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TonyXD asked people to share their firs gay experience, so I started writing mine, and posted the first part here:

I met the man through a premium rate chat line back in the late 80s, I was 21 and had had a couple of girlfriends but kept wanting to talk to gay men about the dirty things they did, so spent a lot of time speaking on these lines, and in particular a man in his mid-50s called John.

He told me that he wanted a house boy, and explained that I would be expected to be subservient, tend to his domestic chores and submit as he instructed. We started talking directly and I got more and more turned on about all of it, so one Sunday morning, as arranged, I nervously got in my car and nervously drove down to his flat near Kings Cross.

It started from the time I buzzed the intercom, John answered soon enough, but left me waiting on the steps for what seemed an age, finally the door buzzed and I went to the flat number he'd given me. The door was slightly open, and I knocked... No response. I opened the door slightly and looked in, almost sick with nerves and excitement, and there in the hall way was the first view of this man I'd been talking to about these filthy gay things on the phone. He was just a middle aged man, with a bit of a belly and grey curly hair, but he was stood in a dark hallway dressed in a leather waistcoat, and leather chaps. I was shocked, he was just a normal bloke, not some weirdo pervert.

"Close the door", I stepped inside, shut the door, the click of the latch was final... I'd crossed a threshold.

"Go in there", he pointed at the door to my right, it was the bathroom: dim yellow light, everything was old and used, but spotlessly clean.

"Show me your hands", confused I put my hands out, he checked the palms, and then turned them over to check my nails.

"Filthy, scrub them clean", he turned on the tap and pointed at the soap and nail brush, I scrubbed front and back, he directed me to clean under the nails, then rinse. He then took a pair of nail clippers and trimmed my finger nails.

"When you come here again, *if* I invite you again you are to have properly clean manicured hands, now take off your clothes and put them on the stool", he pointed at stool by the bath. I'd stopped shaking in the confusion of the hand washing, and it hadn't occurred to me that I was now undressing in a strangers tired old flat in a notoriously bad part of London.

"Pull back your foreskin", I did as told, he looked, sniffed...

"You're filthy, your cock stinks, its disgraceful. Bend over, and part your cheeks", I did as instructed. "You don't clean yourself properly, its disgraceful". I didn't want this, I wanted to be teased and edged and spanked and... There I was washing under instruction and observation, it was so humiliating... oh... that's what I wanted humiliation and domination, that's what was actually happening in reality not in my fantasy.

I wasn't sure that I liked it.

Too late as it was happening and he was right, I didn't take care of my hygiene it was a disgrace, I was a dirty boy and that was not acceptable. I was directed on washing with soap and a sink of water, properly behind my foreskin, navel, arse, armpits, feet - scrubbed then nails trimmed, towelled dry. Finally I stood naked, pink and clean in front of this strange man, who had lost his look of disgust and was now looking slightly more interested in my body.

"Follow me", he turned and walk out of the door, for the first time I saw his bare arse in the chaps and felt my cock just beginning to wake up after an invasive washing. He stopped by the first door on the right and pointed in.

"This is my bedroom on the right, kitchen on the left. Stay here", he stepped into his bedroom, I couldn't see what he was doing but a cupboard door and draws were opened and closed. He came out and we walked ahead into his sitting room.

In the living room the humiliation continued, I had to stand in the corner of the room facing the wall, he came up behind me and put a collar around my neck and buckled it tight, thick heavy and tight, my heart was banging in my chest. I felt sick, I felt faint, I thought my legs would go from beneath me.

"Turn around", I did as told, there was a leather strap in his hand.

"Kneel", down onto my knees, the leather strap turned out to be a lead, it was clipped to the collar, my heart started racing again.

"On all fours", I did as told, a threadbare carpet probably worn out by those heavy DMs he was wearing.

