Im a mature (72) assertive guy who loves dealing with naughty Tgirls/C

Man in Manchester, North West, UK   Tick

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1. I am not returning to UK until September 2021

2. I am the guy in the pictures NOT the girls.

3. I can not accommodate. Accommodate I can not.

4. Moving to Oldham after Covid.

Im a mature (73) assertive guy who loves playing with CDs and TVs.

Im tall, medium build, silver haired, green eyes and scrub up quite nicely.

I am semi retired, fit and as sane as you can be without actually having a certificate.

I have a little experience with Tvs and CD.s and just love guys in undies....they are just so sexy!

Really enjoy having a sissy slut about the place. Love receiving O, spanking a nice bottom, stretching, milking, groping, mild bondage and giving prolonged A. Seeing a girl cry REALLY turns me on.

I am quite assertive and you can expect a bit of spanking, cock sucking, deep throat, anal stretching, mild bondage all interspersed with fucking your lovely hole in a leisurely sessions.

I really enjoy role-play like teacher/schoolgirl, boss/secretary, pimp/whore or whatever your favorite is.


This all seems to be about me....what about you?

Feel free to drop me a memo, or come and have a chat if I'm on line any time.

have a look at my sissy sluts blog - kraker66





A. I’d lay you on your back and pull down your knickers, spread your legs up onto my shoulders and push my stiff wet cock deep into you. I’d watch your face as my cock started to pound into you. Slowly at first and then getting faster and deeper, my cock getting stiffer and stiffer as you feel the heat in your tight cunt. I play with your tits and wank your cock as I start to fuck you even faster and harder.

You know I’m close to cumming, you feel the first spurts of pre-cum shoot into you.

Your sissy cunt is red raw and gaping with the constant fucking. At last I shoot my hot sticky seed deep inside you making you my slut forever.



A. I find playing over the internet is not very satisfying. I need to get my hands on a girl otherwise, what is the point? So 'no' is the short answer


A1. You will be in sissy mode only when we are playing.

2. You will always dress as fully as possible. That may be simply a pair of knickers and stockings or a full outfit including wig and make-up.

3. Your limits will be discussed before you enter service.

4.You will be given a safeword at the start of a session which you may use at any time. If you use the safe word, the session will stop immediately.

5. You will address me as Sir.

6. A sissy does not have a cock. A sissy has a clitty.

7 A sissy loves cock and cum and will take Sir's seed in her or on her as Sir decides.

8. When your cunt is not being used for Sirs pleasure it will be filled with a but plug to keep you stretched.

9.Sissies will swallow when they suck, but they also love facials.

10. Your sissy cunt should be lubed and ready to be fucked at any time.

11.You will be fucked anywhere, any time and may be passed among Sirs friends.

12. You will only cum from getting your cunt fucked or if you are milked by Sir

13. You will shave your body wherever possible.

14. You will be spanked as part of your training or simply to amuse Sir.

15 These rules may be added to at any time.




Heres a message from Sarah:

Thank you for your reply. I am very happy that you would like to deal with me. I think I am the kind of slutty sissy girl who really needs to be well punished and thoroughly humiliated. Your profile makes me think that you have the imagination and the expertise to do it properly.

Every experience is different, but I think the best so far was an older gentleman (I like older men, especially dirty-minded older men who like to grope freely) who made me stand in front of him with my hands on my head for 'inspection'. Then he stroked my bottom through my skirt, then my cock through my skirt, then he put his hand up my skirt and stroked me through my panties, then he put his hand inside my panties and touched my little clitty, then he pulled my panties down and played with my clitty. He rubbed some cream into it and worked it back and forth very gently and all the time I had to stand obediently in front of him with my hands on my head. Of course I was blushing bright red and breathing heavily. Then he made me turn around and inspected my bottom, parting the cheeks and rubbing cream on my little rosebud. I had to bend over and spread my legs wide and he inserted his finger, and still I had to be obedient and not move.

When he had amused himself like that enough he had me kneel up on a bench with my legs apart and inserted a large thermometer in my bottom. This inspection was all to see that I was healthy enough to be caned. I was.

He spanked me and paddled me and gave me the strap. He made me stand facing the wall hands on head and legs well spread and filmed me from behind so he could enjoy my humiliation again whenever he wanted to. Finally he caned me, very slowly, making me wait and teasing me. He was very skilful with the cane, just hard enough each time that I was not sure if I could take any more, and then a long wait full of tension and then another hard stroke.

