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Jenny, the 8th deadliest sin.

Hi I'm Jenny, a very naughty sexy T-Girl looking for men, couples and fellow T-Girls who are up for fun in every sense of the word.

I only Top, or Bottom bareback just so we're clear. So if a condom free zone is not for you you'd better move on.

Now my profile is quite long so give yourself 5mins or so to digest it, it's a very positive read with lots of "do's" rather than "don't". So I don't think you will be disappointed, get yourself settled with a nice cup of tea and a couple of your favorite biscuits and we'll get started.

Unlike others I love to see single males and married men. Also don't mind seeing guys who see themselves as straight.

I hate text speak and would appreciate you to communicate with me in a coherent way, people who can string a few sentences together go up vastly in my estimation. I will always read and answer such messages and appreciate the time and effort you put into them. Also my name is Jenny so please don't call me "Babe" or "Hun" as I hate it and that's a sure fire way of getting your message deleted.


Jenny, hi that's me a confidant Tgirl who knows what she likes and more importantly what others like. very tall ... 6'3" in stocking feet with a nice slim size 12 figure. I have very long legs that go on forever and silky smooth hairless skin that loves to be touched and caressed, people tell me I'm very feminine and make them feel special, making love to them rather than just have sex.

I have a philosophy that I was born to please men and that their gratification should be my first and last consideration, it maybe not a Politically Correct statement to make but in my experience most men love being put first.

If you are a Tgirl virgin or just a bit nervous or shy you can be helped. I'm very easygoing and like to take my time, very skilled at putting people at their ease and will soon have you enjoying yourself as much as me.

Being adventurous you'll find me more than happy to cater for your every whim given my sub nature. To be honest, just love men, love making them happy and will do literally anything just as long as it gives you pleasure. I'm very happy to be penetrated anally, bareback to completion. If you only play safe then I'm not the girl for you. ATM... I do love to clean up too, and after all if you've given me a lovely ass full of cum the it's only fair I clean up your cock of your juices. I just love to suck cock ..... also to completion if you let me!!! after all what man doesn't love having his very essence sucked out of him and greedily devoured. It's every man's dream. So don't be worried about whether you need to warn me when your about to cum, just abandon yourself to your orgasm and fill my eager ass or mouth with all the cream you can supply.

I try as close as I can to give you a true girl friend experience, and absolutely adore kissing, cuddling and caressing with both men and women, must admit much prefer the encounters where the other person kisses, I don't get much out of just being banged away at without the intimacy being there between us. So I'll snog your face off given half a chance, For me deep French kissing is the absolute pinnacle in kissing and can do that for hours. lol. Everyone craves intimacy and this is just my way of creating highly intimate moments for you. I have excellent oral skills and love to practice them on my male and female friends at every opportunity, One of my greatest pleasures is feeling a cock or a clit pulsate as I tenderly lick and suck you through your organism, and before you ask guys,I absolute love having my tonsils sprayed with thick creamy spunk, and yes do swallow like every good girl should.

Most guys never get to experience Deep Throat but it just so happens I'm a master at Deep Throating, able to give you what most girls can't, to take your cock balls deep all the way down to the root. I can be the person who allows you to experience it. Even to the point of Deep Throating you whilst you're ejaculating. All you have to do is tell me you want this, then leave the rest to me.

I'm also very happy to do a prostate massage whilst I'm deep throating you. This can result in amazing orgasms for some men. It's known as man milking. I insert a couple of well lubricated fingers inside you to stimulate the prostate gland, gently massaging your prostate whilst I suck your cock, taking it deep into my throat. For many men the orgasm produced is like nothing on earth, a full and totally body orgasm. Love doing this because guys usually produce larger amounts of cum than normal and none of that will get wasted as you will have noticed that I just adore the taste of sperm.

I know I can be a naughty girl at times and have to be spanked, not into real pain but a firm chastisement with the palm of a hand can be quite exquisite, and being fuck with my bottom glowing pink can be so horny and sensual, I love it as the firmness of a hand is replaced with the warmth and smoothness of a lap as I'm being penetrated.

As for my 3 favourite positions they are...

Spoons - A nice n slow deep fuck whilst being held close, Very deep penetration, very intimate, and very relaxing, could fall asleep sometimes in this position, very nice.

With me flat on my tummy with my hands reaching back to separate my bum cheeks, exposing my tight hole.-- There's nothing like the weight of a man on top of me while he's giving me his full length, his hands hooked around my shoulders, the guys hot breath on my neck. I like to close my legs so I'm as tight as possible for him as he fucks me really hard. Love being teased as well, with the guy withdrawing his cock so that just the head is against my rosebud before pushing back inside me a couple of inches, then just repeat and repeat with deep thrusts thrown in occasionally for good measure. That certainly satisfies me and leaves me whimpering with pleasure.

