would be laid naked.. that works for her every time :)

She looked at the postcode and saw it was about 20 minutes away, so they agreed on a time. Up to this point she had not even looked at his profile so she thought she would check it out before leaving.

He didn’t look overweight, reasonably hair chest and legs, but he did say in his profile he was shaven below, not that it makes any difference to her. He also looked to be on the hung side, although his picture was not that clear.

The time came to leave, and as usually she becomes anxious and nervous just like she was 16 again, on her first date.. She just loves that feeling.

The time came so she jumped into her car and made her way to the postcode he gave her, she has a company mobile which she can’t use for personal calls so she could only message him on the website for the rest of the address… nothing came back. Another fool’s errand she thought :(

She gave him a couple more minutes and saw “1 unread message”, please please don’t say you have changed your mind, she I read the message, “sorry I was in the shower” and he gave her the rest of the address.

She parked at the top of his street and walked the rest of the way, she carries her stuff in a black plastic bag these days so not to rise suspicion or to draw unnecessary attention. The number he gave her was 21, she looked the numbers and counted them upwards, 15, 17, 19 then the street was split and the next house number was 43, so where was 19? Was this a wind up.. and yes it has happened to her a few times before grrrr

There was a guy walk towards her and she let him past her then I asked him where was 21, and he pointed to around the corner, phew thanks goodness for that she thought

As agreed she was to knock on the door, open it and call out that she had arrive, then make her way upstairs to the bathroom to get changed. Everything was going to plan and she found myself once again changing into that wonderful girl Naomi.

She knows that may sound stupid but anyone that has done it will understand, a sociological thing happens when one person changes into another, and she is sure someone somewhere has studied it. To her, her feelings change, so difficult to explain but she a completely different person when she’s Naomi. More recently she has become more submissive and passive, she just wants to please rather than someone to please her.

15 minutes later Naomi appeared, black wig, red lipstick, black eye shadow, blusher, black dress, black holdups and of course her favourite black heels, she was ready to give a performance.

As she entered the room, there on the bed was her date with a pair of briefs on, not a bad looker at all, and not overweight. He look at her and said “wow your gorgeous “. That straight away gets him brownie points in her book… appreciation. As she approached the bed he ran his hand along her holdups towards her pussy, she look down and she could see a bulge appearing in his briefs, he was getting hard.

She laid down on the bed beside him and her hand ran down his chest and over his briefs, it stayed there and gently squeezed his cock through his briefs, his lips was search for hers, his hands moving quickly over her legs and body.

Their mouths met and tongues exchanged fluid from their mouths, flicking in and out, his hands moving more quickly while she massaged his cock.

Her heart was now starting to race as she could feel him getting harder and harder through his briefs, she started to kiss his neck, further down towards his chest, her hand now had move to his nipple pitching them, his legs spread wide apart… without warning there was a knock on the front door, “it’s the window cleaner, I have to open the back door to let him in, sorry I forgot as he comes on a Tuesday” he started to quickly put his shirt back on and his trousers, “Im really am sorry, just stay here and I will sort him” and he quickly made his way downstairs to meet him.

While he was away Naomi made her way to a mirror in the bedroom, stood and admired herself, slowly turning straightening her dress and her hair. Some of her red lipstick had already started to disappear. She could hear a faint conversation going on between him and the window cleaner.

She made her way back to the bed and sat down with both legs stretched out, she lifted one and pulled up her skirt to expose the top of her smooth thigh, she has a brownish skin complexion, and she knew that her meet would see it when he returned to the bedroom.

Minutes later he came back in, still apologising and undressing, once again he was laid beside her, his hands returned to her legs and they started to kiss passionately once again

Her hand had now found his bare cock and she push away his briefs, “ill take them off” he said pulling them off instantly, he was now naked on the bed.

Her hands wandered over his body, his chest, nipping at his nipples, his belly, then between his thighs, once again he spread eagled his legs apart. Naomi started to kiss his neck and followed the path of her hand, down his chest, belly and finally her reward, his throbbing cock.

He groaned, his body moving up and down as she sucked his cock, his hand then found Naomi’s bum and he slapped it, she gave out a soft moan. These days Naomi only wears a jockstrap, it covers her tiny little clitty but leaves her pussy exposed.

His fingers started to stroke her pussy and every now his fingers would enter it, her hips move in a circular motion and she gave out a little cry of pleasure each time they entered her.

Her mouth was now busy sucking deeply on his hard cock, she pushed back the foreskin and the top of beautiful cock was now exposed. She pushed her tongue into his pee hole, his hips where now moving up and down as if to get her to suck it deeper

She slowly sucked the head of his cock which was now moist with her slaver and his precum, her head then went suddenly deeper and deeper until she started to gag, she left it there for a few seconds, while he groaned with pleasure. Then when she could not hold her breath any longer pulled way gasping for air, her slaver dripping from her mouth onto his cock. His fingers where still moving in and out of her pussy faster, she groaned at the pleasure.

“Do you want fucking” he said, no words came from her, but she turn with her pussy towards him, he and pulled out a condom, as he started to put it on Naomi gently massaged his balls, once he had it on she turned so her pussy was eagerly waiting his manhood, her hips moving in a circular motion in anticipation for the first entry of his cock…. And it came.

She normally carries a butt plug with her hoping that she would be fuck, in that way she is always ready with her pussy stretched, but this time she did not expect it so she was not wearing it.

Then the first sensation of the cock enter her pussy came, a thrust and she gave a little whimper of pain, “sorry” came his reply but Naomi pushed her pussy towards him and he gently started to enter her again, deeper and deeper. Since she not had her dildo in her she was tight, and he was wonderfully big.

He started to build up a rhythm and with each thrust it went deeper, and the pain also became deeper, “Fuck” she screamed as it hit the back of her pussy, the pain was extreme, “Sorry” he said again and started to pull it out, but she grab his leg and pulled him closer.

The pain was pleasurable and she called out “you bastard… fucking hell..” at first he was a little confused, should he go deeper or not “Make me your bitch” Naomi cried out, “you are my bitch” came his reply, and deeper he went.

He was now fucking Naomi with all his might, while she moan with pleasure. They stay like this in pleasure for a few minutes, then he pulled it out and started to wank.

Naomi turned towards him and pulled down her dress to expose her tits, “cum on me baby” while her hands once again massaged his balls. His breathing became heavier, his hand moving faster, wanking his cock .. then his body went into spasm, he gasped as he gave way to his climax and his wonderful warm cum gushed from the top of his cock on to her chest her tits.

It was over, she got up and made her way to the bathroom, washed herself they both parted. Later she got a message from him, saying he hoped the window cleaner did not spoil things too much…. You have got to be joking man.. first fuck she has had in months


But far from being forgotten

8:00 am. I received a message “Hey are you free I can accom now if you fancy it”.. lol.. if I fancy cock haha ALL THE TIME !!. He also attached a picture, 25 years old so I could be old enough to be his mother.. or even grandmother.

Alter swapping another half a dozen messages it was set, a meeting at 10 am. I find that sometimes exchanging too many messages can ruin the fun out of a meet, I like the surprises :)

Anyway here was the deal, find the address, message him, go in and lock the front door. Make my way upstairs into the bathroom to get changed, and find him in bed… naked. Well that was the plan :)

Checked my watch 8:32, must go for a quick shower

So the first part went like a breeze, stuff in my suit case in the garage… check. Get a bottle of p0ppers… check. Locate the address.. check. Mmmm that address looks familiar, turned out I had a meet a few doors down, wonder if its recommendation lol.

Set sat nav, ETA 10:05, and off I set.

When I arrived I messaged him again, “Come in and lock the door behind you” he messaged back. So I did just that, and I made my way into the bathroom and to my horror ….. no bathroom mirror !!

I quickly look around and could not find one, I could just peek into another bedroom and again no mirror !! “OK” I thought to myself, “maybe the room will be in complete darkness?” I opened my bag of goodies and went to work.

First I removed all my clothes and put on my black holdups, the ones I have now have ladders in them so the next time I wear them will be the last, I will hope that person I meet will have the pleasure of ripping them off me.. yummy

On with my black jockstrap, heels, dress then my makeup? Here is the problem how on earth do I put that on without a mirror. “Well he’ll have to forsake the eye makeup for one thing” I thought to myself, “there’s no way I can put that on without a mirror”. I put on my lipstick the best I could do, and final my wig.. with a very quick brush

I entered the room, it was not in total in darkness but the curtains had been closed so it was dim. A guy was laid in bed with the covers pulled up to his chin. I mounted the bed and my hand pulled back the sheets to find his hard cock. Not totally cut but a lovely 7 inch cock

He had a beard and he was quite hairy especially on his chest and around his genital areas. He was thin and I would have guessed about 6 foot or maybe more.

I laid next to him with my arm around his head, my other hand was feeling his cock. I have to admit I think my technique of wanking guys have increased massively over the last year lol. It was just a slow steady wank

He was kissing the side of my arm that was around his head, his right hand had pulled down my dress to expose my nipples, he found my right one and started to twist it. Occasionally he would kiss my chest.

He pulled me closer and began to kiss my neck then my cheeks, finally my lips. I did not kiss him back but allowed him to put his tongue into my mouth, my lips stayed slightly apart for him to explore the inside of my mouth.

His hips where pushing upwards then in a circular motion, groaning with pleasure, I could see that this guy was very passionate, so I decide to treat him with passion.

I let go of his cock and grabbed my p0ppers and took two deep sniffs. The stuff Im using is called Jungle Juice and costs about 3 time more than the standard stuff, but it seems to last a lot longer and of course is a lot stronger.

I then slipped the bottle into the tops of my hold ups, and I climbed on top of my lover, we exchanged kisses and our hands swept over each other bodies, my right leg against his hard cock while I moved it up and down. His hand pulling at my clitty through my jockstrap.

I rolled away from him and rose to a kneeling position, looking down, my mouth moved towards his cock.

He had now pulled my jock strap to one side and his mouth was around my cock, my head fell towards his cock and my mouth surround the top of his manhood.

I slowly started to suck, then without any waning I sunk his cock into my mouth all the way to his balls and he moaned again. His movements began to quicken, his hips moving in greater circles, his mouth around my cock sucking harder. I continued to suck him, squeezing and rubbing his balls.

At one point I pulled away and he whispered “Im going to come soon”, I immediately let go of his cock, watching him groan and moving while his cock stood upright, I knew it was time.

My mouth around his cock once again, sucking down hard on it, I could now taste his pre-cum.. he was ready.

I dropped back while my hand moved up and down his shaft, sometimes I pulled his foreskin back so the head stood out proud. My hand worked faster as I could feel the pulses running through his cock then he exploded, out from his pee hole came his cum, his body contracted and fell into a spasm as I continued to milk him, it was over. He laid there and said “I enjoyed that” with a smile.

As I got up towards the loo I shouted out, “Next time pet a mirror would be good”. I got dressed back into my male mode and Naomi was gone…. But far from being forgotten



Maybe it’s an age thing, but I just can’t do distance these days, now I don’t mean sex, I could do that 24/7 but it’s the travelling. I do get a lot of offers from across the pond, no not that one I mean the Humber

Grimsby isn’t that far really, as far as a crow is concerned but getting to the Humber Bridge from the east side of Hull where I live can be a nightmare. At peak times about ¾ hours !!

In my line of work its all or nothing, and makeup, shoes exotic underwear and all that can come at a premium price, so when the work is there I have to do it… unless I get the uncontrollable urge, you know the one, just like salmon it has to reach it’s goal to spawn and it will do anything including dying. A bit like me, if I don’t get that itch scratched I just become unliveable.

So after a drought of sex.. yes been a few week… I needed cock so bad. Society is split up into 4 sectors, those that receives cock (me), those that give cock, those lucky bastards that can give and take cock… and women. The last one I will confess I have no idea on, all be it that I was married to one for some time. To the story !!

Monday morning came and I had a number of small jobs to do, one was just to turn up for a couple of minutes to collect an item, another just to confirm some information and another drop some stuff off.

The night before I took a bath and just laid there looking at my horrible hairy body. I love hair on some guys, the alpha type, big muscular dominating type, but on mine.. no way. So I went to work to remove it.

I have trimming my body hair like an art now, I have two electric razors and a manual razor. I start with the first electric razor that removes the long hair from my arm pits and chest. Then I move to the second blade that trims it down to fine hair, and finally my manual razor for the final finish.

I find it very satisfying as it not only removes the hair but I find my mood and body language change. I know I keep banging on about it, but if you’re a tranny, or just like to have a smooth body you will know instantly what I’m talking about.

The final is to wash my smooth body in hot soapy water and just lay in bath with my eyes closed, and my hands drifting across my body, between my legs and pinching my nipples until they become hard.

Then after drying off, I apply baby oil all over my body, between my toes, in my pussy, under my arms, across my chest, under my neck and final across my face. Then I will lay a towel down on the bed, and insert my eight inch dildo into my pussy. By this time there will be no need for lube, it slides in without any effort, my pussy being greedy for some attention.

I close my eyes and pretend that I have inside me an eight inch hard throbbing cock and I will move my hips to rhyme that would please it, squeezing my cheeks in an effort for my pussy to pull it further inside my body. I have been known to stay like that for over an hour, sometimes even long with my p0ppers. I have always said this, to me it’s not always about the goal.. It’s the chase, even then it would be a very slow, intense chase, and the result for me is not always to cum, but to experience an emotion that can never be obtained any other way. Being in a submissive, obedient almost a docile state, allowing anything to happen to me without question or compliant.

This can leave me in a horny state for hours or even days. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on everyday events, and even watching porn with my p0ppoers is just not enough.

The next morning came, most of the work I could complete in a couple of hours, which would leave me time to play. I had posted a new picture and had the usual comments, those that would fuck me now, can I take a 12 inch cock etc. But, one girl who I had swapped a couple of messages with before asked if we could meet. She did have a number of face pictures on her profile and she looked as though it could be fun.

My heart quicken as we swapped a few more messages, but I wanted to keep it low key. Sometimes you can put people off if you’re too eager so I tried to play it down a bit. She mention that if I was interested that she could accommodate the coming Friday, fuck that’s 4 days away I thought. Still it was an offer and should be grateful for that.

I do chat a lot online, possibly more than I should, at that point I had 4 conversations going and she messaged me, “how about today?”, I read it again.. my mind went into overtime about my work, could I compress it all with a couple of hours and still have time to meet? She lives in Grimsby, an hours there, maybe an hour or more of fun and an hour back, that would just leave me only a couple of hours to do the things I had to do for that day, can it be done? Bollocks even if it could not be done… I have an itch

I messaged her back and gave her a time that I would be arriving. I normally just ask for the post code, then when I arrive ask for the full address. In a way I think that relives the pressure a bit as some people do get cold feet at the eleventh hour.. Which I do understand.

Into the garage, unlocked my suit case and pulled out my bag. My mind had become focused just like the salmon .. only one thing mattered… cock and spawning

I normally only play local these days and trust me Grimsby to me, is a long way. It took almost an hour to arrive and I messaged her. This can be an intense time as you never know if they have changed their minds, if they have not check their message or even… or if you lose Internet connection. I was in luck.. she answered and gave me the rest of her address.

When I arrived I knocked on the door, I stood there with my black plastic bag, inside Naomi. I entered and straight away I said “Where are we playing” then immediately thought “crap are you trying to show your desperate girl?”

“Upstairs” as she guided the way. She was already dressed. Her makeup was pretty impressive to say she had only done it three time before, which she later told me. She had a short black wig on, a tight skirt with a bra and gloves.

We entered a bedroom and I asked where I could get changed, she point to a dressing table so I sat down and got my stuff out. The mirror was about 3 foot away and I struggle to see what I was doing, so I asked her if I could use her bathroom. She pointed the way and took my make up to complete it there.

In the bathroom I took off my shirt and applied my makeup. Now I know maybe I should have taken a bit longer, but when you’re in the salmon mode its difficult to even keep your hands (or fins) from shaking

I returned to the bedroom and she had her back to me, I collected my black dress, stockings, wig and shoes. Back in the bathroom I quickly put on my girly clothes and just hoped I was acceptable.

I slowly made my way back to the bedroom, she was laid on the bed resting her head on one hand. We both made the same girly sound “mmmm” as I went to join her.

I knelt on the bed looking at her, my right hand feathered across her black stockings, along her thighs. She laid back and she opened her legs slightly

On another pass my hand slide between her thighs and it rode over her cock, she moan. “You like kissing” she said, I never spoke and my lips sunk over her red lips. Our tongue touched, her hand on the back of my head as was mine on hers, pulling each ever closer.

By this time she had pulled down some of her underwear and I could just make out the top of her cliity. I help to remove more of her clothing and then it sprang out. The only words I could describe was “OMG” her cock was wonderful, everything I ever need from a cock. Hard, cut and it must have been 71/2 inches long. My mouth sank onto it, gobbling it desperately. Her hips moved in a circular motion as she moaned, I was giving her pleasure.. just as I wanted to… no designed too.

Every now and then I would pull away and wank her clitty, pulling back her foreskin to expose the head and running my tongue across it.

I sucked just the head, in slow movements until I was ready, then bang to the back of my throat until I gagged. Again, just sucking on the head and once again bang to the back of my throat, but this time I held it there until I could not breath, I felt her hips move upwards, her hand on the back on my head, her fingers had found my pussy as her frigged my pussy. I held it there while I could feel the pressure on the back of my head. Then I released it, I could hear her exhale in a very deep breath.

I took hold of her clitty, while wanking it I sucked on her balls, squeezing and rubbing them. All the time her hips moved up and down. She struggle to pull her clothing down around her knees so I stopped what I was doing and pulled them all the way down. Her legs where wide apart while my face found her balls again sucking and wanking her clitty.

I then got up and made my way to the dresser, “you mind if I use p0poers”, “no by all means” she said.

I returned back to the bed and took several deep breaths of my p0poper. My head started to spin, I became hers now whatever happened I wanted to please … no matter the consequences or what she demanded of me.

I closed my mouth once again onto her clitty, just the head of her wonderful clitty then suddenly I sank my mouth hard onto her clitty, it hitting the back of my throat that made me gag for air. Once again I repeated it, tears started to fill my eyes as each time I gaged I was deprived of air for a few seconds, a small price for a prize winning clitty. It had become rock hard and I could feel this salmon was nearly home.

I pulled back and watched her, her eyes close, moaning, she had obviously forgot I was there while I pump and sucking down on her hard clitty.. then her body went into a tight spasm and she let loose, a large squirt of cum, I continued to pump, the second wave and final a third. I continue to squeeze out every drop of cum from her cliitty as she laid back, her wonderful spunk covering her clothes dripping over my hands, and she fell into a relaxing state.

We both smiled at each other and I made my way to the bathroom where she followed handing me a towel. I washed off the makeup that was left on my face and we chatted for a while, while I dressed.

