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PLEASE read these first few lines BEFORE you message me


I now live in Chepstow, with my partner, Mr Christopher Wynn-Thomas. Who is, the total love of my life, to whom, I am now totally devoted.

Chris and I have gone into hibernation, or is it self isolation, please keep safe everyone, try not to pass on this horrible virus.

Formally known as Miss Petra Bold.....now I would like to be known as Ms Petra Thomas.

You are welcome to read my profile from a life spent meeting men and being used......but please please note...I am NOT meeting anyone else for the foreseeable future..

Chris is happy for me to chat on here, so if you see me online, please say hello, maybe a little fantasy or Roleplay .....but that's all, I am not looking to meet

What is written below is only my history and for information. I do not want to meet you.

~~~~~~~~~~I AM NOT LOOKING TO MEET.~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I have spent over 45 years wanting to meet mature, (over 40) men, and the occasional "Dom" girl. Please read my profile fully before contacting me.Thank you

I have a new email address...listed in my text, further down

Please note. I DO NOT MEET AT MY HOME. I DO NOT ACCOMODATE. I DO NOT BRING MEN BACK TO MY HOUSE. I will only ever meet you at your home or hotel.

I'm a mature, very very submissive TV

I'm 5/10 in heels medium build,size 16/18

Blonde hair (wig) occasionally brunette, with brown eyes

I adore sexy lingerie and tarty make up

I always wear sexy stiletto heels (size 8 feet)

I love to be kissed, stroked, caressed and cuddled

I also love to show off my legs in mini skirts and heels

I can easily be persuaded into mild restraint and correction, but never pain

I adore being slowly and very passionately seduced

There is a code word at the end of my profile, if you quote this then I know you have read the complete profile.

You never know, my rambling and notes that follow may just answer the questions you are thinking of asking, also, you will learn my wants and needs plus my likes and dislikes.


I NEVER play at home, so I CANNOT accommodate, but can easily travel a "reasonable" (30ish miles) distance to visit you either in your home or hotel.....with a little notice, I can arrange to stay overnight, however, I cannot just drop everything to come to you.....so let's keep things sensible....at least give me some "reasonable" notice. I'm not sitting here all dressed and made up...ready to jump in my car. I need quite some time to look this tarty.

I do NOT do CAM, SKYPE or PHONE, and when I'm in the chat room, I'm not dressed and fully made up.....OK, I may well be wearing stockings and heels, but that is only to make me feel comfortable.

And yes, I am very, very sub...I love to please my date. I adore being kissed and cuddled, stroked and caressed, basically being romanced like a lady.....then I love to be used like the tart I am. Funnily enough, I know exactly what my date wants and am more than happy to oblige. I am very very very bottom only. If you want me to "switch", well, I'm sorry, but you have got the wrong girl!

I'm quite "conventional" in my needs and wants, I'm very happy to follow your directions, however, I don't like pain in any form, nor the more bizarre forms of sexual gratifications. However, and as I've said before, I'm quite submissive, and adore being told what to do. So, as long as you don't hurt me, I can make your fantasies become realities. All you need to do is ask, and if possible, I'll make it happen for you. My pleasure is taken from making my date happy, I love it when my body is used for sexual fulfilment, I always wear a chastity cage. I find it helps me to concentrate on pleasing my date, rather than getting too excited myself. I must admit, I don't like my "bits" played with, that's about my only dislike!!

I Absolutely ADORE a professional guy who turns up to our meeting in a shirt and tie, with a smart suit and highly polished shoes...My ideal start to our date is for him, fully dressed in his suit, to turn round to face me with his hard cock protruding out and ready for me........perfect and absolute heaven.

I am a smoking girl....I think smoking is soooooo sexy and can be very erotic. I love to sit and have my date watch me smoke, I can almost guarantee that before I've finished the cigarette, I'll have something else between my red painted lips!. However, if you don't like smoking, that's not a game changer, please let me know and I won't smoke (However, you really don't know what you're missing...hee hee)

I'm a mature TV, who, these days, thanks to the passing of years, can no longer look presentable in public. So, I will turn up in "man mode" and change upon arrival. I need about 30 mins to transform into Petra...some of my "dates" like to watch me transform, whilst having a chat, a glass of wine and a cigarette, I'm more than happy for you to watch, or if you prefer, I'm equally happy for you to provide somewhere private for me to change. I find that a few minutes of friendly chat provides an "ice breaker" that leads to a more relaxed and sexy meeting.

I'm old enough and experienced enough to know what's going to happen when we meet, I know what my man wants.....I know what my man expects....I also know what I want....In case you can't guess ...let me tell you.....I NEED fucking...simple really.......and I want my date to enjoy my body. I try to dress to impress my date, I love sexy lingerie, stockings and heels are a given, as is tarty make up......bright red lippy is a must for me, as is painted nails, both fingers and toes.(you may suck my toes if you like)

Many many years ago, when I lived in Derby, a gentleman friend used to adore giving me a full pedicure, he used to wash and moisturise my feet, massage them, then trim and paint my toenails. I adored that, In return, all he wanted was a toe wank. (The code word you are searching for is:- COUGAR). I still keep my toenails well trimmed, moisturised and painted 24/7. He taught me how sexy painted toes can be....hee hee

I have two simple rules, if I'm meeting you for the first time, I will be in "man mode" and that first meeting will be in a public place, it could well be in the bar of your hotel, or a local coffee shop. I WILL NOT meet you first time in private - EVER. This way, if we don't "click" or if either of us is not happy, you or I can walk away without any bad feelings or embarrassment. The other rule is also quite simple, I will NOT ever have unprotected sex - NEVER, so please don't waste your time asking.

I do not like time wasters, over the years, my "time waster" radar is very well tuned.....be aware....I can be a real bitch when fucked about....I'm really very genuine, I expect the same from you......if I say I'm going to meet you...then it's going to happen, if, and it's a big if, I cannot be there, then I'll certainly let you know in plenty of time, and it will be for a very very good reason.

So....if you like what you see and read...please get in touch...I'm normally on iPad in the chat rooms....or you can send me a message.I ALWAYS reply.My email is **sspetrabold@... [register free to see email addresses]

Finally, I never charge for my services, however, if you would like to provide a glass of wine (I like a nice dry white wine...a sauvignon by preference......hee hee) or some sexy lingerie for me to wear to please you, then,please, be my guest....my size is 16 on the lower half (waist downwards) and 18 upper half (waist upwards). For the more "discerning" gentleman, I'm a 40B cup (yes, I do have little titties, And my nipples do get hard when kissed and sucked)

If you have read this far....and , you like what you have read and seen, maybe we can chat to take things further.

Thank you


My email is **sspetrabold@... [register free to see email addresses]

You can also find me on ***

Love and kisses....xxxxxxxx....Petra

P.S. The code word is in the middle of the text somewhere....good luck finding it.

Ms Petra Thomas

66 years old, Gay

5'8"  173cm
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings
Size: Small
Role: Bottom
Caucasian (white)

Looking For

Aged from 40 to 90
Will meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


1 on 1, Anal, Feet, Kissing, Oral, Shaved

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