Missionary ... This has to be my favourite position with my knees around my ears giving myself to my lover. I also have ankle restraints above my headboard, when used my legs are spread wide and my lover can take full control, penetrating me as deep as he wants. I just love to be kissed whilst being fucked in this position, especially when my lover just stops with his cock buried balls deep inside me then kisses me, this is so intimate and erotic for me but the best part about this position is when my lover powers on to his orgasm, I can look into his eyes and tell him to cum inside me and we can both enjoy the moment when he cums deep in my vulnerable and unprotected pussy, filling me with his sperm.

Or if you want, pull out and get your cock into my nice warm mouth before you unleash what will hopefully be a torrent of cum for me to savor. I like to continue sucking you through your orgasm till I'm sure I've sucked you dry before finally swallowing. Always found this to a highly erotic and quite intimate way to finish off. A lot of women don't like to have cum in their mouth or do it under suffrage but I love for a man to ejaculate into my mouth, I love the warmth, the taste, the consistency of spunk. Love for the man just to be able to concentrate on his orgasm knowing full well his cum will be very warmly received and that I'm enjoying his ejaculation as much as he is.

Can be quite submissive at times and one thing I like doing with guys that can be trusted is for me to be lying on my back, on the bed with my head over the edge of the bed you can throat fuck me. I can't do this for long but I love for a guy to ejaculate while I'm in this position, I find it so horny and such a turn on, and the guys seem to like it too.

LADIES and T-Girls: I just love to give oral and to tease out orgasm after orgasm out of you just using my tongue and fingers. it never ceases to amaze me the ability of a woman to soak up pleasure like a sponge. I'm also fully shaven and have a nice 7" uncut cock and love to top women and T-Girls.

COUPLES are a particular favorite of mine, there is nothing better than going down orally on a nice pussy while her partner is feeding me his length from the rear. I'm not really into couples if the guy isn't Bi, find it much better if we can all enjoy 3 way fun. A highly erotic and very intimate thing I like to do with couples is for me to 69 with the woman so her partner can fuck her doggie style from the rear, I can then lick her pussy and clit, as well as licking her pussy juices from his cock and balls, also in the perfect position to lick the lady out after her partner has ejaculated inside her pussy, then share the juices with her in a very naughty lingering cum swapping kiss.

ME AS A TOP WITH TGIRLS: I'm nothing if not versatile and love to top or flip flop. It's such a turn on to take it in turns to fuck each other or should I say make love. Again there has to be lots of kissing and touching involved, that gets me so horny, just can't wait to get my cock inside you, that's if you want me too of course. lol. Sorry but I'm not into topping big harry guys you'll just have to be satisfied with topping me.

WHAT DO I LIKE? As for the type of guy I go for, well I don't have one, I like nice guys, and guys who show an interest in me, It certainly triggers a response in me to want to please them. If you have read my profile to this point I think you are the sort of man I'm looking for, not really looking for someone who has the attention span of a goldfish. lol.

On a sexual level I love to rim and be rimmed, have my plumbs sucked quite hard and being brought to orgasm orally. I love snowballing cum, it doesn't matter if its mine, yours or someone else's, lots of spunk filled kissing is so horny. Oh and not forgetting being fucked, which I think I have mentioned a little earlier. lol.

One of the naughtiest things I like is to be Double Penetrated, having 2 cocks inside me at once is such a horny turn on for me and I hope it will be for you too.

And last but not least is watersports, I enjoy giving and receiving and have a large shower where the fun can take place in comfort. Notice is needed to take on water and I hope you'll do the same as urine that is too strong is undesirable.

What are my dislikes? Well I don't have many. I don't like arrogant men or bullshitters, detest text speak and being called Babe or Hun. I don't do phone sex, phone chats, MSN, SKYPE or cams, that's about it really.

I love to see any age group as long as you are over 24 and I'm very very happy to see any ethnic or racial group whatsoever.