As with most meets, we exchanged pleasantries and said we must do this again.

When I got home, I did feel still quite horny. I started to strip off but as I doing so I notice my underpants was wet.. did I just pee myself or was this precum? I touched the end of my clitty and some of the fluid stuck to the end of my finger as I pulled it way a long strand appeared, fucking hell it was precum.. not had that for years.

I held down the edge of my underpants and rubbed my clitty, not even 30 seconds and I could feel the warmth in my body, the tingling and of course my climax.. this salmon was now also home.

After which I managed to complete the work that day… sadly it now seems months away


Are all climax’s the same?

I friend of mine said he was away for the weekend, and would I house sit for him. It’s a house which he has been doing up for some time and hopes to rent out one day. Me with an empty house? ..that was like showing a red flag to a bull.

In the morning I put an update on my status “Saturday 24, want to meet me? Read my profile to see how”

In my profile I laid out some conditions

I have borrowed a set of keys to a house that is being renovated

Heres the deal

1. First and foremost, and it goes without saying .. you must be discrete

2. Have a face picture

3. between 2pm-3pm today

4. Location hux xxx

5. Will send the exact address when you message on here me on here when you’re in the area

6. First come first served so I will be limiting it to a few guys.. its not an all-day thing

My Idea was to give everyone 15 minutes of my time, so that meant 4 guys or they could double up into a gang bang. Now I have over the years been involved in one or two gang bangs and I just love group sex, but its not everyone’s cup of tea. God that makes me sound a right slut lol.. but maybe I am?

Anyway, I put this same message on 4 websites and within just a couple of minutes I had over 100 visits and 5 replies, and they kept on coming throughout the day. I had a couple of jobs I had to do first so I did them, checking my mobile from time to time. The number of visits became more and the offers started to pour in, so much so I created some text and copied and pasted it as a reply, to all those that wanted to meet me. The problem with so many visitors how could I fit them all in an hour?

I knew most would be time wasters, but the thought of being so popular was a big turn on, and my mind turned to the house. I made my way there, in the front room there was little furniture, a leather sofa, a TV (no not me lol) stand and a small book shelf.

The window had blinds but if an intruder was to take the time they could get a sneak preview. On the floor was a decorating sheet and the widow had two hooks, which made it ideal to hang the sheet from. Above the door was a glass pane which let in a lot of light, I found an old towel and manage to hang it preventing most of the light coming in. Now it was nice and private, quite romantic I would say lol.

I then looked at the leather sofa, it was years old and I knew it would eventually be thrown out, but it was dirty and unsightly, ok so my visitors may not notice but I need to do something about that. I had one more errand to do then I would be free for the day so I set off to do it and returned home.

Most of my Naomi stuff is in a case stored in a locked suit case in the garage. I live with my brother and his wife and they have asked me about it. I simply said it was just private stuff, photo etc, which is partially true. In the case, I have separated different outfits, not many as I used to have but down to the essentials, as I like to think of them. My wig, hair brush and makeup all in one bag, so the idea is to pick an outfit and grab the bag that contains my makeup, then I’m set. My black dress has always been my choice, so it was that day.

Just before I made way back to the house I remember having seen some black velvet material in the attic, perfect I thought for the sofa, and I would machine wash it latter, in case of any “spillage” from my guests.

Once again I checked my email, on one website I had clocked up over 180 visits, and over 20 emails asking for further details of where the meet was going to take place. I ran through then and quickly deleted over half of them, so with the rest I would have to choose individuals or have a gang bang.

I made a general message once again and copied and pasted it to the recipients, which gave them the main road where the house was and a time. I waited and soon had some replies, again I deleted a lot of them which left just four possibilities.

Before going back to the house I thought I would grab my long black coat as I knew there was no heating on.

When I got back to the house I took out the velvet sheet and covered the sofa. Originally it was near the front door, it would be the first thing someone would see when entering the room, so I moved to the other end of the room. As far as I was concerned the stage was set, all that was needed now was my guests and an appearance of Naomi, and that was the next thing on my list, to get ready.

I went into the bathroom and put on my makeup. I have taken to wearing a “Beauty spot” which use to be very popular in the fifties, which is just a small black dot on the cheek, why I have started doing it I don’t know, but it seems to work for me.

I looked at my email and still getting messages about the meet, but it was now too late, the chosen few had been selected, the question is would they turn up?

I striped off and put on my black leather jock strap, followed by my black holdups, I knew there was no heating on but did not realise just how cold it was. Earlier I did notice an electric heater in the kitchen so I quickly grab it and switched it on, kneeling over it to catch the heat. Soon I was warming up.

Next I put on black dressed and heels followed by my long black coat.. I sat there looking at my sexy black legs and how wonderful it felt to be Naomi once more.

I checked my email, one of my guests said he was on his way and would see me in about 45 minutes. So I gave them the street on where the house was. Immediately another one came through, a different candidate, could I spare him some of my time he enquired?. He had sent a face picture and since my first guest had not arrived, I asked him how long he would be. He told me he would leave right now and see me in about 30 minute, which was difficult because that would collide with my other guest.

I messaged my first guest and told him that his time would possible have to be a bit later, he told me that would be fine and if I could just message him when the other guest had left. I must admit his attitude was impressive as was his verifications.

Finally there was a knock on the door, my heart went into over drive and I nervously went to answer the door.

Now I say nervously and I say that as a third person, because Naomi is far from being timid. Yes I know that does not make any sense but she is sexy, confident and knows what she wants and needs, totally different to what I am really like.

I opened the door and a guy came in as I greeted him. I locked the door as he introduced himself and I made my way to the sofa and sat down. He quickly followed and sat next to me.

I put one arm around him and with my other hand started to rub his chest through his shirt. He got up and whipped off his jack then returned to the sofa.

I then started to rub his cock through his pants, and I could feel it starting to grow. His hands fanatically rubbing my black holdups, suddenly without any warning he jumped up , pulled his pants down along with his underpants and returned back to the sofa, feeling my legs, my chest, and my little clitty, while I slowly wanked his cock.

He more or less mounted the sofa with one knee so his head could be between my legs and he pulled my jockstrap to one side revealing my semi hard clitty. His head sank onto it, sucking it hard into his mouth. My clitty was getting harder while his head bobbed up and down, then he laid back, his legs wide apart, I sank my mouth now onto his cock and started to suck while rubbing his testicles.

We stayed like that for a few minutes then I started to wank him. His breathing got quicker and deeper, I was watching him as I could see his climax was approaching. I continued, then his white spunk came to the top of his cock as I continues to wank him, his spunk running down my hand, his body in an intense state for a few moments, then I could then see how he was now coming down, into a more relaxing state, it was all over.

I passed him some wipes as we both cleaned ourselves and we exchanged some pleasantries. As he began to dress I looked at my messages and my second guest had arrived and waiting, as soon as my first guest departed I messaged my second one.

In a few minutes there was another knock on the door, I opened it and in came a gentleman carrying a plastic bag. Well over 6 foot, quite a large guy in fact. He introduced himself as he put down the bag, and explained he was just off to work, and we both made our way to the sofa.

His hand quickly found my legs and began to stroke it asking what I like doing and what I did not like doing. I told him to relax and if I did not like anything I would say. Once again I started to rub his chest through his shirt, my hand then found its way down between his legs and I squeezed his cock.

My hand was now tugging at his belt, a sign for him to undo his pants, which he proceed to do. He pushed his hand into his trousers and pulled out his cock… a perfect uncut thick cock.

It head was pink, it was the perfect size, I needed no invitation and I sank my mouth onto it. It was hard, it tasted wonderful. At first I just took a small mouthful, but I want more and immediately sank my mouth onto it making it hit back of my throat, and I gagged

His breathing was heavy, he moan from time to time, and every now and again he would say “good girl… good girl”. I just could not get enough I wanted in me so bad, he wisped something which I could not understand and I looked up, he said “Can I cum in you”, “No but you can fuck me if you want” , please say yes went through my mind. But I could tell he was the near the end and waiting for his climax to take place, “Then on your ass?”, and I agreed.

I knelt on the sofa facing away from him and he rose to his feet and stood behind me. One hand on my ass the other wanking his cock. Once again his breathing pattern changed, his movement became quicker, then I felt something warm on my back, he gasped, then groaned and gave a big sigh.

He stayed there wanking for a minute or two long. Again it was all over. He took out some tissues and started to wipe up his cum, I took out some wipes and cleaned my back. He thanked me, again made some pleasant conversation and he left, I looked the door after him.

That was it… but I felt a void …..

I stood there with my eyes closed just for a few minutes. These days I never go anywhere with a bottle of p0ppers, I reached into my bag and took some out.

I walked into the centre of the room and closed my eyes. I stepped out of my dress and removed my jockstrap. I stood there in the cold, naked with my just heels and black holdups on.

I took the bottle, unscrewed the top and inhaled one deep breath. I closed my eyes again, my head slightly tilted upwards, my lips apart and my hand making circular motion on my clitty.

The effect of the p0ppers had started, my head was light, slightly spinning. My clitty had now become semi erect and my circular monitions had now turn into a rubbing motion, as a women would rub her cunt, from below my testicles to the head, long rubbing movement.

I opened my eyes, took the bottle of p0ppers and again inhaled its contents. The problem with p0ppers .. too much and you may lose you erection, which now my cliity was hard, and I started to wank.

The feeling was wonderful, totally naked in an empty room, my eyes where tightly closed, I was no longer part of this reality. The surface of my skin was tingling, my sensors where at the height and I wanted only one thing now, nothing mattered, I need to cum.

My mouth was dry and I ran my tongue across them thinking how good cock tasted and I so wanted one in pussy. Then my body was no longer mine it belonged to the climax which would take over and pulsate every muscle in my body, for a few seconds I wold loose complete control.

My hand was wanking in rhythm with pluses though my body, each pulse would be bigger and the effect much stronger than the last. They became quicker, until I did not know when the last one finished and the next one started… I had hit my climax. I gipped my little clitty and held it tight, the pulses where at the height coming hard and fast, standing there, now with my leg tightly together, my head bent slightly downwards with my chin on my chest, my eyes close tight, my shoulders pointing inwards, the pulses from now would be less frequent and weaker, this was the end of the climax. Soon it had all gone, which left me drained and slightly sad that it was over. Suddenly I felt the cold once again.. it was now time to pack up, say goodbye to Naomi and go home.


Tales of the Unexpected

If your old enough… and I certainly am, there was a program called “Tales of the Unexpected” that ran for almost 10 years from 1979… that’s almost 40 years ago. That makes me a grandma tranny lol

Some of the story lines where ridiculous, and all of them had a twist to the end of them, like meeting someone at the start of the program and at the end find that that person had died a horrible death years ago.. Tales that could not be explained.. similar to the one that just happened to me !!

It’s that month, November which many kids go tricking or treating, in my day it was chopping up a turnip (or pumpkin if you was lucky) to make a scary head for the guy Fawkes dummy for bomb fire night.

It was a number weeks ago that this guy, who by the way along with his wife where swingers, messaged me about a meet. He had in his profile verifications so I knew he was not just a time waster. From what I remember most of them was from guys fucking his wife, while he watched and wanked, or a cuckold husband. Now I do understand that to some degree, as my wife made me do that when I was married, not for one minute am I implying that his wife f0rced him to do it, all I am saying I understand what a cuckold husband is.

Anyway, he said he could meet during certain days of the week, preferably in the mornings, which suited me just fine. The first morning he was available I had to cancel because of work, he understood and we arranged it for the following day. I live with my brother and his wife and they don’t know about Naomi, so as normal I told them I was off to work that morning, secretly hiding Naomi’s gear in the back of my car. It turned out he lived less than 6 minutes away.

He messaged me his post code and when I arrived in his area I messaged him for the number of his house, as I was checking my mobile I noticed he had message me… “Am so hard for you”.. “oh that’s nice I thought”

I pulled up to a few doors away from where he lived, took hold of Naomi’s gear and made my way to his house, I didn’t need to knock as he opened the door.. at that two dogs dived at me in a playful manner, well at least that what most dog owners would say.

I’m sorry I like most animals but when the owners allow their pets to paw you I think it’s wrong. I have come across this many times, I respect the dog owners, they want a pet then that’s fine but I don’t want the dam animals forcing themselves on me… I hate that. So for future animal owners that may want to meet and have fun, please please respect my wishes, keep the animals at bay. Back to the story line

He did mention in one of his messages that I could shower at his, “I’ve put a clean towel out for you” he said as I followed him upstairs, along with his two dogs chomping at my hells. All four of us entered that bathroom and I stood there waiting for them to leave and I closed the door.

I striped off and stepped into the bath, found the shower and turned it on. There was some liquid soap so I lathered myself in that. The night before I had shaved my body so I was smooth from head to toe… well from under my nose to my toes I still have some hair on my head, although not a lot.

After my shower I dried and started to get ready. He was a tall guy, maybe 6 foot 2? Not overweight, which was totally different to his wife. Now she was a large women, I knew this as they had used her picture in their profile. Sprawled out on a bed with her legs open with a corset and stockings on. I also got the feeling that there was more about him from his message, he did not use one liners or abbreviations like a lot of people do. So I would guess he had a better IO than most of my meets.. and before I start getting hate mail.. I said SOME not all.

This time I thought I would paint my nails, it’s not real nail varnish it’s more of a body paint and washes off easy. I put my red lip stick on with my red dog collar, and left the bathroom.

I was about to go down stairs when I managed to get of a glimpse of him, naked on the bed, wanking, one had on his cock pumping the other under his balls, his body was stretched out and legs slightly apart . “Oh you have started without me I see” as I entered the room and laid down beside him. His eyes were running up and down my body, his left hand reach out and started the stroke my black hold ups. I took hold of his cock and started to wank him.

He had tattoos on his chest and arms. We stayed like it for a few minutes, until I spun around and my face looking towards his cock.

This bit is for us girls so you boys look away…

His cock must have been 7 ½ inches if not eight, the garth would have been in proportion about two inches, the head of it was exposed as the foreskin was pulled back so the pee hole could be clearly seen, the top was mushroomed shaped, pink in colour, it was straight and look as if it was proud of its self. It was firm almost steel like, a true hard muscle. I would say it was the best looking cock I have seen in a long time.

Ok boys you can now continue …

My head moved towards it and slaver ran from my lips on to it, I then massaged my slaver on to his hard shaft. He whispered “It strawberry taste” “mmm” I whispered back and I sank my mouth around it. It felt wonderful, hard warm cock in my mouth.

My head went down, then down again but this time deeper, then deeper again until at last it hit the back of my throat and I ch0ked but kept my head there until I could not breath any more, I suddenly lifted my head and gasped for air. His cock was covered with my spittle running from my mouth to his cock. I continued to massage it up and down in a slow movement. Again with my mouth found his cock and my tongue searched for his pee hole, as I pushed it in. I continued to suck on his manhood for a few more minutes

“Do you want fucking” he said, the smile across my face said it all as I moved, he got off the bed and I took the doggy pose. I could feel he was applying lube to his cock and a little to my pussy then.. I felt a sharp pain running through my body causing my back to arch, my eyes closed tight and I cried out as I plunged forward. He had pushed his cock right into me, the full shaft without any warning.

Now for those that do not know, most of us girls have a tight pussy until it is coxed a little, maybe a finger or two to begin with or a small dildo. You will find within minutes our pussies will be more than egger to take a lot lot more.

“Sorry” he said, “I’ll take it gentle?” I repositioned myself again, this time I could feel his shaft entering me much slower this time, and deeper and deeper he went. I have an eight inch dildo, which is supposed to be like the real thing, believe me.. nothing is like the real thing.

He started to build a rhythm, that went faster and faster, deeper and deeper. My eyes where now closed and the thrill of being fucked was taking over my body like nothing, a feeling I get very rarely these days, most guys are happy with a wank or blow job He was the perfect fucker and my body was in heaven. His full hard cock was now in my pussy slamming deep into me.

After a short period he pulled his cock out and I rolled over, he laid down on his back , took hold of his cock and once more and started to wank. I watch him as I squeezed his balls while I moved my stocking leg over his, every now and then I would suck on his nipples lightly biting them.

He was now wanking faster, his body ridged, straight, the hall marks of a guy about to cum and he did. The sperm sprang out from the top of his cock on to his belly, the second wave came this time over his hands running down his cock.. I was so tempted to clean it up with my tongue but didn’t.

Soon it was all over, and he laid there covered in his own cum, “all right” I said as I rose to my feet “Yes thanks”.

I returned to his bathroom, had another shower removing all my makeup and nail varnish or paint, dressed and met him in his living room. He got to his feet as I entered, “you will give me a verification wont you” as he said that, one of the dogs jumped up at me and I went to push it away, but instead he took hold of my hand and shook it lol I think he thought I wanted to shake him by the hand. I thought that was a bit formal to say we had just spent the last 30 minutes in bed with each other haha.

Anyway, here is the freaky thing. When I got back I went to give him a verification, he was no longer a member. So I checked my message, there was none from him, no sign of any communication, so I check my friends list, again nothing.. had I dreamt it all? I suppose I could go back to his house.. but then I think I will leave it as a mystery… a nice mystery


The docks

It had been a while since my last meet and Naomi was knocking on the inside of the closet once again… she wanted out.

Sometimes things come together so easy, maybe that’s why I believe in fate, maybe it was fate that I was kicked out by my wife within a year of being married to her, after she introduced me to her lover(s)… maybe it was fate that interfered when I decided to dress in drag to a party and gave a guy a blow job (he was stoned and I am sure he did not know I was a guy) .. or should I take the view of Stephen Hawking.. everything is random?

Whatever the reason that day she exchanged a number of messages from a guy who wanted to meet her, Naomi being such a willing slut at times agreed. “Just a couple of things” she messaged her meet, “I only have a tiny cock, I don’t swallow and certainly no cream pie”.. she always like to set the ground rules lol. I know not very lady like (but she has never claimed this)

The meet was to be at his friends flat, “he likes to watch” he told her… “mmmm threesome??” she wondered with a cheeky smile on her face.

He said “Why not come here, get dressed, have a shower if you want and have a coffee”. “Perfect” she thought, one thing she does enjoy is taking her time getting dressed and relaxing.

He told her the directions to where he would meet her, in a high rise block of flats in a very populated area in Hull. Her job sometimes means she has to visit these types of establishment.. and some of them are disgusting.. and so are some of the people who live there. Please, she is not painting everyone who lives in them with the same brush, just experience has not been.. shall we say “a clean one”. He then messaged the name of the block of flats.

When she arrived she messaged him for the flat number, “Ok this is what you have to do, park up then go to the back of the building and press the buzzer to flat 45, as the lift at the front of the building does not work”, he messaged back. “mmm” she thought ”not a good start”.