He loved doing it. Unfortunately his cock was no longer able to get hard, and so he could not submit me to the final humiliation. He told me himself that when he was younger he would certainly have fucked me hard, but alas that was no longer possible.

Your pleasure is my humiliation.

Your obedient sissy girl




johnwirral: mmm morning sir

kraker: xxx

johnwirral: is daddy hard

kraker: good morning xxxxx yes Im always hard for you sissys

johnwirral: mmm daddy what would you have me wear

johnwirral: sorry if i disturbed you daddy

kraker: not a problem xxx

kraker: I like the slut look, whats your favourite

johnwirral: the innocent schol girl daddy

kraker: oooh thats a favourite of mine

kraker: love dealing with young schoolies

johnwirral: like me to sit on daddys lap

kraker: oh yes

kraker: love to feel the heat from your botom as your on my lap

johnwirral: mmm daddy whats that hard thing i am sitting on mmm

kraker: Its daddy's cock, would you like to see it?

johnwirral: mm yes please daddy

kraker: well kneel down between my knees and undo my trousers

johnwirral: im turned on in right now

johnwirral: i do as daddy says slowly kneeling down opening your button and sliding your zip down mmm

kraker: I know you are sweetie

johnwirral: daddy its so big

kraker: yes it is big isnt it, have you seen one before?

johnwirral: only at school but there so small i reach out start to hold it wanking you slowly

kraker: good girl , daddy likes you wanking his cock,

johnwirral: licks her lips

johnwirral: like a lollypop daddy

johnwirral: licks the shaft slowly

kraker: Thats right and its got lots of flavour for you

johnwirral: wheres mummy daddy as i then lick the tip

kraker: shes downstairs, shall I call her up?

johnwirral: up to daddy as i slowly start to suck daddys cock

kraker: Thats a good girl, take it nice and deep

johnwirral: mmm daddy

johnwirral: i make it nice and hard and stand up daddy likes his princess

kraker: dady loves his princess, let me see you properly, I want to feel under your school skirt


johnwirral: sorry

kraker: oooh, did princess get a little excited?

kraker: theyre nice knickers

johnwirral: i am daddy feeling myself as we talk

kraker: they feel lovely to my touch

kraker: what a nice warm bottom you have

johnwirral: feeling your hands rubbing me as i moan

kraker: and whats going on at the front here?

johnwirral: i bite my lopwer lips as you feel me

kraker: oh, is your princess clit getting stiff?

johnwirral: yers adddu

kraker: mmm, let me give it a little stroke

johnwirral: feeling your fingers rubbing my ass hole as well

kraker: naughty girl getting stiff like that

kraker: can you feel my fingers sliding ito your sissy cunt?

johnwirral: mmm yes daddy mmm

kraker: Im going to fuck my little princess now

johnwirral: moaning more and more at your touch

johnwirral: im yours daddy

kraker: I take you knickers down

johnwirral: (are you married mmm)

johnwirral: steps out of them

kraker: (yes, your too late)

kraker: now kneel on the bed sweetie

johnwirral: i do as daddy says

kraker: daddys going to lube your tight little cunt with a two fingers

johnwirral: moaning as you lube my ass

kraker: Have you been a good girl at school today?

johnwirral: mm yes daddy mmm

johnwirral: relaxing to your fingers

kraker: Well Im going to spank you anywY

johnwirral: ow

johnwirral: ow

johnwirral: ow

johnwirral: as i look at mummy sitting there

kraker: Mummy likes to see you being spanked,

kraker: it gives her a rest.

johnwirral: bet she wants to see me getting broken in daddy

kraker: Mummy wants to see Daddy fuck his little princess

johnwirral: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

kraker: are you ready to take your first cock

kraker: I think mummy should guide daddys cock into your hole

kraker: can you feel the end against your cunt entrance?

johnwirral: o yes daddy

johnwirral: ty

kraker: lick mummys cunt as I fuck you

kraker: take that cock deep inside you, ooh your tight ,

kraker: daddys going to fuck you hard now

kraker: make you a big girl

kraker: do you like being fucked princess? Get used to it you're going to get lots more today.