"Heel", a sharp tug on the lead he turned and I shuffled after. We got to the door, he turned, I struggled to get round his legs before another tug and we walked back to the corner of the room again. At the end of the second lap he stopped me in the middle of the room, still on all fours head held up with the force of the lead he walked around me wordlessly. At one point he pushed the toe of his boot into my arse cheek and gave me a bit of a shove forward, the lead tightened and caught my throat.

He seemed to enjoy the effect it had on me as I could feel the sole of his boot on my bare arse and the collar dig into my throat, I began to struggle and push back, he stopped.

In complete silence he sat himself down on the sofa and put his feet up on my back, the ridges on the heels of the DMs dug into my back they felt rough and uncomfortable, I looked over to him.

"Head down", he moved his left foot and as I turned my head I felt the sole against my cheek, gently and firmly pushing against me, lead pulled tight... At least this time it wasn't choking me, but it was uncomfortable. Then he starts rubbing the toe of his boot around my face.

"Lick it", I stuck my tongue out and licked the smooth leather, I could taste the polish, it wasn't pleasant. He placed his boot back on my back, and this time lifted his right foot off.

"Now lets see", he started flicking my hard cock with the toe of his boot - it was indescribable, not pleasant but so horny and the first thing even close to sexual contact. Its seemed to amuse him to do this as I could feel him chuckling away and my cock swung around off his foot.

"Right then", he said as his feet went to the floor, "on your knees" he tugged the lead and I knelt up and turned to face him. He smiled at me, it was the first time he'd done so and I felt quite pleased, from the moment I'd entered the house I'd been made to feel as if I were not quite right, somehow failing.

He pulled the lead and leaned forward to take the back of my head, and pulled my face into the mount of his leather jockstrap, "breathe it in boy", I did as told and took a long slow smell of the warm leather with a strong bodily smell. It was heaven, I'd dreamed of this sort of thing since he and I started talking on the phone, my heart was banging again, cock was throbbing and my mouth was dry as a bone.

I returned to my knees as he let go of the back of my head, my eyes were fixed on his crotch now, as he unpoppered the two studs at the top of the jock and his cock sprung free. It was the first erect penis I had ever seen and I was amazed, a long narrow curved shaft with a huge bulbous head and a string of pre-cum seeping out. John licked his index finger and wiped up the pre-cum up, then told me to open my mouth. Quick as a flash his two fingers were in my mouth and I was sucking them, salty and strange.

He pulled the lead, and at the same time pushed his hand forward, next thing I knew he had four fingers in my mouth, excitedly I was sucking as my mouth was invaded and stretched, he put his thumb under my chin and slowly, firmly moved my head around.

On pulling his hand free I felt the wet fingers wiped across my face, then both hands on the sides of my head guiding his cock into my mouth.

Then he just let go settled back and let me suck and lick his cock and balls, he was a very juicy guy and my face was soon wet with him, a little while later he grabbed hold of my lead pulled my head in and I gagged as his cock pulsed and a hot squirt shot into my mouth, he pushed me back as his cock jerked again, and I felt a hot splash on my face. He grabbed his cock and started wanking furiously pulling every last drop of cum out of himself.

Then he wiped his hand on my face and let out a long sigh...

There I was, stark bollock naked in some strange bloke's flat with spit and cum going cold on my face unable to quite comprehend what had happened, John was holding my lead in one hand, while contemplatively rubbing the end of of his softening cock, he stood up wacking me in the face with his cock and just said "bathroom".

I stood up, blood returning to my feet and followed as he took my lead into the bathroom, I stood in front of the sink, and saw myself in the mirror: mouth and chin glistening with cum. He grabbed my arse cheek and told me to look at what a filthy boy I was, and that I was wank myself off.

I went to town wanking like a man possessed while hand was squeezing my arse was squeezed, and his other clamped my left nipple causing me to yelp in pain. I felt like I was going to faint as I ejaculated into the sink.

"Disgusting, clean yourself up" I washed and rinsed my mouth out, removed the collar, then put on my clothes, John was in the hallway with his hand on the latch when I stepped out.

"Get out" he said and pretty much bundled me out of the door.


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