When she got to the rear of the building she found a series of buttons on a steel panel on a wall adjacent to a large metal door that had a wired glass in it, “now” she thought “is this security door to keep people out… or keep these people in?” she found button number 45 and pressed it. A cracking voice came from a tiny speaker on the side of the panel, “its open” and a buzzer sounded, “take the lift to floor 5”

She pushed the door and it opened, on both sides of the corridor was a lift doors, both on the ground floor. She press the button on the side of the lift and the door slid open, and a female voice said ”Doors opening”

As with all these high rise flats, they all seem to be cold and bit damp.. even during the summer months. She found button five and she pressed it, the same voice said “doors closing” and the lift started to move.

During these times, before the meet she tries not to think too much what her meet will be like, will he be young, with a six pack, an throbbing eight inch cut cock… she felt a tingle down her spine and she cleared her thoughts.

“Doors opening” came the voice once again and as predicted the doors slide open. There, holding open a secondary door into a hallway was a guy.

Now if hes reading this I think he will be the first to admit, he is a little overweight, shall we say about 17 to 18 stone? Maybe 6 foot 2 inches? Must have been 60 plus, ok so not exactly to Naomi specification…, “I’m Tony” he said. He held the door open “It’s the second door on the right”.

As she opened the door she entered into a one bedroom flat, to the left was the bedroom and to the right a door into a bathroom with a fitted shower. At the end of the corridor it opened up into a living room, and there was a guy who must have been in his eighties, sat with tartan slippers on watching countdown. “Well that’s the threesome of the way” she thought.

“This is Fred, he like to see me play” said Tony, Naomi turned and looked at Tony “You said I could have a shower”, “Yes, help yourself, just down there” as he pointed down the corridor. “Would you like a drink?” rising his voice as Naomi started to make her way to the bathroom “Yes please, black no sugar”

She entered the bathroom and locked the door.

As she started to strip she could feel the change that was taking place, her attitude, the way she acted, like a caterpillar slowly turning into a butterfly, all of her inebriations where melting away, flowing down her body to her feet.

She was now naked, even the way she entered the shower cubical, she gently step into it, first her toe then her foot, joined by her other foot. She saw the setting on the shower unit, it was pre-set to warm so she turned it on.

The warm water ran down her body, she looked and saw some liquid soap, she pumped the top of the bottle and applied a generous amount to her body, her hands riding up and down, between her clitty and pushing her fingers deep in to her pussy to double check it was clean. She pressed her breasts together as if in doing so made them bigger and more sensitive, then she nipped her nipples between her thumb and forefinger as she gently twisted them and they became hard.

Her dark skin was now covered in soapy bubbles and she stood there looking up at the shower spout with eyes closed as the last of the soap rinsed way from her body.

She turned off the water, her movements where gentle as she stepped out of the shower, she could feel a new sensation entering her body and started to become more and more submissive.

She took hold of a towel and started to dry herself. She raised one leg on the side of the shower unit and pulled the towel over it, as to say “Look at my sexy shapely legs”. She repeated this for her other leg, then her arms and finally her torso.

She took out her makeup and moved towards the mirror in a very feminine way, like a cat, swaying her hips. First the foundation, she spread this across her face, chin and across her forehead.

Next her eye shadow, carefully applying the black eye shadow to each eye. This is followed by her bright red lipstick.

Next is her holdups, these are black and have an elastic top to them, she lifts one foot and gathers the holdup and slips in her foot rolling up the holdup, all the way up to her thigh. This is repeated for her other leg.

Next is her black leather jock strap, since she only has a tiny cock she prefers it to be hidden, put her pussy she like to show.

This is followed by her black evening dress, she slips this over her head and straightens it as she pulls it down.

Then it’s her black heels, then finally .. her wig which she brushes and the transformation is complete… Naomi is reborn once again. And just to add to the fun she but on her red dog collar

She quickly gathers her guys clothes and pushes them to one side, as she opens the door into the corridor she could hear a conversation about countdown, then Tony’s head spins around and for a split second there was silence. Naomi walk slowly into the living room where Tony was sat on a two seated sofa, swaying her hips, one foot moving in front of the other as she approached him.

“God what a transformation, I cant believe it” as he looked her up and down. She sat down next to him and she saw a spare cup of coffee on a table, her black dress exposed a little more of her thigh and the top of her holdups, “This mine?” she said in a cool manner, as it was the most naturally thing in the world… a guy dressed as a women.

“You have wonderful legs Naomi, doesn’t she Fred” said tony. “Wonderful” echoed Fred.

Tony’s hand reached out attentively, as if to say… “Will she mind” instead Naomi moved her leg towards him.

Tony then started to kiss her neck, nibbling at her ear, while Naomi was having a conversation with Fred, as he asked her where she was born. Naomi mentioned she was born near the dock side in Hull and it turned out that Fred had a career that span over 20 years on the docks.

Meanwhile Naomi had found Tony’s harden cock, as she rubbed his pants, his kissing became quicker up and down Naomi’s neck.

At one point he kissed her cheek then his tongue found her mouth, they both started to exchange mouth fluids, while Tony’s hands moved up and down her body and though he was looking for something that would satisfy his craving.

He pull down Naomi’s dress exposing her nipples, he took hold of one and started to twist it, Naomi’s hand started rub harder through his pants. Her nipples where now being twisted even harder now. His tongue was further down her throat. Meanwhile Fred continued about the times he was on the docks.

At one point Naomi pulled away then she tugged at Tony’s belt, because he was such a big guy his belly was well over his belt and so had to stand to undo it and his pants fell to the ground. Naomi picked up her coffee and took a sip, as though nothing had happened.

Tony sat down again with his cock rock hard now, he pulled Naomi towards him as she took hold of his cock and gently sated to wank it.

She could tell he was ready, “Why don’t you go into the bedroom, strip off and Ill join you after I freshen up.” Tony did not need it reaping and shot off to the bedroom. Naomi made her way, very slowly to the bathroom.

Her hair was all over, her lipstick gone, some of her black eye shadow had been rubbed away. “No point in rushing, he’ll still be there in the bedroom” she thought.

She brushed her hair again, applied more eye shadow and lipstick. Then made her way into the bedroom

Tony was laying naked on the bed with his head supported by his hand and one leg raised on his side. Naomi slowly made her way to the bed, she was almost there when out of nowhere Tony reached out and dragged her onto the bed, pulling her towards his face, once again his kissing became frantic, his tongue slipping in and out of her mouth while Naomi took hold of his cock, rubbing up and down.

Naomi was on all fours pumping his cock, he quickly push his fingers into her pussy which by this time was wet, he trusted them in as hard as he could, his other hand reached out for Naomi’s head pushing towards his cock. Naomi gave little resistance and her mouth found his cock.

Slowly slowly her mouth started to go deeper over his cock. His breath was heavy, his hips was moving, as he raised his Hips, Naomi would pull away from his cock. But then his hand found that back of her head and his hot cock hit the back of her throat.. he held it there. Unable to breathe Naomi pulled back and her slaver covered his cock. Her head went down again, and again he held the back of her head again. This time she pulled back and moved towards him. He quickly took hold of her dog collar and pulled on it towards his face again. She could not and did not protest, this was adding a little more excitement to it.

Still holding on to her collar he moved her face to one side and kissed, and lick her obsessively, his hips moving faster and faster, his movement because almost aggressive at time, then suddenly the signs of a climax. Naomi continued to pump his cock and could feel the hot cum oozing out down onto her hand, his movement started to slow then came “Thanks”, Naomi replied “My pleasure sweetheart” then got up went to the bathroom, had another shower and changed back into her male mode. By this time Tony had returned to the living room with Fred chatting abut his time on the docks and as though nothing had happened. Tony got up to meet Naomi and showed to the door, “lets do this again” and Naomi smiled and said “We Must.


Frozen bollocks !!

A few days ago I was chatting to another tgirl who mentioned Bishop Burton layby, now I normally never ever do car meets but desperate times means desperate measures. So the following day I thought I would try it, and just in case I would take my gear.

A guy had contacted me that morning and mentioned about meeting him there, I told him I would dress when he arrived, thinking back it was not a good plan !!

I had just the one job to do that morning so after finishing it I drove home and picked up my gear. I had a quick shower and cleaned my pussy… just in case.

I wasn’t sure where it was so I did some research and ask others where it was exactly, “Just after Bishop Burton College on the right.. you wont miss it” I was told. I typed into my google maps the name of the collage and it came back with “destination 22 minutes”, so off I set.

After passing through Bishop Burton I started to look for the layby, I could not miss it, as it was well sign posted and I pulled in.

It was in fact a very long layby, I was told that the private area was the, “woody part”, and I was not really sure what that meant until today.

I stopped the car about in the middle way of the layby and I notice a number of cars parked. Occasionally one would drive off, on a other a car would pull up then another one more or less at the same time. The driver from one car would then get into the other and drive down the layby, to what I have now discovered is the “woody part”. It is like on an embankment with trees around so people on the road side cannot see whats going on there.

There was a large area were a food van was parked, I could see the logic of that as the layby was so big you could have easily get half a dozen large lorries down there, but then I thought was it for the doggers? (for those few that don’t know what dogging is, it is the practice of watching or engaging in exhibitionist sexual activity in a public place)

After a while the guy who said he would meet turned up, I told him I would get ready and as I started to put my make up on he drove off !! I then decided it was a bad idea getting ready there and then, so I decided to leave.

As I started to drive away I noticed a few more cars turning into the layby, maybe I thought I could turn this into a meet?

I drove out of the layby and found a slip road, I reversed into a field entrance and started to get ready. Sometimes if you analyse something too much you can lose the moment, the only thing I was thinking about was, get ready and get back, never mind the consequences.

I did a swift dress, not the best makeup I have ever done but I thought to hell with it. Once I was ready I turned my car back, this is the first time I have ever drove in heels... and its tricky stuff, I understand how some women must feel when they do it.

Pulling back into the layby I noticed the food van had gone, I wanted to get out but was unsure if I could walk in my heels. Every now and again a car would pull up next to me, then a couple of minutes later drive away.. I thought my makeup is not that bad is it?

I waited for the first hour and I had a lot of interest from passing cars as they slowed to inspect me.. but nothing happened.

I thought to hell with this and decided that maybe the action down at the other end, so I pulled out of the layby, then back in at the other end. I deliberately drove as slow as I could and I noticed from the corner of my eye, guy’s heads turning towards me :)

I parked up again and this time my little clitty started to get hard, so I started to rub it, I was getting quite aroused.

I gave it another hour and nothing happened, I felt gutted, all this time wasted and I had lost my hard on. I pulled my car out of the layby and noticed a van following me, could this be it? So I thought I would pull in at the next layby, the van followed me. He then pulled in front of my car very slowly and stopped.. my heart started to beat faster, my mouth turning dry. I waited for a couple of minutes and he pulled away.. “what the fuck” I thought. So I took off my makeup and resumed my male mode and returned home.

I wondered why I did not have any luck? But while I was chatting to someone on the Internet they said one thing, which now is pretty obvious .. “Everyone just sits in their cars and no one makes a move”, haha of course he is right.. with that I devised a plan

Some websites that are used for sexual social media, you can leave your “status” so I put “Will be at Bishop Burton layby Friday 2pm, see my profile”, in my profile I put “anything other than a hand job condoms are a must, no cum on me or my clothes, please be clean and respectful”. I’m on at least 4 websites some for gay people others for swinging couples or dogging etc. I could not believe it, I must have over 25 to 30 replies wanting to see me, I thought even if 50% turn up I would be happy.

For the next couple of nights, I couldn’t sleep, if they all turn up what do I do? Maybe it will be a gangbang :) maybe wanking a couple sucking on other, one or even better two attempting to enter my pussy … my mind was filled with hard stiff cocks.

Now for the past few months I have been watching these brainwashing videos.. probably not healthy but I do really get off with them, especially with my p0ppers in one hand and my little clitty in the other rubbing away.

The morning came, again just a couple of jobs to get out of the way, I had it all planned. Finish by 12 dinner, clean my pussy, put on my black leather jock strap with no knickers, black hold ups and my black evening dress. I would then put on over all this my male mode gear. Be ready by 1 pm and get there and finish off my make-up, put on my heels and wig.

Unbelievable everything went like clockwork, but this time I added one more feature to my plan.

It was 1:30 pm, already cars where turning up, some would just pass me by, others would park across from me. Right I thought, got to get into position, I opened my car door and put my legs out showing my black cladded legs and my heels. I wait for a few minutes, then stood up adjusting my black dress.. I have never walk any distance with my heels on, but I had to make it work. I thought I would walk to the boot of the car first.. steady I thought.. eyes are on you.

I made it, so I took a walk back, but then realised how cold it was. The wind around my legs and on my bare bum. I open the car door and reached for my black jacket. I sat down and spread my legs…. A bit like Sharon Stone? (lol no not one bit) I could see them watching me. I did have their attention and loved it.

I decided to wait and hour to see what would happen, every now again a car would pull up but they just stayed inside. I got out of the car then lent against it tapping my feet, in my mind I was trying to will them out and approach me.. but still nothing.

Then I notice a guy in the woods, he had taken out his cock and was wanking, he waved at me. I started towards him but I had to climb the embankment, which in heels and it was steep, was difficult and not very lady like.. but I made it to the top.

He had a cock to die for, it was thick and cut. I just thought to myself what it would taste like, he must have read my mind because he said “suck it” , “No thanks not without a condom”.

As I was busy wanking him someone else approached, “you want to join in” I said “If that’s ok”. He undid his pants and took out a 7-inch cock with a cock ring on. I grabbed his cock and started to wank them both. Between me and you it took all my will power not to drop to my knees and start sucking. So I filled my mouth with spit and spat of the first cock, then did the same on the other one.

I hitched my skirt up to exposed my bum and immediately they both start to caress it, one cheek each. The first guy then moved behind me.. should I let him.. “Please not bare back” I said then bit my lip as he backed away.

Wanking two cocks simultaneously takes some doing but soon I racked up a rhythm, suddenly the first guy took hold of his cock and started to wank himself while I caressed his balls, then both of them came almost at the same time.

They both pulled up their pants and took off, I was left there standing with my bum exposed on the embankment, knowing that others were looking I straightened my dress and made my way down back the embankment to my car, it must have looked like a badly dressed guy in a women outfit stumbling about in a sketch out from the Benny Hill show (for those that are not old enough to remember him.. it was a slap and tickle comedy show), and on the way realised my bollocks where frozen

I stayed until three and left, still disappointed that I did not attract as much attention as I wanted and sad that those guys that said they would be there did not turn up, but now I will alter my strategy. My intention next time is to be on the embankment with a picnic blanket, and wave to them to join me :)


Girls have more fun

Been so fed up of getting dressed for meets that last just a few minutes, so Naomi was sent into the closet and out came Gavin.. a bi-sexual guy. Had a couple of meets as him, one was in Hornsea, the guy gave Gavin his wife’s clothes to wear then gave him a blow job. He had a regular meet with another guy at his flat two or three times.. but somehow Naomi was still lurking and she was determined to come out again.

I go through these phases, I decide to lock Naomi up, get rid of her make up, clothes, dildo etc. Then three months down the line she out again, cost me a fortune in women’s clothes etc. But then when she reappear, its out with her little clitty and she cums in no time.

This time Naomi has only been back a couple of weeks and already had a few meet, but today was special :)

It started last week where a guy she was chatting too mentioned about a meet, in most cases these meets fizzles out. I mean she had arranged to meet three other guys that week and they all was just time wasters. But today she got an invite from this same guy, his profile had a few pictures in it, but to be honest they did not do his cock or his body justice.

She had in the past week ordered a new short dress, some black hold ups, new make including some new lipstick, a black wig and some new heels. The wig that came was hopeless and she has ordered a new one which she will get in the next few days.

Early in the morning she got a message from him to meet at his place, she had a couple of errands to do so she did them thinking that no more would come of it. He messaged her again and asked what time would she would like to meet him. She said about 1 ish and then he gave her his post code. Now this was getting serious she thought :)

She put her new hold ups on with her sexy black jock strap. As with most jock straps it leave her pussy open, for anyone wants to explore ….

That done she put her makeup, wig, shoes and dress into her bag and was just going out the front door when her mobile vibrated .. it was him. Crap !! here we go again, something has cropped up or his wife has returned unexpected, hes got cold feet.. but no instead it said “Is it ok if we have an audience” she wasn’t sure what he meant but messaged him back and said she did not object.

She jumped into the car and then started to think about the meet and how it may pan out, sometimes it can be disappointing, people not washing themselves properly or they have bad body odour. When she arrived within the post code area, she messaged him once more, “number 62”. She quickly looked around and she was at number 2, she drove down and found his house. “The back gate will be open, just come inside”, the next message came. She parked up, found the back gate, knocked on the door and called out. “Come in” he said.

Carrying her bag with her girlly stuff and in she went. A guy came to greet her. Now in herlast few meets she have had, all the guys where 15 stone or more. Some of them even had difficulty in breathing they were so big, don’t get me wrong she’s no slim chick, in fact she’s over weight. But this guy made a nice change. He came to greet her in his underwear, they exchanged pleasantries and he guided her up stairs, telling her they may have visitors. As they entered the bedroom she heard someone calling out, as he went to see who it was she popped into the bathroom and started to get undressed and dress as Naomi.

She heard some foot steps up the stairs and going into the bedroom. She finally put her red lipstick on and came out of the bathroom to find her host naked holding another guys cock, also naked. She was not sure what size it was but must have been 8 inches and thick, she quickly got in between them and dropped to her knees, even her host cock was big and thick.. god she thought... all her birthdays have come at once.

She then heard another voice and her host disappeared downstairs, she was frantically suck this guy off, his huge cock in her mouth pushing further down her throat making her gag, her hand squeezing his balls. Every now and then she would wank his cock while running her tongue across the shaft or sucking on his balls, it was if she had been starved of food and drink and wanted to have as much to eat and drink as quickly possible.

He had a brilliant physic, muscular, she reached up and started to twist his nipples. Every now and again she would catch the look on his face watching her hysterically feeding on his manhood. He then said “Wait”

He then left the room as he shouted “I’m coming”

Meanwhile her host had returned with another naked guy, and both of them started to squeeze her bosom, her bottom, her cock. She moaned with pleasure, the smell of two naked guys, their cocks meeting and rubbing together. The first guy came back, now fully dressed, gave her host a thank you and left

She then turned with her back to her host while the other guy laid back on the bed, she could feel her host cock against her back, it went lower and was now between her cheeks. He fumbled trying to easy it in her pussy, she bent forward, pulled her cheeks apart and stretched her pussy to allow him entry, it was in.

