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As my information keeps getting deleted.

I’m currently not playing due to Needing an operation due sometime June/July.


If your profile picture is your cock, DONT BOTHER ME

If you do have a profile picture. DON’T BOTHER ME. I HAVE NO INTEREST. In either.

I have been a Tv for longer that I care to remember and looking for safe meets and or chats with like minded TV’s

Please have pictures if you want to chat or more. Preferably with you dressed in undies. NO PICTURE NO FRIENDS,

SORRY. That’s the way I am.

If your profile says your TV, THEN HAVE PICTURES TO PROVE IT.

Watch out for DUDSEY he makes dates then doesn’t turn up.

PM me how you started cross dressing. Did something happen

to trigger your love of lingerie? I can accommodate some times.

Not into rimming or giving anal. But happy to receive very safe and gentle anal not bareback, and give and take oral.

No beards, cock pictures do nothing for me unless framed or in panties or thong

Cock only pictures may get you blocked. BE WARNED.

I do not wear my my wife’s undies, I only wear my own purchased from various lingerie shops.

I have sucked many other “girls” and had a long term friendship where we both enjoyed giving and receiving oral. I think I am quite good at it, and have been told so many times.


I may appear on line but I leave the internet window open

I’m not into BDSM or water/ sports. I prefer non smokers as their cum is sweeter.

Can’t accommodate or travel for the next month till start August. Just so you are aware, my meets are subject to my family sticking to their plans, they might change unexpectedly so always check on the morning if we have made a date.

These are true events as best i can recall them of

I do not condone u******e sex

I was never abused sexually by anyone ever.

The first chapter is about what I saw as a young boy.

My early memories

Chapter one

While visiting an elderly Aunt at a young age, and playing hide and seek with my sister, My Aunt lifted her ankle length dress and told me to hide underneath. Inside it was very silky and she wore directoire knickers, and thick nylon stockings with the tell tale bump of her suspender clips. Although then the sight of these did not register as a sexual event.

Visiting the same Aunt but this time I was older. I was too old to play hide and seek, and hide under her skirts. So I was let out with a small fishing net on a bamboo cane and a jam jar, by myself to go fishing at her local river. I was approached by a man who told me there were bigger fish to catch further down the bank under the overhanging trees. (I know now that he was probably gay, but I was young and gullible) I followed him and started to fish at the new location. I could not find the bigger fish so I turned to discover he had disappeared into the trees. I went looking for him to say I was going home. When I saw him through some bushes he was stood with his trousers round his ankles, his shirt wide open. He was wearing a pink girdle and tan stockings with black silky knickers half way down his thighs, and a pink circle stitched bra. He was furiously rubbing his hard cock. I stood there transfixed watching him, suddenly he moaned and his seed shot out the end of his cock. He shook a few drops off the end. Then he got a hanky from his pocket and wiped his cock. He put the hanky away and then pulled up his knickers; he did up his shirt and then pulled up his trousers. Then he disappeared off across the park away from the river. If he knew I had seen me watching, he did nothing about it. I never told my Mum or Aunt what had happened. I still can remember it so clearly as if it was yesterday.

Chapter two

I went to the cinema with a girl who was known as a good time. During the film I slid my hand up her skirt and felt her stocking tops, suspender clips and nylon panties she unzipped my jeans and put her hand into my under pants and played with my cock. I made my way inside her panties; eventually I got a finger into her pussy but feeling her undies had really turned me on. After the film we went to a well known spot where she tossed me off till I came. I had a finger in her pussy and the other hand stroking her stocking tops suspenders and panties. I did make her cum. We met a few more times for similar sessions, on one occasion we went for a walk in the local park woods. I managed to get her panties right off and got her laid down I eased her legs apart and got a good look at her pussy with soft downy hair. I eased her pussy lips apart and managed to get two fingers in; she grasped my wrist and used my fingers to fuck herself and soaked my hand with her juices. Then she picked her panties, and used them to wipe my fingers then wrapped them round my cock and tossed me off with them, I filled them with my cream and she gave them to me as a keepsake. I walked her home knowing she did not have any panties on. I did manage another quick feel of her pussy as we kissed good night. I kept the panties hidden away for a few months till they fell apart. We never did oral or full intercourse.

I had gone in to see a soft porn Swedish film I don’t remember much about the film itself. But during the film a guy came and sat next to me, he whispered “Are you here on your own”? I said “yes” equally quiet. He put his hand on my leg, stroking up and down he must have felt my suspender buttons through my trousers, then he took my hand and put it inside his trouser pocket which he had cut out the bottom, I could feel his silky undies and his hard cock, which I stroked through his silky panties. Getting in a bit further I could feel his suspenders and stocking tops. I moved my hand up to his cock, and started stroking him until I could feel a damp patch under my fingers. He took my hand from his pocket as he eased himself up a little and slipped his trousers down to his knees as I stroked him again for a few minutes, he was making little moaning sounds, when he suddenly put his hand in his mouth to stifle a groan; as a large wet spot appeared seeping through his panties. I removed my hand and he pulled up his trousers and zipped himself up and got up to leave. “Thanks that was great” he whispered “hope we meet again,” but we never did. After the end of the film I went home and on the way stopped off at the local woods for a quick one off the wrist. Getting home I hurried to the bathroom and changed back to boring male cotton pants, and stashed my undies away ready for my next encounter.

