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... "In Bristol tonight and alone. Where is the fun in that?". 21 hours ago

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May 2022 update:

I am more selfish these days. Things have changed a lot I think, and although I am still the old friendly, loving, kind me; the more experienced in kink I become; the clearer I feel I am, on the men I want to meet!

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==

100% Voyeur

97% Non-monogamist

95% Exhibitionist

71% Degrader

67% Master/Mistress

58% Sadist

54% Rigger

44% Primal (Hunter)

44% Experimentalist

43% Vanilla

37% Owner

20% Daddy/Mommy

12% Dominant

10% Rope bunny

9% Ageplayer

7% Switch

6% Submissive

0% Masochist

0% Boy/Girl

0% Brat

0% Pet

0% Primal (Prey)

0% Degradee

0% Sl@v3

0% Brat tamer


I’m looking for pleasers first and foremost. I don’t care what you call yours3lf any more; bondsperson, pet, human, sub, or bottom - the only real thing that matters is that you are able to please.

Are you able to lick! Yes I said lick! Licking is under rated and vital. The best sex is with a pleaser that can lick. It sorts the wheat from the chaff. Lickers are true! They are loyal, and they know their place. They understand. Balls need licking. Tits need licking. Feet need licking. I love to be rimmed. Worship me.

Pain. Yes there it is! Can you take pressure. Tied bound. Captive. One finger, five, a, a crop.

Suckle; like a piggy! On my cock, tits. Whether hard and erect or flaccid. The pleaser doesn’t care. They suckle cos they live to be attached. They are just good that way.

And finally tribute. Pleasers understand tribute. The special ones get it! From afar, close at my side. They know that as a pleaser the beer, the cuppa, the recognition, the title, the Sir, Master, Milord, makes me want to draw them near, grow a bond and offer my heart and form a bond, and create belonging. Only a few make it. But they mean the world to me.

So now if that isn’t for you then here is the old profile. It’s also true and also me!

The old profile:

Do you have what it takes! Let me rate your 'to completion' skills. In the process I will go out of my way to give you a good time.

To all you guys who love to suck a cock to completion with the love and attention it deserves - you are the champs of the game. Nothing better than really enthusiastic chaps that love to please and be pleasured. I'm looking for sexy sub types that love to be used but don't just leave it all to their 'tops'. I love passion! But seldom into pain! I'm best with slightly psychological power stuff. Blindfold and light ropes with a few games are fun and horny.

Light bondage is a real turn on but please understand, only in the context of trust which may take time to build up.

I do like non sub/dom sex too! so if you just fancy a session without any role play, then I'm also up for that as well.

This could sound hardcore - I'm really not. I'm a normal bloke who likes fun and role play here and there.

Be under no illusions, I am tubby, and I have a bushy beard.

I'm not into CD or TV, it actually is a turn off not a turn on.

I'm on Prep.


For those who approach me for a submission, please lets be clear on terms to avoid disappointment and in order to save time.

A submissive in my view is someone who enjoys pleasuring: submitting their will and pleasure to that of the top.It may involve being fucked but not necessarily, it does involve being instructed. Being submissive isn't lying there and doing nothing at all, but it could do if asked.

Wanting rough sex is also not the same as being a sub. I can provide some rough sex if asked, but please don't say you are a sub to get rough sex from me, as that's misleading. I might provide chastisement to a sub, or even provide rough sex, but it would be on my terms.

In order to have a great sub/bondsperson master relationship that involves all the best bits (light bondage, kink, role play, and other) time and trust need to be involved. It won't all happen on the first meeting. Please be realistic in your expectations. For very good reasons (like the law) it is important to have trust as a basis for role play situations.

If the chemistry is right it will be an ongoing arrangement

That all being said: i love to snog, suck, rim, and do just about everything, but I am not versatile. Please be clean and no phimosis please (look it up if you don't know what it is). Hit me up, I love a good chat, and strangely, I've always found shy chaps a bit of a turn on. I'm always up for making friends. And I adore sex so am usually up for it, if I have the time.

2.4.2018 ; A few guys have wanted me to rate their skills so if you want me to rate you then let me know.


56 years old, Gay

5'9"  175cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
Some tattoos
No piercings
Size: Average
Role: Top
Caucasian (white)

Looking For

Couples (MM) Men
Aged from 18 to 65
Will meet smokers


Can accommodate
Can travel


Wanking, Voyeurism, Tattoos, Skinheads, Shaved, S&M, Rimming, Piercings, Oral, Naturism, Leather, Kissing, Group sex, Fur, Feet, Cubs, Cruising, Bareback, Anal, 1 on 1

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Verified Genuine Profile

*ee Davies (45), Man on 23 June 2022 by Meeting in person:
Met Master today didn't know what was in store for me. But was treated to an excellent bdsm session tied collared and chained in order to serve Masters needs hopefully will have the honour of more sessions x

*eyland 777 (57), Man on 20 June 2022 by Meeting in person:
Had a great meeting with Master. Great bondage skills. Completely dominated me and made sure I obeyed him fully. Can't wait for our next meet. If you like bdsm do not miss out on master.

*estrex61 (61), Man on 28 May 2022 by Meeting in person:
Lovely guy great kisser lovely cock to suck what a gent x

*eeppurplediver (63), Man on 9 May 2022 by Meeting in person:
Met this lovely guy this morning, enjoyed a passionate time on my bed, super sexy, and hope to continue our encounters.