His rhythm then started to build, in and out, in and out. She could feel his hot cock deep in her. The other guy was now laid with his legs in the air, prompting her to suck on his balls, which she did. She then turned towards her host and kissed him while her hand was wanking his hard cock. The other guy was now feeling inside her pussy. Her host then said “I’m cumming” and she continued to wank his hard cock. Finally his body made several jerks and then he moaned while cum oozed out of his cock

Even that was not enough, he continued to wank himself as she turned to his colleague and started to kiss him. Her host pull at her jock strap exposing her clitty, pushing it back and forth. She was not too sure how long they were at it but she looked at her watch and decided it was time to go.

She returned to the bathroom and washed her face of all traces of lipstick and makeup. Got dressed, thanked her host and his colleague, left and returned to her car. She picked up her mobile, there was a message, “fancy a threesome with two TV’s”. Wow it only gets better, unfortunately that never came off, oh well maybe another day she thought.

So as Bi-Gavin it was ok with a couple of meets but girls always have more fun :)


Answers on a post card…

Recently we have had a shift in the staff at my workplace, in a way I have been promoted, does it mean more pay, does it fook grr oh well with every cloud there is a silver lining or “get out of the office for a bit of naughty fun”

Karl who is just 24 is from one of the many websites I prowl, he contacted me just over a week ago, usually thing neither of us can accommodate, then we go down the root of an outside or car meet.. GUYS I JUST DON’T DO THEM.. then the offer of a hotel room.. groan, so this goes on for well over week until I say I will meet you but I won’t be dressed. Now that normally shuts them up, as none of us guys are gay… right.. I mean having sex with a tranny is not really gay.. is it?

Gemma is a cd that I have meet a few times before, she is so submissive it’s unbelievable, and I honestly think she loves me, or has a deep passion for me when I am dressed, and I can’t see anything wrong in that, bless her. She’s one of these people who is trapped in a sexless marriage, now I know many of you people out there either don’t understand it, or it could never happen to them… just trust me it can happen to anyone, you wake in the morning with the biggest boner ever, to find when you cuddle up to her she moves away or says its time to get up…. It happened to me years ago and the amount of people I have chatted to with a very similar story.. tragic but unfortunately true.

So when the boss goes out I try and get out myself.. while the cats away.. I make an excuse after he’s gone that I also need to pop out for this, that or the other. Gemma had messaged me if I would meet her at her home, and I have said no so many time I thought I have to make the effort, so I agreed, besides I was also feeling horny. I said I would meet her about 11 ish this morning. So I wait until the boss said he was going out, then watched him leave the office. I looked out the windows and watched as his car pulled away. I thought to myself, give it 10 minutes just in case he has forgotten anything.. “nar 5 minutes is good”

After only three minutes I got up and grabbed my coat and started to think what could I tell my colleagues, post office, to near, bank .. that a bit further away but still not far enough. Then without warning one of my work colleagues notice my coat in my hand and said “going out?”, “yep” I said still trying to find a believable tale to tell them and I was just about to say something, when they said “ok how long will your be?”, “A couple of hours”, now my chance I thought and never said another word and made my way of the office, I’ll think of something later

As I got to my car I was messaged again, “Can you please come as a nurse or a schoolgirl Mistress” it was from Gemma. I messaged her back, I will need to pop home to get my stuff then will meet you. As I finished that message another came up, just said “ok” from Karl. I couldn’t think what he was saying “OK” to so I ignored it and made my way home.

I think Gemma likes to see me transform into a women. Or in this case a schoolgirl so I thought no panic I will just grab my stuff and be on my way. I put her address into my mobile and it said 16 minutes to destination.

I was making my way there when I got another message from Karl, “what time”.. so I look through my “sent messages” and the last one I sent him said “I will meet you but not dressed”. Well I thought maybe we could have a threesome? I messaged him back, “if you’re serious I will pick you up”. I waited for a couple of minutes and a message came back, “Do you know where the Kings Arms pub is”, I said I did and we agreed to meet there. I quickly messaged Gemma and I said how do you feel about a threesome and she said she didn’t mind.

It was just over 10 minutes to the pub but when I arrived he was not there, a message came through “I will be about three minutes”, “I will only wait that long and no more as I’m late” I replied. Three minutes was up but from the inside of my car mirror I saw him approach, just a young guy. He had a picture in his profile but I must admit he never really looked the same, but I thought near enough, so I waved.

He opened the car door and nervously sat on the car seat with one hand on the door as if to say, if you try anything I will slam the door shut. He asked what we would be doing, so I laugh and said you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, just watch. “Do you use condoms?”, “Look I’m late and as I said if you just want to sit and watch that’s fine”. He closed the car door and then program in Gamma’s address, 10 minutes away.

During our travels I asked him different things, did he work, did he have a girlfriend, had he done this sort of thing before, Most of his answers were very brief. We arrived at Gemma’s house and we both got out of the car, I had no idea how this was going to pan out.

When we got to the door Gemma greeted us in just a dressing gown, we both went in and I said “I would like you to meet a friend” and nodded at Karl. Gemma greeted him and I made my way up stairs while they followed. We entered the bedroom which Gemma and I had used before, but this time there was more furniture, three guys standing in a small box room did not leave much room to get dressed. I asked Gemma where her bathroom was and she showed me. Karl seem to follow me onto the landing and as I entered the bathroom I said, “Please excuse me”.

I thought if Karl was feeling uncomfortable I had better make it a quickie. I got dressed in my white long socks, black knickers, schoolgirl blouse, white shirt, striped tie, black wig and my black heels. I put on some makeup, not my usual performance but it will do I thought.

I stepped into the small box room where they both waiting for me. I went up to Gemma and undid her dressing gown belt and her gown fell to the follow. Over to my left was a bag a clothes pegs, we had play with these before and she enjoys tit torture.

I slapped her breast until they started to turn red, every now and again I would pull at her nipples stretching and pinching them. I took hold of the pegs and put the first one on her nipple pointing to the right, the second peg was on the left and the final one on the nipple itself. I then repeated this for her other nipple.

I told her to bend over and I started to slap her right cheek then left cheek until they had turn red. I spun her around and this time placed the pegs on her balls and clitty. After 15 pegs on her clitty, I told her to bend over and the spanking continued. “What you say honey?” “Thank you Mistress” was her reply. Her bum must have been sore and I told her to move away from the bed so I could lay down.

I have always loved my feet being worshiped so that was her next treat, I told her to remove my right shoe and suck my toes through my white socks, and kiss my legs. She did this expertly. This was repeated on my other leg.

I then told her to lay flat on her back and I sat on her face, her tongue flicking in and out of my pussy, every now and again I would sit down on her hard so she was unable to breathe. Then raise my pussy from her nose and mouth to allow her to gasp for air. I think I could ask Gemma to do anything for me, no matter how disgusting and she would not flinch and do it with hesitation. I do know she wants my pee and one day I will oblige

I then turned around so she was sat in front of my cock, my legs either side of her head, she took my cock into her mouth and started to suck. I looked up and Karl who was sat on a chair, squeezing his cock through his pants, I would quite clearly see the bugle, “Just take it out Karl, and have a wank” I will never forget the look on his face, the look of surprise and a look of pleasure. He stood up, undid his belt and pulled down his jeans just enough to pull his cock over his jeans and started to wank.

Meanwhile Gemma was under my dress sucking a way, again I looked up to Karl and told him to come closer, so he sat on one side of the bed watching Gemma eating away at my clitty. “I don’t want it touching” said Karl “No one will Karl if that’s what you want.

I rolled over and was now at Gemma side, I started pulling at the pegs on her cock as he reached out and started to wank me, she does wank well. I returned the compliment wanking her with her pegs flying all over, pulling at the pegs on her tits, Karl was now stood up wanking franticly looking at Gemma, and how she was wanking me, while I wanked Gemma.

“I think I’m goona cum” said Karl, at that Gemma moved her head directly under Karl as he wanked away, I took control over my clitty as I also started to wank. Karl then made a jerk, out came the first part of his cum and landed just to the side of Gamma’s head, so she move her head with the thought she would catch the next drip, and she did, again and again. Karl gave a sigh of relief, then pulled his pants up.

I had then just notice the time, Gemma’s wife was due back in the next three quarters of an hour. I stood up and Gemma said “Can you please cum in my mouth Mistress”, “Not this time Gemma” I said and made my way to the toilet, again Karl followed me and again I said “Excuse me” and closed the door.

I got changed, washed and check I had collected all my belongings. I gave Karl a lift back to the place where I picked him up, he told me he enjoyed it and we continued to make small talk.

When I got back I checked my message “3 minutes away” was his last one from Karl, but then I notice “User no longer on this site” he had clearly deleted his profile.

So in retrospect did he do the right thing, did he cheat on his girlfriend, is he now bi or gay, or does he how realise that sex is not a thing between two separate gender’s, and the biggest question of all did I corrupt him? Answers on a post card ….


Sister on Sister

I met this guy, must be over 7 months ago, he didn’t drive and asked if I would like a blow job in my male mode, so who would turn that down lol. So I met him outside his local supermarket to find a place to “do it”.

He said he had used this place before which turned out to be a long country road. We parked up and I took my cock out, he was on top of it like a hungry whore. I looked up and saw a building and a windows that was looking down on us. As soon as I saw that I lost my erection, although it was not that hard anyway. I told him we would try it again some other time and dropped him off

A few months later I got another call and I met him at his place, I have documented it further down here in my so called “Blog” so I’m not going to repeat it, but the reason why I bring this up is the other day he called and asked if I would meet him again. Sometimes when my boss goes out, I can sneak out for an hour or so, and that was my intention.

The next morning I was up early and had a wet body shave without any cream that works great if my hair is short which it was. Now this next bit is for the ladies so if you’re a guy… you don’t really want to read this next bit.

Douche bag

Yes ladies it’s the taboo subject, keeping your pussy clean. I use a douche bag which was designed for women’s smelly pussies, as some women suffer from it apparently. The one I use has a rubber shaped ball that has (for want of a better description) a long neck and at the end of it several holes. Now you fill the ball part and stick the neck into the top of it. This is the best bit, you then bend down and insert into you pussy as far as you can then press the ball. Providing you have pressed this against the sides of you cheeks the water is pushed up into your colon, when you release it any waste is pulled back into it. You do this several times then take the neck off and get rid of the water down the loo. I have a tendency to do it as many times it take to clean it well and the waste water runs clear. Then I smear a small amount of hygienic-gel onto my butt plug and insert it into my pussy. It does sting for a bit but .. no pain no gain? I then wash that and reapply. No excuse for being dirty or smell.. and besides when a guy or sister is rimming you, you know its clean and gives you confidence, maybe I should run a TV advert? (get it.. TV as in transvestite or TV as in television .. groan)

Next day

So after a body shave, cleaning my pussy I went to work with my girly stuff in a bag, waiting for my boss to go… and I waited and waited, then I ran out of time. :( You can see the preparation that I go through so getting let down does really make me angry. BUT the day after it was all worth it.

Sister on Sister

I use several different websites to advertise my wares (so to speak) and I also have a couple of pseudonyms, NaomIinYork, NaomioInHull, SonyaInHull and once there was KeithInYork ???? but he eventually got killed off.

I had several messages from this CD wanting to meet. In most cases it was in the evening and I just can’t do them as I look after someone, and I very rarely meet at the drop of a hat. But she messaged me late morning and asked if I would meet that afternoon at her place. Well I had a body shave only the day before so it’s only a case of a pussy clean and I would be ready, as a bonus my boss was due to go out to see a client. I agreed and said I could leave at about 1:30 pm, swing around to pick up my stuff and be with them within three quarters of an hour, how wrong can you be.

My boss was about to leave and I message her for her address, 67 Eagle grove (obviously changed to protect their identity lol) so I put that in my mobile and it came back 15 minutes to destination. At that point things was moving in the right direction. As soon as my boss left I made an excuse and left the office, being Friday is not the best day to travel. I got home and thought to save time I will put on my suspender belt stockings and a black top. Over this I put a sweater on and my jeans, I had my last check, black shoes, red lipstick, foundation and wig? Check check check.. I was ready.

I grabbed my stuff and put the address into my mobile, it showed me that the destination was 25 minutes away, strange I could have sworn it was less than that, no time to waste I thought and off I went. I look at my mobile and it gave me directions, but it was taking me towards North Hull. The traffic was packed bumper to bumper.. you should avoid traveling anywhere on a Friday in Hull.

Traffic light after traffic light, all where against me, even the railway crossing closed. I message my CD friend, “should be with you 8 minutes”. My mobile showed a red spot indicating the destination, but then it told me to pull into a park, aarrrrr it was the wrong address. I messaged her for her post code and I waited, then it came back I quickly put that in my mobile… crap it was on the other side of town.. another 20 minutes away. This was not turning out very well at all.

I messaged her again and said I would now be another 20 minutes. I know if the boot was on the other foot I would have told them to forget it. I sat in the traffic prying that it would ease so I could get there quicker, but it was not to be. I message her again, “If you don’t want to meet now I would understand” but nothing came back. I then hit the school traffic, it was not getting any better at all.

Finally the red spot on my mobile appeared again I was less than 2 miles away, there was a row of cars parked up, at least that’s what I thought, I over took them on the right to find another car coming towards me !!, the cars were waiting to turn and I had jumped the queue on the wrong side of the road.. groan

I backed up and joined the queue and waited until it was my turn to turn right. At last I pulled into the close where she lived. I checked my mobile and a message had come through “let down” , I quickly message her back “at number 69 do you still want me to come?”, I stared at my mobile waiting for a response then it came..”Give me two minutes to get dressed then come straight in”, I look at my car clock 3:54.. add two minutes 3:56.. so I waited and waited.. how long is two minutes going to take, then 3:55. I thought it will take me a minute to get out of the car and walk there, so I did with my bag over my shoulder. When I reach the door I knocked and shouted, “hello” I heard a voice “come upstairs”. I slipped of my shoes and made my way up.

When I looked into the room she was laid on her back on the bed, rubbing her clitty. She had on a short red and white poker dot dress, fish net stockings, semi see through knickers and black type of pvc boots. I also notice she had a dildo in her pussy. I ask “how much time do we have, enough for me to put my makeup on”, “yes plenty of time”. I slid off my jeans then took off my sweater, I stood there in my black stockings, suspender belt, black knickers and black top. I slipped on my 5 inch heel shoes and pulled out my make up, then my wig and I finally brushed it, she was here lol.

I moved over to her and put my hand on her clitty, then moved my hand to her balls, squeezing them gently, it was quite obvious she enjoyed that. I pulled out her dildo then pushed it back in, she then started to wank with one hand, her other hand fondled my clitty through my knickers, then she pushed my knickers to one side to expose my clitty and she started to wank me. Its not often I get hard but she was making it that way. I then reach out and pull her knickers down, then continued to insert and withdraw her dildo while massaging her balls, she was becoming erect.

I pushed my hand up her dress and squeezed her tits, she wasn’t smooth like me but I don’t mind it on anyone else but I hate my hair

She then spun around and made a grab for my clitty and pushed it into her mouth sucking frantically. After a few minutes I stood up, when to my bag and pulled out my butt plug. I lubricated it and pushed it into my pussy, yummy I love it when it first goes in, tight at first but once two thirds in it just slides in. I returned to the bed, one leg between hers while she still laid there. I took hold of her dildo and started to slide it in and out of her.

She pulled me down and started to kiss me, her tongue in and out of my mouth, so I returned the compliment exchange our mouth fluids

As I pulled away again she leant forward and took my clitty into her mouth, one hand then found my butt plug and she pushed it in further. Her head was now moving back and forth over my cock. I then pulled away and took her clitty into my mouth, just the end to begin with, still moving her dildo in and out.

Her hips started to move upwards with the hope her clitty would go further into my mouth, I thought no girl you have to wait. Her hips moved faster and faster then I felt on the back of my head her hand. Her clitty was now fully erect, she gently pushed my head down, I could have easily have pulled back but let my mouth fall a little further on to her clitty. As my head came up I felt her hand push it down a little further and harder over her clitty, her hips moved up at the same time, “not yet girl..” Her hand was now excreting more pressure, her hips move faster and higher, then I thought now!!

My head went right down over her clitty and it hit the back my throat, I held it there while she moan, I was now gagging and I could not breath, she shouted “fucking hell”, her hand still on the back of my head, I pulled back and took a breath before gagging on her cock again and again.

As I pulled away I took my cliity and started wank it, she took hers and she did the same, every now and again I would squeeze her balls and she would moan. Finally I could feel myself cumming, the pluses ran through my body as it became stiff, then finally my cum came on the side of her body, during this time she continue to wank, but then I took control.

Wanking is an art which I pride myself in, too fast and some people can lose their erection, the same if it too fast. It has to be built up, so you find the rhythm that works and you stay with it, then work it a little faster as you progress, she shouted, “harder… harder” I then put more pressure onto her cliity, up and down, up and down, faster, harder. The head of you clitty was fully exposed wet with precum. Then I felt the so familiar pulses running through her clitty.. she was almost there.

“Fuck” she shouted her hips moving frantically, then the exposition of cum, I continued to wank her, harder and faster, her cum shot all over her belly and legs but I did not hold back I kept on wanking her until her body relax and it was all over. I release her clitty and asked if I could use her bathroom .

I always feel a sense of accomplishment when my meet cums, I sometimes think its more important thank my own gratification. Beside I get to do it all over again writing about it lol.

Thanks love hope to repeat it soon xxx


Funny how things turn out

I had a couple of messages from this guy, who was very down to earth, relaxed and no pressure. He made me feel confident, that I wanted to meet him. Not one of these tossers that say “I’m goona f*** the ass of you, cum in your mouth do this and do that” yawn .. I know immediately that they are fantasises and just looking for cybersex. Not here love sorry … move one.

The other thing was he texted me, which normally means the signs of being serious. So we chatted about meeting and I mention I might be able to on the coming Friday at his. But I as I was at work until about 1:30 it would be about 3 ish before we could meet. He agreed but not really spoke about what we would do when we met. Which to me is another good sign as I love first meets.

The Friday came and he messaged me, just a simple “countdown”. He had already texted me the day before and asked if I would texted him back to confirm. That morning moved so slowly I thought time had stooped, the minute hand on the clock moved every 3 seconds instead of the normally 1 second.. or it seemed that way. My schedule was, get home, shower, find his location get there dress then have fun.

Phone call- threesome?

About 11 ish that Friday I received a text from him, he wanted to speak to me. I have two mobiles, one which is my girly one that I only answer if I’m on my own, problem was I was still at work so I messaged him back. Here we go he wants to speak to me… cancellation.

He sent a message back, “How do you feel about a threesome?” Last time I did a threesome, one of the guys came within a couple of minutes, which left me and his mate, before that session it was with a husband and wife team along with another guy (ok foursome), and before that it was at Isis in Leeds… many years ago. I didn’t want to be forward so to speak, as the meeting was to be at his place, so I said I would leave it in his hands, but he insisted that I choose and said this guy was in military uniform.. Now that brought up all sorts of images lol. What can a girl do? Of course I said yes.