I used to go to the back of the old swimming baths and look through the holes at the girls getting undressed seeing lots of stocking tops, suspender belts and briefs, these were in the days long before tights, thongs, g-strings etc. Either being taken off or put on. Sometimes there was a glimpse of pussy or boobs if you were very lucky but most girls kept their towels wrapped round them till they had put bra and panties on. While I was there one day a school friend came round the back and caught me looking. I had my hard cock in my hand and he watched me stroke myself, before he coughed to let me know he was there. I pushed my cock back into my trousers, but he was unzipping his trousers. He pulled his cock out which was quite a bit bigger than mine and asked me to stroke it. At first I said no, but he insisted, so I took hold of it and rubbed it up and down vigorously. He told me to go steady, now give it a kiss he demanded as he pushed my head down to his crotch. I resisted at first I did not want to show I was too eager. I did kiss it and take his cock in my mouth but just the head between my lips. Then I took it out and rubbed it till he came; shooting his cream all over the ground. We arranged to meet one night after school; I had some undies hidden in my cycle box. Also I had managed to acquire, (from un-sold jumble sale stuff at our local youth club), a skirt and top. When we met up he asked what was in my bag. Oh just a change of clothes, He looked in and saw the undies. He said “I would like to see you in them” so we went to the bushes near where met last time only more secure. I stripped and pulled on the girdle fastened the stockings and pulled up the panties, as I bent to pick up the skirt he stroked my bum then he slipped his hand round and stroked my hardening cock. I asked him to wait till I was dressed I slipped the skirt on then slipped my arms through my bra straps and asked him to fasten it. Then I put the top on. I turned to face him and he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees I looked down to see his cock poking through his trouser fly. I took it in my hands and rubbed it up and down making him gasp in ecstasy. He asked if I would suck him properly so I slipped my lips over it but it was too big to get it all in without gagging so I just sucked him till he I felt him tense I took his cock out of my mouth and aimed it on the ground. He put his cock away saying thanks see you around. I was still hard and needed to cum. I called to him to come back and deal with my hard cock. He just replied I’ve got to go, and left. So I took myself in hand and shot my cream after just a few strokes. We met again, one day I was passing his house where he lived with his parents. He invited me in and we went into the downstairs toilet. He told me to sit down and he got his cock out and held it up to my mouth. I licked it then sank my lips over it and sucked him in I got him hard in moments and he was soon thrusting in and out of my mouth as his cream started to rise. Taking his cock out of my mouth I told him I would finish him off if he agreed to suck me. He was that horny he agreed. So we swapped places and he undid my jeans and pulled them down to reveal my panties stocking tops and suspenders. He pulled the front of my panties down enough to release my cock, which he took in his mouth and stroked my panty clad bottom. I felt my cream begin to rise and it just shot into his mouth. He gagged a bit, but I held on till he had to swallow. Then I got him to swap again, and I sat and took him back into my mouth. Stroking his cock and ball sack. Suddenly he tensed and shot into my mouth. I swallowed his cream and told him we must do it again. Then we went our separate ways and I have never seen him since. I did try to contact him through one of the reunion web sites but he didn’t respond.

On another occasion I was visiting the woods behind the swimming baths where I kept my stash of undies. I had just dressed in bra panties zip sided girdle and stockings; when a young lad about 14 crashed into my hide hole he just stood there looking at me in my undies stroking my cock. “I thought you were a girl fingering herself” he said. “I could be if you want to help” I replied. He walked towards me and I took his hand and wrapped it round my cock. “It’s so soft yet hard” he said. I moved my hands towards his belt and undid his jeans I pushed his jeans and pants down and took hold of his cock it was soft and small but as I stroked it; it grew to a well proportioned size for the lad. I moved down to kiss his cock, and planted my lips on the end then easing his foreskin back I teased the head with my tongue then slipped it into my mouth. While sucking him I could hear others calling for him so I slipped my cock back into my panties. I carried on sucking him till I felt him start to pulse and get harder. I felt his cream empty into my mouth just as two of his friends found us. “Can I have a go” said one “Me too” said the other. “Come on over boys” I said with a mouth full of his cum. They walked over undoing their jeans when they got to me there were two small semi hard cocks in front of me. Wasting no time I gripped one with my hand the other I slid my mouth down and started to suck. All too soon the lad I was sucking started to fuck my mouth and I could feel him tense as his cream was rising so I sucked him in and his cream joined his friends in my belly; then his other friend started to buck in my hand so I quickly sucked him in and swallowed his cream; to join the other two loads. Now lads it’s your turn to go down on me. The second two looked horrified; but the first of the lads said leave it to me and told the others to leave. Then he walked over to me and when the others were out of sight. He put his hand down the front of my panties and eased my hardening cock out. He knelt down in front of me and cautiously put my cock to his lips. Then he put out his tongue and licked my cock and teased my pee hole trying to get his tongue in it. Suddenly he slipped my cock into his mouth almost gagging as he tried to deep throat me. I gasped as he sucked me and moved his head up and down my cock. I could feel my cream rising and told him so. He just mumbled something so I kept going and emptied my cream into his mouth. He swallowed it down like I had to him and his two friends. After I had cum we sat down together and talked. He had never sucked a cock before but he really liked it. He asked if I had any spare undies he could try. I Didn’t, so I stripped off and kneeling before him naked ready to dress him in the undies I had been wearing. He stripped and I helped him to step into the girdle and zipped it up, and then rolled the stockings up his legs; I fastened them to the suspenders then got him to step into the panties. I stood and fastened the bra around his chest. My undies were all a little too big for him but they still fitted well enough. It was as he turned and faced me; with a little make up he would look very good. I told him this and he thanked me. Then he looked at my hardening cock and asked if he turned me on. I replied yes and wearing the undies certainly turns you on as his cock was tenting the front of the panties. I stepped up and stroked his hard cock through the panties he groaned and said that’s lovely. So I kissed him and he returned the kiss then his hands found my cock and knelt down and sucked me in again this time I was longer to cum. But when I did he swallowed my cream again so I returned the favour only he was so on fire that if I had just given him one rub before I got it in my mouth he would have exploded his cum all over the place. Fortunately it went down to my belly with the other three loads. We both dressed back into our normal clothes and I stashed my undies back into their waterproof bag and hid them away.