Unlike others love to see single males and married men. I also don't mind seeing guys who see themselves as straight.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile: And remember 'Women are OK but you can't beat the real thing.' LOL :-)

Lots of Love Jenny XXXX


63 years old, Bisexual

6'2"  188cm
Non smoker
Don't drink
No tattoos
No piercings
Size: Pretty Big
Role: Bottom
Caucasian (white)

Looking For

Couples (MM) Men TV/TS
Aged from 24 to 99
Will meet smokers


Can accommodate
Cannot travel


1 on 1, Anal, Bareback, Group sex, Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Shaved

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*ummie1 (65), Man on 27 February 2024 by Meeting in person:
Wow wow wow meet Jenny today absolutely stunning girl .Great kisser & her oral is out of this world. Would definitely recommend Jenny would love a second meet xx

*m1957 (66), Man on 4 February 2024 by Meeting in person:
have had some fantastic meets with jenny always plenty of kissing cuddles and fantastic sex in plenty of positions i cannot get enough of her xxx

*ionking1004 (49), Man on 2 February 2024 by Meeting in person:
What a lovely warm welcome from jenny top of the class for her oral skills and boy can she take cock.if you get an invite dont waste it.thanks again

*ordboyracer69 (57), Man on 29 January 2024 by Meeting in person:
Met Jenny earlier. Wow great kisser and great oral skills Will see you soon x

*onysback2 (60), Man on 2 January 2024 by Meeting in person:
Met the lovely jenny today, beautiful girl so smooth and a lovely warm person, lots of kissing and cuddling she tastes divine, she is the perfect host, we both was very satisfied after a wonderful meet,....hope there's more to come xxxxx

*hil Banks (59), Man on 2 January 2024 by Meeting in person:
Wow Jenny is one sexy lady knows exactly how to pleasure a man very sensual and a lovely swollen cltty is a real bonus …can’t wait to meet her again

*teve 1200 (52), Man on 27 December 2023 by Meeting in person:
I had a wonderful meeting with the very sensual Jenny today. Lots of great passionate kissing as I entered the bedroom where she was waiting for me in stockings and suspenders. Caressing and cuddling followed by oral both ways and a rimming 69. That was hot, fucking commenced with me putting her in her ankle restraints above her head. We both finished in each others mouthes Jenny giving me two loads in as many minutes. I will be back for more, a lot more, thanks Jenny

*m1957 (66), Man on 13 December 2023 by Meeting in person:
had another fab meet with jenny love being in bed with her in various positions pumping my seed into her gorgeous pussie arse mmm xxx

*ren65 (58), Man on 12 December 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met Jenny at the week end and can definitely say she’s not 1 to be missed. I won’t go into details but definitely had a greate time if u get the chance to meet her grab it with both hands thanks Jenny and definitely like to meet again asap thank u xxx

*hick Bi Cock (52), Man on 17 November 2023 by Meeting in person:
Wow what can I say about this sexy lady, few messages and I was invited round to her flat where she was waiting on the bed for me. Soon had my cock in her mouth getting nice and hard, then she put her legs up in her straps and let me fuck her willing arse, it felt so good and she took it well, after a good pounding she took my cock in her mouth and demonstrated her excellent oral skills before I shot my warm load down her throat and she cleaned me up nicely at the end, one not to be missed and I will be back.

*amie1402 (63), Man on 17 November 2023 by Meeting in person:
Visited this girl last Saturday. She was very welcoming in her warm flat and it wasn’t long before I had her on all fours. She took me well and we played for an hour or more constantly. Think I left her well satisfied.

*iner69er99 (64), Man on 14 November 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met Jenny last night in person for the first time. Wow, I sincerely hope it was the first of many meets tome. Her directions to get to her were accurate and the vision of her in her lingerie when I entered her beautiful flat was awesome. A delight to kiss and caress which built the arousal until we were in all positions with some gentle and some not so gentle love making. Jenny finished me off beautifully and was rewarded with a full load in her mouth. I hope Jenny allows me back for more, it was heaven.

*m1957 (66), Man on 11 November 2023 by Meeting in person:
had a great meet with jenny fantastic kisser sucks cock perfectly and a pussie that is fantastic which i love filling xx

*eet1233 (42), Man on 10 November 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met last night in her lovely bedroom. made me feel welcome and we were straight down to business, gave me a great suck and then let me fuck her too. Will definitely be back to meet again x

*onyf (59), Man on 9 November 2023 by Meeting in person:
what a kisser tall slim great body so relaxed can't wait to meet again xx

*eorge10012000 (62), Man on 24 October 2023 by Meeting in person:
Great meet with this very erotic slut her mission is to please and she is an expert !

*eadyforfun69 (54), Man on 13 October 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met Jenny recently in her nice flat when working in the area, looked very hot, some very horny kissing and rimming, followed by a great suck and she swallowed every drop, were a bit short on time to fuck that sexy arse but am sure we'll do that next time x

*m1957 (66), Man on 2 October 2023 by Meeting in person:
have met jenny lots of times very sexy fantastic in bed lots of kissing touching she sucks perfectly and sex with her is fantastic xxx

*ia_arnold (63), TV/TS on 2 October 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met the lovely jenny lots of times she always come dressed and is one hot lady we have lots of sex till next time lots of love xxxxx nia