Pull your knickers down and bend over the end of the sofa.

Smearing lube onto your warm hole, I slide one finger into you, then another. I wait for you to get accustomed to having this humiliating intrusion. I start to push them deeper and then slowly start to fuck you with my fingers.

Patience , my little slut, you have along session of stretching ahead of you .

How does it feel to be dressed in your schoolgirl uniform and being bent over the settee with your bottom bared and a real man fingering your pussy?

I slide another finger into your hot, wet pussy. My other hand rubs against your clit which is drawn backwards and protruding between your legs.

I finger fuck you harder and faster. I take my fingers out and spank your cheeks. You feel my cockhead at the entrance to your pussy. It is hot and very stiff.

Do you want daddy's cock inside you, little girl?I push my cock into you , the head stretches your pussy and enters you. Slowly I start to slide it into you, deeper and deeper. You feel the heat of my rampant prick burying itself in your cunt until my balls are touching your bottom.

I grab your hips. Holding you in position I start to pump in and out of you. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Your cunt is on fire as I piston in and out of you. I push my cock into you , the head stretches your pussy and enters you. Slowly I start to slide it into you, deeper and deeper. You feel the heat of my rampant prick burying itself in your cunt until my balls are touching your bottom.

I grab your hips. Holding you in position I start to pump in and out of you. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Your cunt is on fire as I piston in and out of you.

I fuck you in a frenzy, slapping your cheeks as I continue to fuck you.

I'm close to spunking, my cock gets stiffer and hotter. At last I start to shoot my seed deep inside you, spurt after spurt of hot , sticky cum spunking deep inside you. You scream as your flooded with my sperm.

As the spunking dies down, I tell you to stay still. My cock, still inside you, starts to reduce inside.

You feel more warmth as I start to piss inside you.

My cock slides out and is replaced by the big but plug. Keeping all daddys juices inside you.

I tell you to stay bent over the sofa as I sit and watch your humiliation as you sissy clit drips its pathetic cum.

I take a few pictures of your used and red raw cunt....shall I send them to your friends?



Went to guys house for a massage one Sunday, pretty sure I would get a happy ending.

On arrival I was told to strip naked and put some black, lycra knickers on then led to the bedroom by a very assertive guy indeed. Face down on the bed he gave me a wonderful oily massage brushing my hole and now firm clit.

He turned me over and did my front eventually concentrating on my balls and cock before stretching my ass. Then he sat in a chair and ordered me to lay across his knee where he spanked and fingered my now well lubed pussy.

I had to kneel and suck his cock. I had sucked before but he fucked my mouth saying I was his whore now and I will be paying him in flesh. Then he made me stand while he put a collar on and a bondage harness. Was feeling totally humiliated but also horny. Then told me to bend over a large chest of drawers showed me a well lubed butt plug before easing it in to me while slapping my cheeks.

Made to kneel and suck him again after being lead round the room on all fours this time he was bigger making me gag as he held it deep with the lead. Now bitch I’m going to fuck you. Go to the bed on your back while he put a condom on. Lifted my legs on his shoulders my clit was soft as he took the plug out and rubbed his cock against my pussy before entering me slowly but very intensely.

I winced as he proceeded to pound away at me while squeezing my boobs and fingering my mouth pushing my legs further up so he went deeper in me. Telling me I was his slut and I would do as he wished. Soon I felt him come inside me, was relieved as I had no control. As soon as he came out he pushed the plug straight in again.

All fours girl he growled at me. I wanted to go but didn’t want to challenge him. I did as he asked and was told to pull my clit and make it hard as I did he removed he plug and rammed himself in and fucked me like a mad man, pulling the harness to get more cock in me. I moaning loudly as he pushed my head into the carpet fucking me ever faster.

Milk that clit bitch as he literally rode me round the room slapping my ass as he did. Then he flipped me over on my back I then climaxed, he removed the condom and gave me a full load over my face and mouth. He then took me to the shower and washed me everywhere, but still had the collar on. Totally humiliated I was dried and taken to dress in the hall. I went back a couple of times before he moved away. He had me dress in women’s clothes including dresses or the collar and harness. Never hurt me just the humiliation seemed to work for both of us. True story, I still get hard at the thoughts ????? ANON



Please Sir Kraker,

It's some time since I was last fucked. There was a man, older than me, who lived nearby and who started fucking me when I was a teenager. He always fucked me bareback and never used lube or stretched my hole before pushing his thick cut cock into me, and he always spunked inside me.