I had left work late and made my way home, I tore off my clothes as I ran into the shower. I opened the bottle of shower gel and poured over my smooth body. The night before I had a body shave so I was totally smooth.

I ran into the bedroom and look at the clock, it was late then my mobile sounded. He wanted to call me so I texted back and agreed. I continued to pull out my girly stuff, what shall I wear? School uniform.. no take to long, evening dress.. same problem.. nurse.. crap I’ll just wear a black top, suspender belt, black stocking, black heels and black panties. The mobile rang.

He asked on what time I could make it for so I told him 2:45, but I knew I would be late. He then gave me his address, but started off with…”when you arrive I want you on all fours..” “Oh” I thought… then he laugh and said he was just joking, then went on to give me his address. I punched in his post code into google maps.. travelling time 24 minutes.. groan I am gonna be late. I said bye and pulled out a new pair of black stockings then I thought I had better get dressed here and finish at his.

I put on my suspender belt then my stockings … for you lucky people that don’t have to wear them (lol.. I would say unlucky people) they can be a nightmare if you’re in a rush. First I like to get the seams straight then slowly pull them on, then hook the suspender belt onto them then lock them home.. simple, haha I wish. It took what seemed ages just to the first one on, then I had to deal with the second one. It was now getting late and needed to get out, I quickly put my black top on.

I then closed my eyes and thought what do I need, makeup, black eye shadow, red lipstick, foundation, black shoes, black wig, butt plug, lube. I open my eyes and pulled the items out and shoved them into my bag. I then put on a jumper to cover what I had on, my jeans and then my shoes. I was ready… or was i?

I’m late I’m late for a very important date

I jumped into my car and put the post code in again and it gave me the directions. The first part of the travelling was pretty easy so I just ran over in my mind if I had forgotten anything. I was only a few minutes into my travel.. I had forgotten my butt plug. At the roundabout I started to unpack my bag, unknowing then there was a lorry drive looking down into my car. I pulled out my black shoes, black wig, lube and there it was my butt plug, I held it in my hand and gave out a silent “Yes” and waved it in the air, thank goodness I did not have to turn around. At that the traffic started to move and I looked up. The lorry drive was looking down curiously at the items I had pulled out of my bag and had a confused look on his face as I was waving my butt plug around. At that I laugh to myself and pulled away, pushing the items back inti my bag.

As I drove every traffic light was against me, even the railway crossing I passed in my journey closed so I had to wait until, not one but two trains passed, was this an omen. The barriers went up, now it was going to be after three before I arrived.

As I was driving my mobile gave out a ring.. I had received a message. I knew who it was going to be so I never answered or even looked at it, besides if I got pulled over by the police I wonder how I would explain my black stocks, heels, butt plug to them. I chuckled.

I final arrived at the spot where he told me to park and I texted him back. He then gave me some instructions on how to find them.

Arriving – No time for eye makeup

I opened the door and he hurried me in..”Your missing the action” he said, standing there naked. He showed me into his bedroom and as I passed the living room another guy was there also naked. His hard cock in his hand pumping away unaware that I had seen him watching porno. It was dark, all the lights had been turned down, even in the bedroom

I made my way to where a tall dressing table was. I took off my jacket, jumper shoes and jeans and let them drop to the floor. I quickly applied my foundation then my lipstick, there was no way I would attempt to put on my makeup, so I put on my black shoes then my wig.

Butt plug

I pulled out my butt plug and applied so gel to it, I eased it into positioned then pulled up my panties. Finally I brushed my hair.

Meet.. two cocks better than one?

I then moved very slowly into the living room as though to give the impression I had been there a while and I was in no rush, a lady of leisure. I announced as I walked in “My apologies gentleman”.

Bill as I will call him owned this accommodate and he was positioned a few feet from me, Ben as I will call him sat in a leather chair still pumping away, I bent down a gently took hold of his cock.. god it was like steel.. rock hard. I squeezed a few times then he stood up. I’m not sure how tall he was as I had my 4 inch heels on, maybe 6 footish?

He put his arms around me and I him, he started to kiss my neck cheeks and my lips, as I did I could feel his hairy back, a bit of a bear. But his cock was smooth. Bill move over behind him and spread Bens cheeks and from the moan that Bill was making I could imagine Bill was rimming him.

I continued to kiss Ben, our tongues meeting as we exchanged body fluids. I had hold of his balls rubbing and squeezing them. I dropped to my knees and Bill came around to join Ben.

If you have never had man sex before it difficult to explain what it is like. The thing is with 99% of men you know when they are excited, you know what seems to turn them on quickly, and of course you can tell by their erections, and here we had two wonderful erections.

I took hold of Bens cock and placed my lips at the very end of it, move over it by an inch then backing off. He placed his hand on the back of my head and I immediately knew what he wanted. I swallowed his whole cock so it hit the back of my throat, I pulled away and immediately did it again, again, again then again. At the four time it hit the back of my throat and I held it there, his hips was moving in and out. Meanwhile I had Bens cock in my hand moving it to and fro, by the positions of their bodies and the sound they were making I could tell they was kissing and pinching each other nipples.

I released Bills cock, then my mouth found Bens cock. His cock was maybe a bit bigger and fatter. I did the same routine, but this time Bens hands found the back of my head making me gag for even longer.

Now was the ultimate tranny desire… two cocks in the mouth at the same time.. and judging by the sounds of it they also was enjoying it. I place my hands on the back of the two bodies and pulled them to me, I never thought it was possible for me but I was suck two cocks at the same time.

Bedroom time?

Ben mentioned about the bedroom so I followed, they both laid side by side and me between then, first sucking and gagging on Bens cock the Bills cock. They kissed again also using their tongues, nipple pinching and it continued.

At one point Bill said “Funny how things turn out”, I never knew what he meant but he did look at me as though it had some hidden meaning?

We continued but this time Bill had found himself around the back of Ben, ben was now kissing and sucking on my girly cock, pushing my black panties to one side. Squeezing my balls. I’m not sure how old he was but he was certainly much much younger than me.

Bill move over to where I was, I was now sucking on Bens cock with my bum in the air, “She put that in quick” he said pointing to my butt plug, Ben said “she already had it in her”. He pulled it out then pushed it back in a few times then the spanking started.

Bill slapped my right check that was quickly followed by Ben slapping the other, Slap slap slap, right then left cheek. Then they stopped and I found myself rimming Ben while Bill was rimming me. Ben had his ass in the air as my tongue when in and out of his ass, meanwhile I had his cock in my hand milking him.

Popper time

Bill ask if I wanted any poopers.. is the pope catholic ? He came back with a bottle that had been previously opened so it had lost some of its kick, but like a greedy popper girl that I am I continued to sniff and taking anything I could find.

Finally Bill asked if I wanted fucking, I told him to apply some lube. A word about lubrication.. do skimp and save, the stuff I use cost about £15 for a bottle but it’s really really good, water based and has no taste.

He applied to his cock.. I don’t know what it is these days but as soon as someone mentions if I want fucking my pussy goes into over drive. It starts to twitch.

I did read an article about improving the muscles in your butt. You slide in a dildo, must be as big as you can handle, which in my case is eight inch, that has been lube. Then stand upright and hold in the dildo using your butt cheeks then release them and allow the dildo to slide out a bit, then clinch your cheeks again to try and draw the dildo back in. Its difficult and I’m not sure if it works or not but I have been doing it for a number of months now.

I bent of the bed and Ben shuffled down so I was between his legs and Bill started to enter me.. I just love that feeling.. its one thing I will never understand. In the very early days when I took cock it hurt now it bliss.

He started with a slow rhythm then it became faster, he slowed that sped up again, I was now gagging on Bens cock, I came for some air and then quickly down again as Bill was pumping his cock deep into my pussy. I thought about my exercise and clinch and pussy to make it tighter I’m not sure if it worked or not, but it certainly made a difference to me.

Then the spanking started again, Bill slapped my right cheek then the left.. loving ever time his hand hit home.

Then Bill withdrew his cock and Ben indicated that he wanted me on his cock, so I removed my shoes. I position Bens cock in the area of my pussy and he pushed home… hard.

I move my hips to and fro while Ben pushed his cock as far as he could into my pussy. Then a hand came around in front of me, “I have opened another bottle of p00ppers”. I stopped and took the lid off and took five or six deep breaths of p00ppers. I replaced the lid and gave them back to Bill.

I waited for the rush to start, I could feel it starting at the back of my head moving toward the front. Meanwhile Ben was pushing his cock in at a slower pace.. but my rush was coming and my head started to spin. I push down hard onto his cock, and my hips move faster and faster, I became dizzy with excitement and gabbed Bens tits then nipped his nipples my rush was now at its peek. Pushing down harder and harder I want that cock in my chest I thought in as dug in as far as I could. If heaven if half as good….

and more spanking

I laid flat on the bed and I could feel fingers being pushed into my pussy, was it just fingers? They start to spank me again this time harder and faster, at one point I felt I was being pinned down and could or maybe I did not want to move..

Ben then said he had to come as he need to go, Bill started to kiss him again, I was between Bens legs.. they was up in the air indicating he wanted rimming again. I have never been big on it before but if you have a nice clean ass… I would recommend it. I sucked on his balls while his breathing got heavier and heavier, he became frantic and we could see it was time, then his body went into a spasm, pumping away at his cock has his cum spouted from the end of his cock, and even when that had happened he continued for several minutes more.

Funny how things turn out

Ben then said it again this time looking at Bill “Funny how this turn out, I messaged her (meaning me) to meet but she said because I had a blank profile she would not”. Sorry hun but the majority of people that I have come across that are time wasters have no profile… obviously there are exceptions.. but what can a girl do?

Anyway we all laid there and Bill asked if wanted a coffee, Ben said he had to go.

Bill went into the kitchen as I reapplied my makeup and meet Bill in the living room. Ben came in all dressed and thanked us both for having a good time and said we should do it again…

We sat there while drinking our coffees and just generally chatting, which I do really love doing that as it makes me feel that I am accepted as a girl :)

Finally it was time to go, so we hugged and made a promise we should do it again



Briexit... groan

God how long has it been !! Well this morning I could take no more… I was past breaking point and now I had to do something about it.

My problem is it’s a build-up and there can only be one release. My personal life has become so complicated it is unbelievable. Not do I now have extra family commitments (which don’t get me wrong.. I would never pass up on) and my work is bogging me down as I now have an additional role… groan without extra money.

Anyway months ago I bought a schoolgirls outfit but the only time I have worn it was to take a couple of (not very good) pictures, and I did not have much makeup on.. so I thought if I could corner some bloke in meeting I would wear that.

He’s not on this website, we’ll called him Charlie. Now I got band from a website… but that’s another story so I reinvented myself and re-joined.

This guy Charlie, took a liking to my profile and I checked his out. On this website you can leave comments, and this guy had loads, from women. He did say in his profile he was straight (like most guys do.. and won’t admit to being a little inquisitive ) So I played him along, we swapped messages after messages, I wanted to make sure I had drawn him in… I told him I was a newbie and he swallowed it line sink and hook!!

In one of his messages said he would just like to sit and chat with me dressed as Naomi… now that I knew was never gonna happen. I play him like a piano, saying I was unsure.. was not certain… very nervous and all that stuff. Finally I gave him my number and within seconds it was ringing .

I told him that I did want to meet but would only if I could wear my schoolgirl uniform and bring a bottle p00ppers with me…. Oh and that reminds me… because of Briexit my p00ppers have gone up grrrr I bet all those people who voted out are non-popper people

So he gave me assurances once again and I said I would… the dead line was 3 pm :).

I got hold of my “nohair” lotion and quickly ran over any hair that was visible on my body, then a clean my anal passage (yes those of you who do not know most of us special girls tend to very clean :) ) then put on my school uniform just make sure everything was right. I undressed and put them in my sports hall… sat and waited for 3 pm.

About 2:30 ish I got the call… game on :) It turn out he lived 16 minutes away,, not too far and not too close. I swung my bag over my shoulder, took out any loose change and my wallet. The times I nearly left my wallet is unbelievable so I remove anything I may not need for the meet.

As I jumped into my car a feeling of being satisfied came over me.. finally after all these months cock would be in reach.

When I arrived it was a single bedroom bungalow. I drove onto his drive and got out, as I approached his door he opened it and greeted me. “Coffee” he asked. I think in my first impression of me maybe he expected someone better looking.. slimmer.. or maybe he was having second thoughts?

He led me into his bedroom and I said I would like a black coffee, “milk and sugar”, “no thanks” I said as he left the room and closed the door.

The bedroom was very clean, with a heater in one corner, it was pretty obvious it had just been switched on. He told me later he was a lorry drive so never really heated the rooms as he was away most of the time. There a single wardrobe with a full length mirror, a twin size bed and just two bedside cabinets.

I took off my jacket and jumper and placed them on one of the bedside cabinet. I checked through my bag for my makeup. As I applied my foundation I started to think to myself how long its been, I just hope I had not lost the knack of applying it? Too little and there would be no point in applying it, too much and you look like a clown.

I thought there’s no rush as I had most of the afternoon off, so I took my time. Next my red lipstick, “the shade is not right” as I put it on. Then my blusher and finally my eye makeup.

Next I put on a white shirt.. as all good schoolgirls wear :) then a flared skit which had a grey blouse attached to it. I took off my underpants and slipped on a pair of knickers that had a “built in suspender belt”. The problem with this is my balls always ride out lol, so over this I wore some larger women’s briefs. I didn’t want to give out too much information lol to start off with :)Then I put on my white long socks

Ok things where coming together now, my wig was next and I brushed it out and finally my schoolgirls hat. I did want to put on my tie… but I had left it grrr, oh well I thought lets see what he thinks. I put my hand into my bag and pulled out a fresh bottle of p00ppers.

I opened the bedroom door and called out his name, he came into the corridor and said “Wow” and his eyes lit up.. I thought I have his attention now. I gave him my bottle of p00ppers and asked him to open them. For those of you that voted us out of the European Union (popper haters) they are tightly sealed and in many cases you can only cut the outside wrapping. He led me into his living room then disappeared to return quite quickly with them opened.

He stood in front of me and placed a hand on my side that then made its way to my bum. “You don’t have to be nervous” he said. Then pulled me to him, I didn’t want him to think he was totally in charge so I unscrewed my bottle and took my first sniff moving away from him.

I sat down and immediately he sat beside me. His hands was rubbing my clitty through my panties, “I spank school girls” he said while watching my reaction. I stood up and turned around so his face was only inches away from my bum, he pulled down my panties and smacked it. I never winched so he did it again this time much harder, and again and again. After about 10 smacks I turned and started to massage his cock through his pants, in just a few seconds it had become hard.

He quickly stood up and removed his belt and took down his pants while I took two more sniffs of my p00ppers. “You’re a dirty slut aren’t you Naomi” as he push his cock outwards then sat down again.

I held it in my hand and pushed his foreskin back so I could see its head. I then filled my mouth with spit and allowed it to run slowly from my mouth to the tip of his cock, he groaned. He was almost trembling. My head went lower to his cock and I am sure he could feel my breath on it, “suck it Naomi”, I moved away from his cock to his face and we kissed, tongues in and out we exchanged slaver while I held his cock firmly in my hand.

I then moved from his mouth back down to his cock and placed my lips just at the tip. I wait just for a few seconds then my mouth surround his cock completely as it entered my throat, I gagged then withdrew and repeated it a few times. Each time he moaned calling out “You’re a slut Naomi.. a dirty slut”.

Suddenly I stop and my lips where just around the head of his cock sucking gently. I reach out to his hands and placed them on the back my head, and waited. His hips started to move forward and backwards, and I could feel the pressure on the back of my head, pulling me towards him. At first it was just a gentle rhythm and only moving slightly more into my mouth on each thrust. His hands where now holding my head quite firm and the thrust where quickening and his cock was getting deeper and deeper into my mouth until he found the back of my throat, he held it there while I counted in my head, one Mississippi, two Mississippi until I reached 8 Mississippi and pulled back my head to break his hold.

He looked down and asked “would you like to move to the bedroom?” “yes only if you take all your clothes off” I said. We made it into the bedroom and he stripped naked.

Now you have to bear in mind that he is a lorry driver and in his early fifties so he was not in the best shape, stocky build and about 5 foot 6 inches, so I was taller than him in my heels. He had made the effort to remove most of the hairs around his cock which is a nice change, cant be doing with lots and lots of hair in my mouth.

I jumped onto the bed with him laying at one side while I took his cock in my hand and started kissing him again. His hand started to rub me again then he pushed me back and pulled down my panties and started to suck my clitty.

Once again for you popper haters who voted for Biexit, p00ppers have several side effects, one is you can lose your erection. Which I think he was on a losing wicket, but he gave all he could, sucking wanking… I enjoyed it but as I said I can never reach a climax when I have had loads of p00ppers.

I then stood up and pushed my bum out signalling I wanted to be spanked again. He obliged, smacking my right cheek then my left cheek, the slapping became harder and harder. I don’t know what it is but I enjoy being spanked from time to time. He would stop every now and then and gently smooth my bottom by rubbing his hand over it.

I pointed over to where my sports hall was and said “I brought my ruler”. He look inside and found my plastic 12 inch ruler, and started again. He continued for several minutes

He said “Your bum has turned red Naomi, you ok” I told him yes and he laid back on the bed. There are some guys that like their balls squeezed quite hard, now you have to be careful because if you don’t do it right it can be painful. It turned out he loved that, each time I nipped his balls his entire body would shake and he gave deep groans, “Fucking hell Naomi you are brilliant”. So I built up a rhythm, first slowly wank then stop and grip his balls. At one point we were doing a 69 ner. He was reaching the end and I could see he wanted to cum, every now and then he would stop my hand.

I think it must be a tranny thing this…. “I am gonna make you cum like you have never cum before my sweet”. My rhythm had become quicker now, he had stopped touching me and his eyes where closed then wide open, and his breathing became deep.

Every now and again I would sink my mouth onto his cock and hold it in my throat just for a few seconds, pull away, wank then squeeze his balls.

This time when he reach for my hand I pushed him away, “I cumming” His entire body jerked again, again and again as spunk shot from the end of his cock onto his chest and onto my hand, it was hot, even after I had emptied him it, he was still climaxing, it seemed like several minutes until he fell and relaxed.

“Now its your turn” I laughed and told him he did not have to, and asked if I could just get cleaned up. “Get a shower” he said “I will if you come too” I said. His bathroom was really big, it had a corner bath and a shower. I think it must have been a bedroom at one point and it had been converted.