When I went back for another session the undies had gone and I never saw any of the three lads again. I looked around the area and found remnants of my stockings and panties that been torn apart, but I never found the bra or girdle.

I used to play at home mostly. One day at home alone; a friend came to call. Under my jeans, I was wearing a pair of my sister’s nylon panties, one of her roll on girdles and a pair of tan stockings. We decided to play hide and seek. My friend hid first and as I knew all the best places I soon found him in my sister’s bed room, her underwear drawer was wide open He was rubbing his crotch and I could see the bulge. Now it was my turn. I sent him out of my sister’s room and put one of her net multi layered waist slips, then one of her summer frocks after putting on a bra and stuffing it with tissues. I hid and my friend took ages to find me, when he eventually did he was astounded at my transformation. He thought I was my sister from my silhouette. We sat and talked; as we sat my petticoat flipped up and he could see right up to my panties. I could see by the bulge in his shorts that he was excited.

“Can I have a feel” he asked

“Help yourself” I replied, he got up and came towards me he reached under my skirt and petticoat and felt my stocking tops and suspenders then he moved his hand up to my panties and stroked my cock. I unzipped his shorts and pulled his cock out. I stroked it and it got even harder so I slipped it into my mouth and sucked on it. His knees buckled and he moaned as I sucked him within a couple of minutes he groaned and shot his load into my mouth. I kept sucking until he had finished. He stepped out of his shorts and slipped to his knees and put his head under my dress. He kissed my cock through my panties. I told him he could take my panties off if he wanted to. He reached up and pulled them down and off. He stood up took his underpants off and put my panties on then he knelt down ducked under my dress again and continued to kiss and lick my cock. He then surprised me by slipping my cock into his mouth and sucked me. After about 5 mins I told him I was near to coming. He kept on sucking until I filled his mouth with my load he then got up and kissed me and passed me some of my cum we both swallowed what we had in our mouths. He then took the panties off and got dressed. I undressed and put on my male clothes leaving our trousers unzipped and cocks out. We sat in my bedroom and talked occasionally rubbing each other’s cocks, before the rest of the family came home, “When I visit again” he said. ”Can I dress up in undies?”

“Of course, can you bring some panties of your sisters?”

“I’ll try” he replied. The next day on his way to town he called in and passed me a pair of his sister’s pale blue lacy panties and a pair of black seamed stockings. He never got the chance to call again as his father was moved by his company to a new town. However I did keep and wear the panties and stockings until I grew out of them and the stockings were too laddered to wear.

My other adventures are available by request.

You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein, including, but not limited to my photos, and/or the comments made about my photos or any other "picture" art posted on my profile. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee, agent, student or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law. UCC 1-103 1-308 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Because of the new Terms and Conditions in Fabguys I disagree with the commercial use of my personal data (Text, images, personal data) according to BDSG. The Copyright of my pictures and texts rests solely with me. The commercial use requires my written permission


75 years old, Bi-curious

5'4"  163cm
Non smoker
Don't drink
No tattoos
No piercings
Size: Average
Role: Oral
Caucasian (white)

Looking For

Aged from 18 to 99
Won't meet smokers


Can accommodate
Cannot travel


1 on 1, Group sex, Kissing, Oral, Safe sex, Shaved, Wanking

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*igeorge1 (75), Man on 8 January 2019 by Meeting in person:
Had a lovely tumble with Carole - sexily dressed and a lot of cum! One of the best.

*db0812 (54), Man on 30 May 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met yesterday. Was dressed nicely and gave me a nice bj. Hope to meet again

*db0812 (54), Man on 30 May 2018 by Meeting in person:
Dressed sexily and swallowed my cum. Look forward to next time for more