*phill (25), Man on 14 December 2021 by Meeting in person:
We used to met all the time back in the day and where do I start with this man, always polite and patient, with an amazing cock that just begs to be sucked and an intelligent mind, the cum and the conversation flowed so easily, hopefully we’ll meet again if he will take me . Meet if you get a chance to

*hipTed (59), Man on 22 July 2021 by Meeting in person:
Lovely big man with amazing cock and balls!

*ethro773 (48), Man on 22 May 2021 by Meeting in person:
I have met this lovely man on a few occasions. He really is lovely to talk to. Putting a nervous guy at ease. He gauges what you need and treats you accordingly. I love worshipping his cock. Rest assured you might have to work hard to get your reward but reward you he will. Definitely recommended. Will be back soon.

*iphilip (63), Man on 28 October 2018 by Meeting in person:
I had a great time again with this guy at the Bristol party Great fun, very friendly and certainly knows how to have a good time - definitely pressed ALL my buttons! Thanks again!

*aybi4me (62), Man on 17 October 2018 by Meeting in person:
Lovely guy, very friendly, tasy cock, lovely big balls and lots of cum, what is not to like. Thank you my friend, I had a great time. Another day I hope.

*rallum (56), Man on 20 August 2018 by Meeting in person:
Turned up and wow top guy don't miss him

*ersatile masculine (49), Man on 15 August 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met this genuine last night. Very easy to arrange only 2 messages and when I arrived he was very welcoming and he gave me a great long kiss which got is both relaxed and very horny. We were naked in no time and his cock is nice and thick. By the way he is a lovely hairy bear. Fabulous session with this very sensual guy. Will be back for more and more and more. Thanks.

*lim btm (55), Man on 7 June 2018 by Meeting in person:
Lovely man with a very nice cock.he is a fantastic fuck. Very genuine wow fantastic time x

*umlover 13 (58), Man on 19 May 2018 by Meeting in person:
What great guy very hot ,fab beard & juicy cock short meet this time hopefully get to have a nice long session when we next meet

*objockey60 (62), Man on 8 April 2018 by Meeting in person:
A most entertaining way to spend a Sunday evening in the company of a most erudite companion - and with AMAZING balls to boot! I look forward to doing his bidding in an extended session in the near future. If bigballsdeep requests your company, accept! You won't regret it.

*uckyousenseless (38), Man on 6 April 2018 by Meeting in person:
Thanks for the meet. Was great cock to suck with a lovely load to boot.

*ike58-Clevedon (59), Man on 17 December 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met T this afternoon, he is a cuddly bear of a man, He snogs really well even with his 'busy' full beard, he has a lovely personality and a nice cock and big balls and is very sexy. I won't say what we got up to though he did empty those lovely nuts, would certainly like to meet again, thanks M xxxxxx

*ottominbrum (42), Man on 26 November 2017 by Meeting in person:
I have this lovely guy several times. He is intelligent, funny and a passionate lover. Great kisser too. Not to be missed!

*BC4CockandAss (50), Man on 25 November 2017 by Meeting in person:
Meeting this guy at the Bristol group meeting. He tickled all my areas and hit every Gspot. Love his manly hands, his passionate kisser. Nice guy to talk to as well and have a laugh with. Thank you for a lovely time till... Next time

*ritterdman (41), Man on 15 November 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met bigballsdeep today and had an amazing time. Was not sure what to expect as I was quite shy but after some light probing questions he then went on to lightly probe me and wow what a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing you again for lots more fun.

*hris_500 (57), Man on 9 November 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met Tarlock at his place. Really nice chap, can hold a decent conversation and makes a good cup of tea. Then we headed upstairs, for a couple of hours (yes, really) of fun. Really good evening. I'm looking forwards to next time! :-)

*ottom4BBCandBWC (50), Man on 30 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met turlock at the bristol group meet lovely guy he gave me a good seeing too a couple of times nice and deep just how i like it mmmmmm look forward to seeing you at the next bristol meet for more of the same sexy man xxx

*ot top (57), Man on 29 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met Tarkok today .mmmmmm what a guy , certainly knows what he’s doing and how to satisfy both our needs ?? Good company and a great guy .. can’t wait to meet again and continue where we left off !

*r who 2016 (62), Man on 23 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
what a guy great sex made me feel at home i sure will become good mates do not pass him buy

*r who 2016 (62), Man on 23 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
what can i say what a guy so nice you got to meet him guys will not let you down made me feel at home will become good mates

*ob7ye (48), Man on 23 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
Great genuine guy very horny shame it was a short meet but very much enjoyed.

*ottominbrum (42), Man on 7 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
Absolutely fantastic guy. Great kisser and knows how to give a good poking. Hope to meet you again soon. Not to be missed!

*BC4CockandAss (50), Man on 7 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
Meeting this guy in person, so warm, loving and very sexy. Great kisses, fantastic oral skills and also fucks good. But not only that, he's a nice person to talk to xx.

*eejay47 (55), Man on 7 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met this sexy guy at a recent party. If you like hairy bears he is for you. Got a nice thick cock and from I saw is very good at topping. Hope he will join us again.

*ottom4BBCandBWC (50), Man on 7 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met this great guy at davids party in bristol great kisser nice thick cock enjoyed him balls deep inside me hope to see this lovely genuine guy again so he can do me again he he welcome to fabguys tarlok John x