I took off my white socks and shoes, which was the only thing left I was wearing. He put the shower on and when it ran warm I got in, he came directly behind me. He reached out for the shower gel and put some on my back while I rubbed off my makeup. His hand found its way to my clitty then started to wank it. I reach around and felt his cock becoming hard once more. I then turn and kissed him again, our wet bodies meet along with is cock and my clitty. We then washed each other and dried ourselves. A nice afternoon ?

Thanks Charlie I ready enjoyed that and when I get a chance I am gonna lay back and relive it while I cum :)


Spock – life but not as we know it ?

I have no medical knowledge whatsoever but what the hell is “life”? We can create the very basic structure of life, but where does all the other bits fall into place? I mean feelings like happiness, sadness, anger to name a few are just chemical reactions within the brain.. so I am led to believe, so how do they fit into the equation, and what the biggest mystery of all is horniness (is that a word?)

When horniness happens to me it always seems to be in the depths of my stomach, then slowly makes it way down to my cock lol.. or clitty when I am dressed as Naomi. Not always will I get an erection but instead a warm feeling throughout my body, which sometimes can be relived through a bit of “DIY” so to speak.

On occasions this “horniness” just takes hold, it starts in the normal place in my body and works its way around my chest, my legs, arms and brain, in fact it seems to eat away at even my soul (as if I had one lol), and for those that have seen the episode of Star Trek where Spock has to return to his home world Vulcan or he will die… its just like that with me.. my urge has to be satisfied.

I woke that morning with just that feeling, I just needed sex and plenty of it. I did think about a quick DIY job but I just knew it would not be enough.

I am a member of a lots of websites, too many to mention here but on a few you can leave a messages, in a forum, or post it within your profile… so I did exactly that. “Looking to get smashed on p00ppers, whos buying” or words to that effect.

Once again I know there will be a few out there that may think I’m a drug addict, or I maybe slowly killing myself.. and maybe they are right but to put it into perspective I buy about 6 bottles every three months. So as a habit I don’t think its that bad??

One thing I do enjoy.. and maybe I should not admit to it, but stripping off naked in the bath and squatting down on my toes with my p00ppers. I turn on the cold water so its just running very slowly and the bath starts to fill. When the water is just above my feet I will take some deep sniffs and enjoy the way my head will spin.

As the water raises I will then start to splash the ice cold water on to my ankles, then sniff again. It feels as though someone is cleansing my body (that would be a fine thing lol) As the cold water raises more I will start to splash the insides of my thighs, then onto my balls and the end of my cock as it dangles between legs.

The height of it all is when I am splashing my chest, legs and arms while taking in deep breaths of my p00ppers. If you have used p00ppers before you will understand this, at one point with your eyes closed, you may visualise a spot in the far distance, with me it’s a dark spot that has a glowing red or yellow ring around it. My head will be light, my pussy relaxed and I know if I wanted to I could put my right into it (never done it.. so not sure if I could lol). At that point I am at the pinnacle and I know that my p00ppers have done their job, now the next stage.

Slowly I will immerge into the ice cold water, it seeping into every crevasse of my body, between my toes, in between my testicles as they become shrivelled because of the ice cold water, and the bath continues to fill. My pussy, the cheeks of my bum, the lower of my back, at this point I will begin to shiver, but the water is cleaning my body.. so its good. I can also sense each inch of my skin as it turns from warm to cold.

Eventually I will emerge completely, but by this time my p00ppers are having less effect, so with my big toe I kick on the hot water tap, and things begin to warm and my body temperature starts to turn to normal.

Please don’t try this at home, it should only be done with supervision (so let me know when you want to try it and I’ll pop around lol), but seriously it does make your heart run a lot faster than it should, especially with p00ppers and the cold ice effect of the water.. so be very very careful.

Why do I do this? I can only imagine because it kicks in the feelings that I can only get when I’m having sex … good sex.. which brings me to my most recent adventure !!

As I said I had posted a message “Looking to get smashed on p00ppers, who’s buying?” I did have a few offers, I get a lot from wankers, or guys that want cybersex… I TOLD YOU I DON’T DO CYBER STUFF… PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE !!

But one message came through, “I have a fresh unopened bottle of p00ppers Naomi… interested?”. In most cases the message I get will be of sorts, come around and I will fuck you for a bottle, or suck me of and drink my cum for a bottle or words to the effect. But who was this guy?

In the next message he gave me his address, he seemed very polite and not over the top (I was wrong there lol he was top :) very top)

I began to get excited at the thought of a meeting that had not been properly planned, and as with all these things when you start to plan stuff they don’t always come together. I mean I had a couple of jobs to finish off, so I would not be able to get there until the afternoon, then maybe this guy just wants a quickie so he would want to meet now and not that afternoon. But I gave it a shot and messaged him back, I can be free at 3 oclock? He came back with “ no problem”

Next I had to check his profile out, I normally do this beforehand but as with “Spock” I could die soon.

I was safe by the looks of things as he had a lot of “genuine meets” and comments left. I did my jobs and email him, again something I normally do before hand is get a mobile number. He texted me back, he was genuine. He also gave me a link to a movie he had recorded with another TV, so I watch it, and thought that the cam was playing tricks, his cock look pretty thick? After this short movie finished I click on “more movies from this user” and watched another.. it must be a camera trick .. or is he really that hung? Time was moving on so I had no time to watch any more.

He lived in a flat less than 5 minutes away. Because of my last meeting, which turned out the shortest one ever don’t think I will document that one it was so short lol).. I was taking no chances as my life was at stake, I decided I would put my holdups, panties and black dress on before my meet. Then put my jeans on and a top and jacket over them.

I put my makeup, shoes, lube and just in case my emergency rubber Johnnie in my sports bag and made my way there.

He had told me that his car would be parked outside his front door, and even told me the colour of the car and door so there would be no mistakes. When I arrived the door to his flat, it was already opened and greeted me, then led me up a series of steps to which must have been his one bedroom flat.

First impressions I must admit was a little disappointing, he was a little taller than me, and a lot lot slimmer, so the “hung bit” might have been a cam trick… I thought never mind we are here to enjoy ourselves.

His flat was really warm, something that a lot of guys don’t realise, most of us girls have a body shave before a meet, so come on guys get the heaters on lol.

He asked where I want to get changed, if I needed any wipes, water or even a drink. Again, it was refreshing, instead of the old “Get them off”. I asked for a black coffee and he disappeared into the kitchen, still talking how difficult it was meeting with trannies, and about those he had meet.

While I continued to put my makeup on, he started to show me his collection of cam clips. Some of the girls that this guy has had where gorgeous and I felt a little intimidated.

Soon I was ready and he pulled out his “pray mat”, while asking me about anything I had limits too, I said I would tell him if he crossed the line, just be sensible, safe and have fun.

I asked for my p00ppers, he was not going to get away with that I thought!. He reached out and sure enough gave me a bottle. Not the best brand, but what the hell, I’m no Marylyn Monroe.

I knelt down on the mat and he pulled off his shirt then down came his pants, I had my head down at the time as I was too busy opening my bottle of delight, as I took my first sniff I saw his tool… fuck’n ell, it wasn’t a camera trick, this guy was hung !!

He came over to me and I opened my mouth just enough to take in the first 7/16 of an inch (lol) so I sucked it very slowly on his pee hole and then pushed my tongue into it.

It amazes me on the number of different types of cock shapes and sizes there are. His was very very thick, and his tool went even further into my mouth before I could see anymore, my hand under his balls. All the time he was talking, first on what he wanted from me and what his intentions where.

He said he was very vocal during sex.. which later I found out he was !!

He referred to himself as daddy, so I played along and said I was his naughty girl and want him to make me a good girl.

I started to suck his balls, and he said that his tool enjoyed it and I could feel now his it was becoming wake and hard. I ran my mouth up and down his cock and he said I knew how to play the mouth organ :).. I took a few more sniffs, he lifted my head and asked if I enjoyed kissing, I just looked at him and never said anything, he quickly shot his tongue into my mouth.

We continued in this position for a while saying that I was a greedy girl, and I should gag on his cock… which with pleasure I did. He then asked if he could put a butt plug into my pussy while we played as it would ease penetration. I agreed, he told me to kneel on the sofa with my back to him. I heard him rustling about and searching, I just stayed in that position sniffing my p00ppers.

He disappeared into the bathroom while telling me he was washing it, when he returned he continued to say he was going to apply some lube to it, he then pulled my knickers down without exposing my clitty, and then started to push it into my pussy.

It will be nice and cool he said, a little at a time he repeated, I started to moan as it entered me. I have a few dildo of my own but it’s so different when someone else is inserting it.

It final made it home and it locked into position. He raise my knickers over the plug and I returned to the pray mat to suck once again on his huge dick.

All the time I was sniffing, at certain points I could not even understand or even care what was going on, other than Spock will live.

He’s attitude was now changing, become a little more aggressive without become brutal. He was nipping my nipples very very hard and they became erect. He told me what he wanted to hear, I had to say I want your cock daddy in me, as I said it he pointed to the sofa, I stood up and knelt with my back to him once again, he pulled down my knickers and carefully took out the plug.

Then he stoop down to rim me, but said, do you mind if I shave you? Lol that area of my body is so difficult to shave so I agreed.

He came back with soap and water and shaved my pussy, after drying it he slapped my ass a few times. Then pushed his tongue in, I love being rimmed and I could tell he was experienced.

He then told me he was going to do next, fuck me. But he was going to just put it in a bit at a time at first and feed me with it until I had all of it. He put on a condom and return to me.

The first inch or two went in, I took a sniff, he rode for a couple of minutes then pushed his cock in a little more, another sniff. Even further all the time, he said Im going to eventually ride you very hard, a little more, more p00ppers I though…. Then it was home. His full cock was in me

His trusts where getting deeper, his movement even faster, I could hear him breathing deeper and deeper, from time to time I called out make me a good girl daddy please make me good, more p00ppers, now I could see my dark spot and around it the red glow.

My hand was between my legs cupping and squeezing his balls, trying to see if they would also go in my pussy. I heard him say something about the p00ppers, and he snatched them out of my hand, he open the bottle and took a several deep sniffs. That’s was when he became rough without being cruel, his rhythm because shorter and thrusts where held in longer, grunting each time he hit home.

He handed the p00ppers back to me and at one point I had opened the bottle and he rammed me so hard the liquid flew out of the bottle….

Then it was all over..

I looked around to find him pulling off his condom with his cream in it, he asked if I had cum. At the time I said I hadn’t, but I did find when I got home my knickers was full of precum.

The questions at the end that has to be answered is, will I see him again… fooking right I will. Thanks for a great time babe and hope we can repeat it again in not too far distance future, I know you said something about looking for work and you will be restricted for time?.. just bring on the p00ppers and I’ll be there to suck on the wonderful gorgeous cock of yours yummy… ***** rating

Oh and what happened to the bottle off p00ppers… I had a cold bath with the rest of them :)


get your rain mac on

After my meet on Saturday with a couple (husband and wife) made me randy as ever.. It was a lovely (I think.. almost) 3 hours of almost none stop sex .. we only stopped for a fag (not me) and a coffee.. brilliant time problem is, it has moved the bar up somewhat !! and what she can do with coconut cream and her feet .. wow but I don’t want to dwell on that and spoil it so enough said

The following day being Sunday I tried to get my mind off sex so I cut the grass.. did some pointing on an extension on the house which I have been promising to do for a long time. Cooked a curry for the family, washed the pots and just tried to get back to my normal boring existence (lol.. its not that bad), The only thing that would take my mind off sex was a few glasses of wine.. and finally bedtime.

This morning I woke with the biggest hard on as ever, not just the normal morning stiffy, so I thought about the gym… working it off, but that was not going do it, self-milking.. not going to happen I need much much more than that.

There’s a girl on here.. lets call her Lucy, she also cross dresses and I have meet her just the once many months ago. She contacted me just when I was in the process of getting my girly stuff back together, for those readers that don’t know, Naomi was banished to the closet as I made my move from York to Hull about 8 months ago. All of her gear was binned (crazy girl).

Lucy contacted me and said that she wanted to have a car meet as she had seen some of my old pictures, I told her I did not have any of Naomi things left and if she wanted to meet then it would have to be in male mode, so she agreed.

Later that day I picked her up at the top of her street where she lived, she was also in male mode. She directed me to a place in Cottingham, it was a long country type of lane. At the bottom was one single house and just before that a parking spot.

I backed into the parking space that was opposite a field, to my right I could see the top bedroom window of the house. I turned off the engine and quickly pulled down my pants then my underpants.

Now bear this mind it was just after 10 in the morning, without hesitation she took my cock into her mouth and started frantically sucking it. All I could think of is how fast I could pull my pants up if someone came along !! I just could not get a hard on :( after a few minutes I pulled up my pants and thanked her, I then drove and drop her off where I had picked her up.

Since then she has emailed me a few times asking if we could meet again, for one reason or another like work getting in the way, or her partner being at home we never managed to meet.. that is until this morning.

As luck has had it she emailed me asking for a meet… I knew this was my chance for a release so I agreed. When I arrived she asked me to knock on the window before she would open the front door, she had on a leather jacket, a black dress, black tights and black boots brown wig and makeup.. She led me in and she asked me to follow her up the stairs. We went into a room which I guess was the spare bedroom. There was a double bed, a tv and a couple of bedroom side cabinets and a mirror which was about three quarters length.

She sat at the foot of the bed as I made my way to the mirror, taking of my jacket and my shirt, I asked how she was, she said she was fine. I noticed that her eyes had widened and seemed to have almost a glazed look as she watched me. Then she said can she play with me while I dressed, naturally I agreed. She scurried over to me and drop to her knees. I was about to undo my belt but she got there before me and quickly pulled down my pants and underpants.

I stepped out of them and she grabbed my balls and pushed her mouth around my cock. I felt a warm sensation on the end of my cock and she started to suck. I carried on putting on my makeup and I could feel my erection stating to develop, seeing her reflection in the mirror on her knees sucking on my dick, me naked but for my socks and just the hint of makeup.

My hips started to move involuntary, in deeper and deeper down her throat, at one point I closed my eyes and held the back of her head until she almost gagged on the end of my cock. I then pretended to ignore her and I sat down on the bed, she then suddenly stopped and released my cock, I said I never told you to stop did I, her hand found my cock again and started to wank me

I reached out to my sports bag that had Naomi’s clothes in and found a hold up, totally ignoring her I started to put it on. As I stretch out my leg and placed it on her chest pushing her away, I left it there as I straightened out my seam in my hold up. She looked down at my feet and started to kiss and suck my toes, her hands was running up and down my leg. This was feeling just what I needed.

I then reached out for the other hold up and repeated the action resting my foot on her chest, and again she started to suck and kiss my toes. To be honest I would have gladly left it at that and let her carry on doing her thing, but she asked if she could see Naomi, who am I to say no.

I quickly finished my makeup… not the best I thought but under the circumstance it will be fine. Put on my mini black skirt and wig, no time I thought for my panties, besides she was sucking on my cock again.

My skirt was just hitched above my cock as she greedily swallowed it, I then sat down and laid back. Then I remember I had some p00ppers in my bag.

Now before all you goody guys and girl out there crucify me for doing p00ppers, it’s the only thing I do.. besides drinking… and lots and lots of sex. Anyway I find that it sometimes enhances sex, I mean too much and I lose my erection but I thought I would chance it.

This girl was doing great then she stopped and asked if I would put some pegs on her nipples.. ah I though a pain slut :). She pulled out a selection of pegs and I started to put it onto her nipple. She then took out two more and managed to place them on the same nipple, this girl has done this before !!

I told her to remove her panties, she looked at me and said that her cock was only tiny and very rare would she be able to get a hard on, I told her I wanted to see. She removed her panties and sure enough it was only small and very limp. I knew what she wanted, humiliation and some pain so I laugh and slapped her cock a few times saying her cock was hopeless. I pushed her head down as I stood up so her bum was exposed, I spanked her a few times, not hard to being with but as I continued the slapping became harder and harder. My hand was beginning to hurt !! Her bum was now red and looked sore.

I pushed my cock down her throat again and took several deep breaths of my p00ppers, my head began to spin, I felt my skin tingling, my breathing became deeper, and I pushed forward my hips again so my cock was engulfed in her mouth. Her hand was under my balls squeezing them, she was once again sucking as though she was going to eat me.

Every now and again she would pull back my foreskin and push her tongue in to my pee hole. I rolled over so I was now laid on my belly, her head found my pussy and she flicked her tongue in and out of it. I love being rimmed and she was doing a wonderful job.

This went on for over an hour, she rimming me, wanking and sucking me, and all I had to do was just lay there sniffing my p00ppers.

Then I told her to strip and to sit with her legs open so I could see her balls. I took off my shoes then kicked her very gently between her legs, she did not move, so this time I kicked her a bit harder. She moaned so I did it again and again. I removed my hold up so my leg was bear and started to kick her even harder, to a point I was kicking her as hard as I could, then I noticed some precum on her cock.

After I had finished kicking her balls, she mentioned about ws or water sports, now for those that don’t know and been hiding under a tree for most of their lives water sports is peeing lol. And yes I have done it before, I will give but don’t receive as I think its discussing haha. It was well over a year ago and a girl (cd) asked if I would do it to them. So basically I drank as much water before we had our third meeting, when I arrived at her digs I was busting so I quickly got dressed less my panties, and she laid in the bath with her head just under my cock as I straggled the bath.

At first I had to strain to start to pee then it all gushed out, straight into her mouth just as she took a breath, she gasped and sat up but I continued to pee on her as I could not stop lol… anyway she said she enjoyed it. So that was my first experience with ws and to be asked to do it again, well I think I would forward to it :)

Lucy also asked if I could cane her, it just so happens I do have a cane so I agreed to that. We, or should I say she… continued to suck wank and rim me. As I said I was there for over an hour and although I did not come really enjoyed myself. So if you’re reading this doll, get your rain mac on and I will bring my cane… bye for now cupcake



I had an invite from a work colleague to a fancy dress party this week, the theme was bunny parade, I have to admit I have been down lately because my work is so hit and miss these days I never know what I will be earning from one week to the next, plus I got caught speeding at 35 in 30 mph zone, groan so that cost me an extra hundred quid plus three points, it was the third time I have been caught in three years.

Anyhow, I was determined to have a good time but I knew that most of the people that were going would probably be very straight face about it. I work in the IT industry and the majority of the people I work with are nerds or very intellectual… if you can call them that. So I wondered if I had the balls to turn up as Naomi the bunny girl?

On Monday morning as I opened my eyes it was the first thing on my mind, could I pull it off as Naomi? None of my friends or family knows about her, I have been out as her, meeting other people but never met someone who knew me personally and also as her.