He fucked me like this two or three times a week for about 10 or 15 years until he moved away and I wasn't fucked again until a few years ago when he returned to attend a funeral. He could only stay for the day but took me upstairs, pulled down my trousers and pants, bent me over the edge of the bed and without any other preparation rammed his erect cock right up my sissy cunt.

I yelped in pain as it had been a long time since I'd had my cunt fucked but he ignored my cries and continued fucking me bare back and very hard until he finally groaned and shot his thick wad of spunk into my red and sore hole.

After he'd recovered he pushed me backwards onto the bed, lifted up my legs and shoved his now hard cock back into my raw sore sissy cunt. Having cum once already and my cunt slippery with his seed he fucked me for a long time, about 15 or 20 minutes before once again pumping his sperm into my now gaping wet dripping sissy cunt.

When I stood up his spunk was dripping from my gaping sore hole and running down my leg but I've not been fucked since then so expect that once again my sissy cunt will have tightened up and it will really hurt when I have you cock rammed into me with no lube or warm up.

Your dirty slut cunt Anna


Read more on my blog www.kraker66.com


75 years old, Bisexual

6'0"  183cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings
Size: Average
Role: Top
Caucasian (white)

Looking For

Aged from 31 to 99
Will meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


1 on 1, Anal, Bareback, Cruising, Group sex, Kissing, Older guys, Oral, S&M, Shaved, Twinks, Uniform, Voyeurism, Wanking

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*reweslut (75), Man on 26 May 2020 by Webcam:
Had a great cam chat with this guy and knows how to treat a sub

*helly_sissy (57), TV/TS on 12 May 2019 by Meeting in person:
yet another wonderful meet with this very lovely man always arrives when planned and its always a pleasure to service him like a good slut should thank you sir for the lovely facial mmmm love Shelly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*helly_sissy (57), TV/TS on 23 June 2018 by Meeting in person:
yet another great meet with this very assertive man was a pleasure to serve him and to suck his lovely thick cock finished with a great facial was lovely to see you again sir after all my troubles love shelly xxxx

*leemanD (51), Man on 17 September 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met Mr K who was all he states he is..awesome fRom start to finish. Knows what to do how and when by different means.Look to meet soon I hope D

*heffgurl (46), TV/TS on 1 July 2017 by Meeting in person:
Another great meet with this genuine dom as part of a 3sum. I was whipped and fucked and whipped some more certainly left a mark on me. He is welcome to use me whenever possible.

*helly_sissy (57), TV/TS on 19 February 2017 by Meeting in person:
yet another amazing time with mr k he really knows how to use a girl loved been his sissy bride and pleasuring him so good thank you sir xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*ariajones (68), TV/TS on 21 November 2016 by Meeting in person:
lovely guy looked good and smelled good nice to talk to and gave my holes a good streching and lengthy fucking with his fingers and big fat cock mmmmmmmmmmm soooooo nice ,o and not forgetting the lovely OTK spanking I`m going to be nice and sore for a few days ,I do hope he comes back and does it all over again xxxxxxx

*heffgurl (46), TV/TS on 13 October 2016 by Meeting in person:
Another great meet with this genuine dominant guy. Certainly knows how to treat a dirty slut like me. Fucked spanked and used mmm.

*helly_sissy (57), TV/TS on 25 June 2016 by Meeting in person:
met mr k again with sissy louise and omg did he use us both good to he had us all over the bed pleasuring him as 2 good sissy sluts should then he fucked us ragged thank you sir till next time love sissy shelly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*heffgurl (46), TV/TS on 9 April 2016 by Meeting in person:
A proper dominant guy who knows how to treat submissive sluts. Thank q sir for the great dom sub session.

*emmet (66), Man on 21 January 2016 by Meeting in person:
OMG. ...his reputation preceded him. ..and I now know why. ..gosh !! Spanked,spunked,stretched,fucked. ...mmmmm

*ambrownuk2001 (64), TV/TS on 27 September 2015 by Meeting in person:
Met this really nice guy. Had an amazing time with him. I won't tell you all that happened. Wouldn't want to spoil the treat you are in for. Will be meeting again soon.