I remember once I was meeting my date in a car park in central York where there was shopping centres such as B&Q, Matalan and couple of other places. I was total oblivious to it in the beginning, but after a few minutes I noticed I was getting some strange looks from passer-by’s, some was confused, others were disgusted and I think some was just intrigued. Naomi is full of confidence and those that looked her, she would just smile back and raise her head. When her date arrived she causally got out of her car and very slowly and deliberately wandered over to her dates car… what a girl lol

If Naomi was going to turn up it had to right, she knew some would try and ridicule her but she has a very strong personality and would be prepared for almost anything.

I went online to find something Naomi could wear, something that would be sexy would not be too slutty, and also to fit within her budget, ideally a bunny costume but then I had a rethink it could be too risky. Within a couple of minutes I had found it, a little black number, I ordered it for next day delivery.

That night I thought I had better practice my makeup. Now for those that don’t wear it, it can mean disaster if you don’t get it just right, too much you look like a clown, too little you look like death warmed up. So on with the foundation, eyeliner, blusher and finally my lipstick, if I could repeat it again on the night I was certain Naomi would be looking hot.

Then yesterday came, all day I had butterflies in my stomach, I fell ill then excited, was I going as Naomi or not. I then started to develop a headache, I tried delving into some work to take my mind off it, but it was always there. Then there was a knock at the front door, I opened it and the postman handed me my black number. I wondered what he would think if he knew what was in the parcel and that in a few hours I would be wearing it.

The party started at 8 pm and it was now 5 pm.. if Naomi was going to appear then she had to start to get ready now, the decision was made !!

Body shaving is always a pain, I start by using a nohair, you apply it then after 10 minutes it removes your hair… I wish. In most cases you have to use a razor, not only to remove the stuff but any hairs that are left behind, and you should be careful not to get any on your nipples, the first time I did it burnt off a lay of skin leaving my nipples sore for days. Also it should not be applied to your bum or other sensitive areas. So this is where you have to be careful with how you handle your razor, one slip and could lead to some painful memory.

Once I had removed the last of my body hairs I sunk into a very hot bath and just laid there. There is something about getting naked and seeing your body hairless, to me it is a sign of being sexy and being without any inhibitions. I then started to rub my clitty which soon became hard.

I closed my eyes and widened my legs, I envisaged my lover laid to the right of me, he was naked, muscular, I had rested my head on his arm that was around me, I was stroking his tattooed chest and pinching his nipples, my other hand was around his 8 inch cut cock slowly caressing it.

His tongue was flicking in and out of my mouth, his hand was rubbing my clitty rather than wanking it. His hand would go all the way down to my balls then below, touching my pussy then back up over my clitty, I could feel a warm sensation as he continued to do this. My breathing became heavier, my mouth became dryer, I could feel a surge inside me, my legs widened I wanted him so much inside my pussy. I find it these days its not always about the catch but the chase so to speak, so I stopped and would invite my lover back some other time.

I got out of the bath and started to apply a generous amount of cream to my body, starting at my toes, my legs, thighs, my clitty which was still a little hard, pussy, arms and finally to my bare hairless chest. I put a towel around my waist and sat down at my mirror.

First I put on my foundation as I practiced before, eye liner, blusher and lipstick. Then I slipped on a pair of high leg black panties and my black holdups. I had earlier had a quick look at my new dress, but now was the time to wear it… yummy

I placed it over my head and started to pull it down, it was certainly tight, maybe too tight I thought? I stretched it over my body and pulled it down each side. I moved over to a full length mirror and saw that my nipples where standing out almost protruding through the dress. I do think for a guy I do have rather large nipples and maybe its why I like them being played with?

I stood there for a few minutes adjusting each side of my dress, it was just mid-way on my thighs not leaving too much to the imagination, I thought more posh than slutty, I then put on my wig and my 4 inch heels, and once again Naomi appeared. I can never explain the feeling that I get when this happens, the only way I can describe it is like when Clarke Kent changes into Superman?

I looked the clock and it had gone 8 oclock, time Naomi made an appearance I thought, since it was a bunny parade I had bought some long bunny type of ears to wear when I arrived, just so to keep within the theme. I made my way to the car and drove to my destination.

When I got there I quickly put on my bunny ears and made my way to the front door which was already open. I looked inside and saw some familiar faces, some had come dressed, Easter eggs, rabbit outfits, others had tee shirts on that made reference to Easter or bunny rabbits. I don’t know if it was my imagination but the room seemed to go silent as I went in, and all eyes seem to look my way.

The host walk towards me squinting his eyes and was looking confused on who I was at first then he said my name and gave a laugh, brilliant he said as I walked by him, I told him, it is nice to meet you sir, my name in Naomi, I could hear him laugh as I made my way to get a drink.

The rest of the night was more or less went as I expected, I only knew a couple of people and I stayed with soft drinks as I wanted to be on my guard. I had some really good compliments on how I looked and several that if they didn’t know me they would have “given me one” lol.

Towards the end of the night I had to visit the bathroom, the one downstairs was occupied and my host said there was one in each of the bedrooms. So off upstairs I went, I entered the first bedroom, pulled up my skirt and sat down for a pee. I then washed my hands and reapplied some of my makeup.

When I came out one of the guest was just standing there looking at me. I have only met this guy a couple of times before, I think he’s 19 or 20, very boyish looks, just over 6 foot, blond hair. He stood there swaying from side to side, it was obvious he had a little too much to drink. I smiled at him and as I approached him to make my way out he moved into my path blocking me. He slurred out, that I had been watching him all night and that he knew I was begging for it.

He grabbed both of my arms and pushed his tongue into my mouth, I pulled back saying don’t be ridiculous, he carried on trying to kiss me. At one point I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a mirror just behind him, lipstick was now all over my face. I asked him did he know who I was and his reply was, yes the sexist chick I have ever seen.

He now had me against the bedroom wall kissing my neck rubbing my breasts, at one time he tried to grab my clitty and I quickly stopped him. I told him he did not know what he was doing, and again told him to stop it. He pushed my arm down towards his cock then closed his around my hand, you feel that, its for you Naomi.

His cock felt hard and big, and what made it worst was I was still reeling from my bath, so I squeezed his cock which made him moan, he was fanatically kissing me, his tongue licking my neck, his hands squeezing rubbing my breasts , each time he tried to grab my clitty I pushed his hands away, then I caught him off balanced and pushed him onto the bed, he had no belt on so it was one quick button and I pulled his pants down along with his underpants, his cock sprung up right.

I could tell that this was not going to be a long session, he looked down toward me and I kept looking into his eyes as slaver poured from my mouth onto his cock, he closed his eyes and once more moaned. His hips where moving up and down as his cock entered my mouth., I pushed my hand between his body and his shirt and started to nip and twist his nipples.

Now for those that have never tasted cock before, it is a required taste, as with anything that is addictive. But once you have had it you cant wait to get some more. His cock was throbbing so I went all the way down so it hit the back of my throat and held it there. In my mind I started to count, 1, 2, 3, 4 all the way up to 10 then pulled back, I gasped for air and slaver poured from my mouth, I took a deep breath and did it again but this held it there for the count of 15.

This time my eyes was watering his cock was full of my slaver, he yelled fuck and I felt both his hand reach the back of my head pull it down hard on to his cock, his hips moved upwards pushing his cock even further down my throat. I caught a taste of precum in my mouth, this guys is cumming

I pushed him away and grabbed his cock, he riddled with convulsions and within moments his cum sprung upwards into the air, as I aimed it away from me, his eyes where tightly closed, he continued to moan, much louder so I moved over and pressed my lips against his. Once again we were swapping body fluids within our mouths.

I felt his body become relaxed, so I release his cock and stood up, once again I could see myself in the mirror. My lipstick had almost along, my foundation had just about disappeared, my eye liner had run with my tears, my hair was all over the place, my skirt had ridden upwards exposing my panties and the tops of my black holdups, my bunny ears where gone.

I looked down and noticed he had gone to sleep, I thought just as well no one needs to see Naomi like this lol. I sneaked out of the bedroom and made my way to another. I reapplied my makeup brushed hair and straightened my skirt and put on my bunny ears. I made my way down stairs and blended in with the rest of the party.

I just wondered if he really knew who or what I was, in fact I wonder if he will ever remember it? I also made a promise to myself, maybe Naomi should remain in the closet and should never mix friends and family again.

At midnight I made my way home, and that night I closed my eyes and was once again in the arms of my lover.

Why no more stories?

It seems I have a following lol… and some of my admirers have asked what’s happened… Naomi gone str8?

Well here’s the deal a few weeks back I got a txt from a guy called Alan (name changed because of client confidentiality lol ) who is 82. Now I operate an age discrimination policy which states ages from 18 to 99 only. He wanted to meet so we spoke on the fone and wanted a bit of company for an hour. Well I will not pass on an opportunity to dress as Naomi so I agreed straight away.

When I arrived he was standing outside with on hand in his pocket and the other around his back, a grey old gentleman, typical 82 year old, a little over weight.. but most of us are?

It was raining a bit and I jumped out of my car and ran to him carrying my sports holder, straight away he knew who I was said “Hello Naomi nice to meet you”, which was a bit strange as I wasn’t even dressed lol, then from around his back he pulled out a bunch of flowers and handed them to me with a grin. I wasn’t sure what to say but thanked him, then he opened the door and we went in.

It was a large building and we walked along a corridor with rooms leading off to the left and to the right. Now I think I must have had a blond moment and thought this guy must be rich with this size of this house !! But then I noticed door numbers, and the smell of bleach, what was this place? Then we reach door number 89 (number changed because of client confidentiality ).

He open it and ushered me in saying welcome to my humble abode.

The room was last decorated possibly in the 70’s and really lacked colour other than brown. He then asked if I wanted to get changed showing me the way to the bathroom. This routine I can do in my sleep now so I started by taking my jacket and jumper off.

I applied my foundation, bought some new stuff which I think might be a little too light for my completion so I put it on sparingly.

New was my eye shadow, if you look at my most resent pictures I have started to use a black eye shadow… which I think makes my eyes look much bigger and deeper

After applying my red lipstick I put on my blusher, followed by my black panties, holdups, black heels and black shawl. The transformation was complete as I put on my wig and started to brush it out.

I can never explain how that moment feels, but as I make the final brush stokes my hips become almost jelly like, my shoulders are press backwards, my stomach shrinks, my chest expands, my head lifted… she was now there… Naomi ..

The strange thing is the surge of confidence that fills me.. or Naomi? Talk about a split personality lol.. she can be one sexy chick. Finally I put on my perfume

I opened the bathroom door to find Alan jumping up from his seat, his smile reach from ear to ear looking me up and down, I leant one hand against the side of the door, the other on my hips and my legs slightly crossed, my shawl was open so he could see my smooth chest, I always like to have a body shave before a meet.

He seemed just to stare from my head to my toes like a frozen statue, his mouth slightly open, and he seemed to stop blinking. I walked over to him and placed my hand on his shoulder, he closed his mouth and whispered … you look amazing Naomi, I though this guy needs to get out more often lol.

Now in most cases guys start by to grabbing my tits or start sucking them, rubbing my clitty, pushing my panties down or similar things, but this guy just froze. We stood there for a minute or two then I gently pushed him down into his chair. It was one of them granny style ones, high back with high arms on, typically found in old people homes and that’s when it dawned on me, this as a residential home lol

He never spoke so I started the conversation asking how long he had been in the home. He then went on to explain, in what only can be described as a robot mode as he gazed at my black hold ups, and my bosom, his eye were exploring every bit of my body.

He told me that his wife had died years ago and the only satisfaction he could get was to hire t-girls, hang on did he just say hire? He reach out and touch my leg and ran his hand up and down my thigh, his face started to turn a reddish colour as though he was blushing, his breathing became heavier. His other hand started to rub his cock through his pants, his face as literally an inch away from my bosom as he took deep inhale of breath and held it for a few seconds. He as taking in my sexiness I told myself lol.

I reach out and started to undo his top button of his pants, and gently pushed my hand down through his underpants and on to his, slightly hard uncut cock, which was warm. He pulled me down onto his lap and started to kiss my neck, his hands was rubbing and squeezing my left tit, the way he was acting was he had been depraved of sex for a long time.

From my bosom he pushed his hand further up my panties onto my clitty and started to massage it. I started to become hard but then his lips was just inches away from my ear and he said “Naomi can I please cum on your stockings”. Now two things here, one I don’t wear stockings but I thought it was not the appropriate time to tell him that, and secondly the ones I do buy are about 10 quid, but before I could say anything he whispered “I will pay for them”, so what the hell.

We both stood up and I raised my leg and rested my foot on his chair, he continued to wank while his pants fell to the floor, my left hand was rubbing his balls while he was now frantically wanking over the top of my thigh, his breathing had become much more deeper and faster, his eyes transfixed on my black holdups.

He then looked up at me and I pushed my tongue out and ran it across my red lips, he chanted fuck fuck yes yes as he came on my leg, his cum sprang out onto my black holdups but he kept on wanking and some missed my leg and started to travel onto my shoe, which I quickly moved to one side. I have had cum on this type of shoe before and I’m not sure why but it’s a pain to get out and it sometimes leaves a stain.

After few minutes his breathing returned to normal, his shoulders dropped and he looked at me, ”thanks Naomi that was wonderful”

As he started to pull up his pants he told me that each month he would invite Tanya (name changed because blar blar blar) another TV and he would sit and chat to her, as he continued he reached out for some baby wipes and gave me the packet before taking a few out for himself.

He told me they would sit and chat but she never touch him nor would he pull out his cock in front of her, he then pulled up his pants and reached out for his wallet, he continued, but as soon as he saw me dressed as Naomi he knew he want much more than he had with Tanya, it was something he had not experienced for a long time, he then pulled out a fiver and handed it to me. Hang on I thought these holdups was a tenner !! He then fumbled for another compartment in his wallet and handed to me a twenty pound note, but something was wrapped in it.

After I had wiped his cum from my holdups I opened the twenty pound note to find another twenty and a fiver, he had given me forty five quid!!

I looked at him confused and he asked if that was enough, I don’t know why but I just thought “my holdups cost a tenner”, but then he had given me fifty quid, so I thought I would not mention it.

I now meet Alan once every two weeks for our special time together, sometimes its flowers other times it chocolate, and he pays me for my time. I sometimes think what the others in the home would think if they knew what happens behind Alan’s door once it closed? Maybe I should prescribe it for other OAP’s? lol

That was a number of weeks ago now and since then I have been advertising my skills and being paid, not on here but elsewhere and had a number of interesting meetings which I hope to update on here soon.


Adventure just after this brief intro :)

I included this in one of my meets that has now been removed. The strange thing is I think I must have hit a nerve, as I have many requests to meet or to make new friends since I included it, which is nice… so here goes…

I have been a tranny for some years now but when I came to Hull some time back I got rid of all my tranny gear (grrrrrrrr I’m an idiot ). This included my dominatrix outfit, leather and PVC stuff, I thought Naomi had gone for good, but the little minx is back and so I am starting to collect my tranny gear once again, very very slowly.

So why is Naomi so popular? (lol) I think its because people can relax with her

Some people just get turned on (and rightly so lol ) by just meeting and chatting to Naomi without the pressure of having sex with her, which is fine as I enjoy being Naomi.

Another reason is some people are bi-curious and don’t want to chance it with a big hairy bloke !!, they may also want to give but not sure about receiving, and those that don’t feel as they are gay just because they have had sex with a tranny, or they don’t feel as though it is cheating on their partner.

So here are my adventures, by the way if I do meet you and it’s not included here dont fret, I only document them when I have time and they are fresh in my mind. I can’t think of one disappointing meet as yet manly because I try and not expect too much ( although it can sometimes be hard with some of you sexy people out there )


I’m always banging on about my conquests… so how about my failures ?

Had a meet today, not absolutely sure what went on but into it after just a few minutes I was asked to leave, so without a word I got dressed and did.

Now I’m not going to go into all the in’s and outs of this meet because its been in the planning for a long time, its on… its off and so on.

Finally we met, his body was gorgeous well-toned a lot different some of the pot belly guys (lol look whos talking) that I am used to. 6 foot and more, trimmed body hair and a couple of tattoos (and we all know how I love guys with a tattoos )

His cock…. Well us girls know a thing or two about yummy cocks and this guy had one.

So why was I asked to leave, he did say he was nervous ? … but maybe I just failed to impress, oh well it just proves that Naomi is not everyone’s cup of tea. I am certain that he will read this so I will say … there’s gonna be one lucky bugger (guy or girl) out there that’s gonna get to enjoy you grrrrr… take care pet xxx time to move on to my pot belly friends lol (I’m only joking.. your all lovely)


Sunday lunch on a Thursday?

I had met both these guys once before in Hull when I lived in York many moons ago, must be 4 years? Lost contact with them and as you know I came to Hull about 8 months ago when Naomi was shoved into the closet until recently.

About a month ago when I started to dress again Mr. X sent me a message asking to meet again, the problem was he worked days as all my readers know I very rarely meet in the evenings. So it looked as though we would never meet, however Mr. Z contacted me and said you would try change his mind so we could have a threesome.

Sure enough Mr. X had a day off and asked if we could meet with Mr. Z. The time suitably chosen was 2:30 – 3:00 pm to day.

The distance between Mr. X and where I currently live is only about 5 miles, but its all on a main busy road. I hate being late at the best of times, besides I am sure he remembers when we last meet I tore off the front of my car bumper on his front gate as I left lol…. Anywho that’s another story.

So to make sure I was not going to be late I thought I had better make it on my trusted motorbike, so I put on my backpack with all Naomi’s stuff and made my way there, 4 minutes past 3.

I knocked on the door and Mr. X invited me and we both asked how each other was, and how we were both doing. He then showed me where the stairs where and which bedroom I should go in to change.

As I was getting ready I heard him shout if I wanted a coffee, so I said yes and carried on dressing. I’m now getting to the point where I need desperately to venture out like I used to as Naomi. Ok I get one or two funny looks when I do as I have never really been convincing. But once again when I am Naomi she doesn’t give to shakes to what other people think, besides comparing her to some women ….

So the other day I saw a black pencil skirt, and black see through blouse. Something I must have, along with a new wig which I have just sent for. It’s a lot shorter than my existing one but I will also be able to wear clip on earrings.

I have a long black coat, a pair of designer glasses so once I have these things I will be all set…. So you guys and girls be warned !!

Mr. X came into the room where I was dressing, he had mounted a mirror on a self, the lighting wasn’t brilliant, but what the hell they not gonna be looking at my face while they have their way with me lol. He had brought me my coffee, I asked if Mr. Z had arrived but he had been delayed.

We exchanged some small talk again then he left the room while I finished getting ready.

There is a story I have missed where I had met a sister, now sisters together can go on for an hour or more, and I think they tend to try and satisfy each other, as oppose to some admirers, some, not all will go for that climax as fast as they can. The reason I bring this up is this girl’s makeup is really really good, and as I stood looking into the mirror I thought I have to somehow get her to give me some pointers. I know the look I am after but it seems right now very difficult to achieve.

I heard the front door open and words exchanged between Mr. X and Mr. Z which where muffled. Mr. X then appeared in the room shortly followed by Mr. Z, once again there was some small talk between us, and Mr. Z moved to the left of me, once again I was wearing my black shawl and he started to rub my bear left breast and pinch my nipple. Mr. X had positioned himself on my right sucking my other nipple. I had put my arms around them both.

I slid my left hand down into Mr. Z pants and I could feel his cock harden, but Mr. X still had his belt on and I was struggling to loosen it.

I sat down on the bed and took Mr. Z’s cock into my mouth and I felt his hips move towards my face, meanwhile Mr.X started to remove his pants.

I turned and took Mr. X’s cock into my mouth and Mr. Z took his clothes off so now he was naked. He jumped onto the bed with his cock in the air, and I stated to suck it while Mr. X got undressed.

Suddenly I felt a strange sensation, I am not sure what Mr. X was doing to me but it was very pleasant, it seems as though he was milking me from behind and playing with my pussy, at this stage Mr. Z got the better of the deal as I started to suck harder and deeper. Mr. Z then lifted my head and said, not yet as I will cum soon (typical lol… only joking pet if your reading this)

After a few minutes with my nipples being sucked, my pussy fingered and being milked, Mr. Z got up and went to the other side of the bed and pushed his cock out in front of him, was he telling me something lol. Ah spit roast time ?

While I sucked on his cock I heard him say “you’re a greedy girl Naomi”… yep you had that right dear ?

Meanwhile Mr. X was still working my pussy so I put my hand back to feel for his head, his mouth found the back of my neck and he started to gently kiss it.

Mr. Z was now wanking and I was massaging his balls, he then laid on the bed face up, his hand was getting quicker I could see he was about there, finally he came while I squeezed his balls to make all the cum had been ejected. His mobile had been sounding during this time so he got up and answered it. He moved out the room to take the call.

By this time Mr. X was kissing my body all over and in our “scrum” so to speak and I lost a shoe !! You could say we were giving each other some willy lol. Also he had removed my shawl and my knickers, so I was also naked other than my wig, holdups and one shoe.

Mr. Z came back into the room and said he had to go, he got dressed and left so Mr. X and I carried on.

At one point he would suck and wank my clitty, then I would suck and wank his cock. He had one of them slim 7 inch cut cocks, really really nice. I would deep throat him then he would do the same for me.

He then positioned me on the bed on all fours and he tried to enter me, I told him to lube me which he did and he tried again, a few pumps but I am so tight right now he slipped out.

I said I knew I should have brought some p00ppers, I then heard a cupboard door opened and he handed me a bottle.

I must admit I purposely did not bring any p00ppers because as you “popper users” know, too much burns your nose… so I have been trying not to use so much of it.

But I sniffed it a few times and once again he tried to mount me this time with a little more success.

We continued to have sex in all positions on his bed. At one point I was on my back, he had raised my legs and they were resting on his shoulders, he entered me again, this time all the way. I felt the pain through my body as it hit the back of my pussy, I kept on saying to myself relax and it will be fine. His thrust where much deeper and I could not take any more so I rolled him over on to his back and once again we had found ourselves in the 69 position. This guy was passionate, we had not been at it for nearly an hour.

There were times I had forgotten where I was as the adrenalin was pumping around my body which made me dizzy with excitement and I just want him inside me… no matter the pain. I then held him in my arms and pushed my tongue into his mouth and he did the same to me. My hand went down to his cock and I slowly started to wank it.

I then looked at my watch, it had gone 4 oclock, and it was time I was on my way home.

All in all nether of use came, but to me its not just about cumming its enjoying every part of each other’s body… which I did enjoy his. When I came home he had sent me a message and he had verified me.. so I did the same to him.

Tonight I will use my dilo and some lube in the hope I can give him what he was after, my pussy

Will I go back… try and stop me



Pheromones going wild !!

8.20 Invite threesome 4 today

8.33 Invite one to one today

8:52 open invitation one on one

9:56 Invite today

10:34 Invite for Friday

Well who’s a popular girl then?



Tattoos yummy

Now this is how a meet should be… no messing around.

I got a message from this guy only the other day. We chatted and exchanged a few pleasantries and before I knew it wham bang we had a meet on our hands

I did tell him that was almost 90% certain I could make it this morning (Sunday). I said I would txt him later that morning about 10 ish to confirm, I had one job to do and when that was out of the way I was free for the rest of the day.

So I txted him and he sent me his address. That what I like, no messing just a simple setup and everyone is happy. I told him it would be just after 11 am when I would arrive.

Got my stuff ready and made my way there, he only lives 11 minutes away. I was almost there when I looked at my watch, it was only 10:50 am, so I stop my car and parked up. I sat there thinking “What the hell am I doing? I meeting a total stranger, what if he smells, if he’s ugly, if he thinks I’m ugly”. I do get butterflies on my meets which enhances the excitement, builds up and adds to the climax, as I said I don’t think I have every had a bad meet. Another thought then pasted through my mind seconds later, “Naomi will take control as she always does, she is the driving force”

I turned on my ignition and headed down the road, he lived in a flat so I pressed the intercom button when I arrived, but heard nothing, then the door to the building open and there he was. Not the most hansoms guy I have every meet, but then I could see on his face a bit of a disappointment look, maybe he thought I would be dressed?

I followed him upstairs, I am certain it is council owned judging by the state of it, typical concrete building with bear walls which made it very cold.

I arrived at his flat and showed me where to get changed, which was another flight of stairs. Inside there was a bed, and ironing board, which he had put a mirror on it for me, and next to this a small electric heater. There were no other furniture fixtures or fitting, except a bed and a cupboard in the corner. Clearly this guy was not married.

He then left the room and I pulled off my sweater, I had earlier put a necklace on so I started with my makeup. I bought some new foundation, which was not cheap a couple of days ago, but I must admit I was not impressed with it.

I took my time and I then heard the door to the bedroom open and I am sure I saw a bit of a surprise on his face when he saw me, the type that a little boy gets when he realises he’s going to get some sweets ( or cream lol)

He sat down and asked if I was not too cold, to be honest it was fooking freezing although the little electric heat was on !! But continued to get dressed. I finally put my black wig on, brushed it then put my things away and made my way to him.

Immediately he started to suck my nipples, I was only wearing a shawl, his right hand was busy rubbing my left breast, I do enjoy it when my nipples and breasts are sucked and rubbed.

I push my hand down his pants and his cock was turning hard. I lifted his shirt and he whipped it off.

His torso was covered in tattoos and had a good body, I mean for an average guy, not Mr Universe but I think it was pretty good, much much better than some I have seen lol only joking (ooowww Naomi can be so bitchy sometimes).

He whispered “do you like to kiss?” I put one hand on the back of his head and pushed my tongue into his mouth. His hands was all over my body and started to massage my clitty through my panties.

I sat down on the bed and pulled at his pants, he then pushed them off and stepped out of them, he was totally naked.

His whole body had been tattooed in one way or another, dragon, faces and all sorts of designs, legs bum back arms and legs. I did take a look for a few seconds and thought how very erotic, he was a man’s man… so to speak.

Also his cut cock was about 7 inches, one of them that has a slight bend in them to his left, it looked clean and shaven.

I put my red lips over the head and very gently sucked on it, not too deep. Just the head. I then started to rub it and he was now hard. He pulled me up to stand and he thrust his tongue into my mouth as he pulled at my panties and exposed my clitty.

He started to wank it, pushing back my foreskin, which by the way I have plenty.. not one of my better features. By this time we were both wanking each other, he knew how to handle a girl like me.

He whispered, “do you like being sucked” I never said anything just pushed his head towards my now hard clitty and began to suck, god it felt soooo fooooking good.

I started to turn on a side and his fingers where inside my pussy, the other morning I had popped out and bought some lube. It cost me 10 quid, it the most I have ever paid for lube but it the only size they had in the shop, bloody expensive or what .

Anywho I put some on my fingers and pressed it into my pussy, but the size of his cock I thought I had make sure I had enough on !! He learnt forward and said “I don’t want to fuck you yet” so I turned and started to wank him again.

This went on for several minutes, first he would suck and wank me then I would do the same to him. We were both very hot !! He took out his mobile phone and took several shots of me suck him, then handed me his mobile so I took some of him sucking me.

Finally he spun me around and push me forward so my hands was on the bed, I could feel his cock pressing into my pussy, it gave way and I could feel the pain of it entering, his he started to build up speed, but over the months that I have not been active I am sure I have become much tighter !!

He then withdraw and I heard him open the cupboard door and he pulled out a black dildo and pushed into my pussy. He quickly moved it in then out.

Suddenly he threw it down and indicated to me to lay on my back with my legs in the air, he entered me again but with only a few thrusts, and his head went onto my clitty frantically sucking it again, he was doing with such expertise and it felt wonderful. He pulled at my shawl and I took it off then he pulled of my panties, I too was now naked all but my wig and my black heels.

I then sat up on the bed and we both started to wank each other, rubbing each other’s nipples, tongues in and out of mouths while we where kissing. I then remembered I had brought some p00ppers.

I got up and pulled out my bag a bottle of fresh p00ppers, I offered them to him but he said he did not use them. I returned to the bed and straddled his face, while I took his cock into my mouth after taking a sniff of my poopers. My head began to spin and I became high, I seem to uncontrollably be sucking at his swollen cock giving him deep throat, I could hear him graining and then he said “no.. its too late” he was cumming. He continued to cum as he wanked his cock, the cream was all over his belly, as I massage his balls. It was all over.

He laid there for a minute or so while I got undressed, I ask him if it was ok and he said yes. He told me he would send me the pictures and would call me again.

I am not sure if he will ever read this as he does not strike me to be the type, a bit rough and ready (not a bad thing at all, I find that attractive). But the only thing I am going to mark him down on is his bedroom, it was too cold love, but other than that he had a gorgeous cock, a wonderful tattooed body and the right attitude … will I see him again… you bet in the summer


Not all meets are a success


See I am not indicative


ALSO WILL MEET MAN, WOMEN, HUSBAND AND WIFE OR ANIMALS (When I am desperate lol... that's joke by the way :) )


Wet panties and I have to stop this !!

Met this guy one evening just before Christmas for a BJ and wank in male mode. This time I returned as almost Naomi… I say almost because I never had time to do my makeup. The fact is he lives at the other end of Hull, which by car would have taken 30 to 40 minutes in the morning rush hour, so I decided to go on my motorbike, with it I can wiz in and out of the traffic without any problems.

He emailed me the night before and his message was a bit vague, he said he might then might not be able to meet so I was uncertain this morning if anything would happen. Then he sent me a wink.

I have got into a habit now where all my Naomi gear is together, hold ups makeup etc, so I threw it all into my sports holdall then strap it to my back…. To the NaomiMobile (music plays)

It took about 18 minutes to get there and when I arrived he greeted me at his front door in his dress gown. I took my shoes off and followed him upstairs. He did mention that we only had 20 minutes or less, so I said I would not be able to get fully dressed as it takes that time to get ready !! Fine just put your hold ups on then he said, I mention that did he want me to be my heels on as well, yes please he said, so I went into the bathroom to put them on and my shawl.

When I went into his bedroom he had opened his dressing gown and his cock stood out, more thick than large. I gently stroked it and he started to caress my body. I kissed his neck and pinched his nipples, I then pushed off his dressing gown so he was now naked, he then led me to his bed.

He turned over so his bum was in the air and he was now on all fours on the bed, from behind I took hold of his cock and started to milk him, my other hand was rubbing his balls. He started to groan as my fingers started to explore his ass

After a short while he spun around, he was now facing me so my mouth found the head of his cock and I slowly and very gently started to suck on it. This guy a talker… which I like, he keep on saying things like “dirty Naomi”, “you like this don’t you”. Then he went behind me and slapped my bum. Now I have never had a good spanking but I think I could enjoy it !!

I gave him a deep throat on the end of his cock and at one point he held my head and I gasped for air. Slaver now covered his cock.

I then gave him a condom which he quickly put on then tried several times to enter my pussy, at one point he managed it but was short lived. Bloody lube will have to get some soon.

He then laid on the bed facing upwards and I started once again with my mouth, finally he took his prick and started to wank, after a short while he came on his belly.

I made my way to the bathroom had a quick wash, put everything on my sports holdall then slip out.

As I got onto my motorbike the heaven opened and I got wet on the way home, when I arrived I checked my messages… I had left my panties and he got rid of them.... groan… they cost me 3 quid !!

I do need to calm down, stop all these adventures and start working !!


Just returned from a meet.

The guy lived just over 42 minutes away, now normally I only do local but I think I must have committed myself last I spoke to him, so I thought what the hell in for a pound…

To be honest I thought he was a time waster, normally I can tell if people are, one of the things they don’t do is chat too much. I always have visions of these guys sat in their bedroom at the PC wanking away lol, asking silly questions like “what you wearing” or “Does this or that turn you on”.

The other thing is they can be evasive when you ask them their address, “I live in Hull, or Grimsby” no more than that. He did the same but then followed up with the number of his house, street name and his post-code… I was still not convinced. It has happened before 2 minutes to my destination and I get a text… “Wife just come in” or “I’ve changed my mind”.

So I thought that is what was going to happen… the thing was I had run out of lube and I asked myself should I go and get some… nar he’s gonna cancel.

At first he said 2 pm, then he changed his mind to 1 pm, next message I was expecting is he’s gonna cancel, but nothing came so I jumped into my car with my girly stuff and off I set.

Must have been 30 minutes into my travel when I got a text, shit he’s cancelled !! But no the text said “call at the back door” Could this guy be for real?

I parked up at a supermarket not too far from where he lived, nice area I thought as I walked the rest of the way to his house. Made a double check on the address just in case, then made my way around to the back door which was a patio door he had left open. Then the dog attacked me lol.. it was very small and very excited … must have sensed it from me?

He had the usual gear on to what I have become accustomed too when meeting guys, t-shirt and jogging bottoms. We greeted each other then he showed me where the bathroom was, which was a little cramped but it still is a lot more than some guys have showed me in the past lol.

I removed my jacket and top and started to get ready, always best to strip the top in case of spills

First the makeup, I bought some crappy foundation sometime back and I was determined to finish it. I put on some eye shadow, still having problems with this and thought while I was applying it “out of practice, must try harder.”

Next was the lipstick, I choose red and finally blusher.

I then put on my black panties, followed by my black holdups. Now for those that have not had the pleasure of dressing, this is the turn point. Your body then starts to become relaxed, every move you make seemed to be planed and you can feel the girl inside come to the surface, in my case naughty Naomi.

I then put on my black heels, was a bit of a juggling act put I managed it.

The final garment, a black shawl, and the final touch my black wig. After I brushed it, I took one last look in the mirror and Naomi was born again !!

I opened the door to find he had closed the living room curtains. I put my arms around him and started to caress his body. My hand then found his limp cock which was starting to turn hard.

I think I was as tall if not slightly taller than him with my 4 inch heels on, not a big guy by any means, in fact he was reasonable trim.

His fingers had found my pussy and was pushing them in and out. I started to lift up his t-shirt and then started to play with his nipples.

I then lead him to the sofa where he sat down, and I knelt before him. I pulled out his cock which was now hard. I would say it was 6 ½ or 7 inch, not thick but a nice mouthful I thought. It was pretty obvious he was a clean guy.

After several mouth full I pulled at his jogging pants, which he then removed. He was stripped naked. It was not long before he was ready to take me… my problem was…. No lube arrrggggg.

He stood up and I knelt before him, he move over to find a towel and threw it on the floor, where I knelt on it on all fours, my pussy was now beginning to twitch.

He mounted me but at first could not find my pussy so I moved my hand around to guide him in, his cock now felt like steel !!

At the first attempt it came out, the second attempt it did the same but then he push it in hard and it sank home. Bear in mind its been a while since I have had anal, and as every girl out there knows, if you don’t do anal for a while it can be painful, and yes it was.

For those of you that have never had anal the trick is to relax, and yes that type of pain somehow you enjoy, very difficult to describe.

Anywho, he started slowly and I could feel him building up his speed, his breathing was getting heaver and groaning louder, I was also calling out. Then he made his final pumping action… it was all over.

I returned to the bathroom, got washed and dressed and made my farewell to him.

Would I return… yea I think I would when I saved up enough petrol money…. and yea…. Some anal lube as well I think !!


The day before I used nohair to remove the bulk of my body hair then I had a wet shave to remove any small bits of hair on my body so I was totally smooth. An hour before my meet I had an enema to make sure my pussy was clean, just in case and made sure my clitty was clean. I put on perfume.

I had black shoes on that had a 4 inch heel, this makes my calf and bum cheeks look a lot more rounder when I stand or walk in them. They had a lace that tied into a bow. I had black holdups, which had an elasticated top. I prefer hold ups since they give full access to the important areas.

I had a black shawl that was longish at the sides and tapered to the back exposing my bum. My panties where black high leg type.

My wig was black almost shoulder length, and makeup, which I have got to get right as yet. I had foundation on, eye makeup and red lipstick.


NAOMI IS BACK:- started dressing again


My first car meet in months, I don't really do them as it seems a waste getting ready, but this guy wanted to give me a blow job so I turned up in my male mode to call his bluff... and he was genuine :) thanks doll will be repeating it real soon

now the rest of my profile

If you want to meet then you must be prepared to either have a face pic in your profile or send me one... otherwise sorry


Up until 3 months ago I was an active tranny but because of work I moved to hull and I had to get rid of my girly things so right now I don't dress completely but hopefully if I can find the right t-girl or guy I will again... Naomi will ride again lol

That's me by the way http://www.yuvutu.com/naomiinyork

Just a quick update, I am from an Indian origin, my mum and dad was from India so I have a tanned complexion. I tend to keep that toped up by a tanning booth at the gym which I try and go to 3 times a week

and my number (only check it once a day so there will be a delay before I can get back to you)

Skype naomiinyork (can sometimes)

Yahoo messenger **omiinyork@... [register free to see email addresses]


56 years old, Bi-curious

5'4"  163cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings
Size: Average
Role: Versatile
Mixed Race

Looking For

Couples (MM) Men TV/TS
Aged from 18 to 99
Will meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


1 on 1, Anal, Army, Bears, Bikers, Boots, Cruising, Cubs, Feet, Footy gear, Fur, Group sex, Kissing, Leather, Muscle, Naturism, Older guys, Oral, Piercings, Rimming, Rubber, S&M, Safe sex, Shaved, Skinheads, Tattoos, Twinks, Uniform, Voyeurism, Wanking

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