We can access the site on Wifi but not on mobile network (or the other way round!). We get a connection/security/certificate error.

If you get a connection/security/certificate error accessing the site on 4G/mobile-data but not on WiFi (or, the other way round!) it means your mobile network (or ISP if on wifi) has blocked your device from adult content. Some mobile networks have started to do this to phones that have always been 18+ verified and some seemingly do it randomly. If you contact your mobile network on their helpline or via their website, you will see how to age verify your mobile account. The error you see is your ISP trying to display a message which does not show on a secure/ssl site like Fab. We've created a special page you can view which isn't served over secure/ssl so should be able to see the underlying message, here.

Once you have age verified your phone, your network usually advises turning the phone off then on again. It sometimes takes a few minutes then for the block to be removed.

User xyz keeps annoying us / messaging us / sending us stuff we don't want.

You can block specific individuals from contacting you using your user block list, or by clicking the "Block User" link at the left hand side of any profile page. If someone is being a problem you can also report using "Report Profile" link on their profile page.

I'm seeing annoying/popup ads on the site.

We don't show pop up adverts on the site and we don't show any adverts at all if you are a site supporter.

If you are seeing pop up or unexpected/annoying adverts on the site, you almost certainly have "adware" or malware/spyware on your computer.

This type of annoying advert software sometimes comes with "free" software you've downloaded or arrives maliciously as a virus and serves up adverts to you depending on what you're looking at on the Internet.

You can learn more about adware on Wikipedia or read some tips for removing adware on about.com

If you're still having problems try posting to the forums on here asking for help.

I want to report another site member

The way to report other site users is via their profile page using the "Report Profile" link at the left hand side. Please don't use the usual contact form to tell us issues about other members.

What do the icons on the profiles mean?

Wants to meet today
In the chatroom
Verified genuine by other members
Photo verified
Has joined within the last three days

How do I get verified by other members?

You need to find someone who is already verified and ask them to verify you after a meet.

I've met someone but neither of us are verified so how can we verify each other?

One of you needs to be verified in order to verify the other person.

Verifications we try to leave for another user aren't being saved

If you're trying to verify another account that you have created yourself or you're trying to verify someone who is using the same PC as yourself, then the verification won't be recorded. We do this to stop people creating fake accounts and verifying them themselves.

I'd like to remove a verification I've given to another member

As of 11th Sept 2010 it is now possible to remove verifications. If you block the user, your verification will no longer show on their profile and any verifications that they have left for you will no longer show on your profile. If you remove the block then the verifications will show again. For clarity: Removing a verification will not remove a user's "verified tick", it only stops the verification text showing on their profile.

How do I change my username?

If you're a site supporter you can request a username change on the name change page.

If I change my username do I lose verifications / friends / other stuff?

No. Everything (including friends, verifications) stays the same and the only thing that changes is your username

How do we remove a block on someone? We've blocked them by accident / changed our minds / want to unblock them.

You can manage your blocks on individual users on your block list page (you can also get to this page via your "my account" page).

I want to leave the site, how do I delete my profile?

Go to the remove account page.

We've noticed a legal disclaimer paragraph that some people have on their profiles. Should we have one too? What are they about? Do they do any good?

The "legal disclaimer" is pointless nonsense and all does is take up extra space on our servers. Please remove it if you have it on your profile. If you're worried about privacy please set your account to be hidden from non-registered users on your privacy page (this also hides it from search engines but may take a week or two to drop out of search) and remove the notice (and encourage others to do likewise).

Common sense advice would be NOT to put any information on your profile (here, or on any such site) that could identify you or that you don't want to become public! So for your own benefit, don't post phone numbers, real names or email / instant message addresses on your profile that people might see or "Google".

Some people may put non-identifying pics on their public profile but keep face pics private or for friends, for example.

My account has been removed/deleted, can you get it back?

No. If you (or someone you've shared your password with e.g. your partner) has removed your account via the remove account page (which is the only way your account will have been removed), then like it says on the "delete account" page, your account has been permanently removed and can't be re-instated. Sorry.

I'm new here and am getting asked to enter a code when sending a message to prove I'm not a spammer? I'm not!!!

Don't worry, this is normal and we do this to protect everyone on the site. After a few days of using the site normally you'll probably not see this message again. We hope that having a site free of spam means this small inconvenience is worth it :)

There are too many rude people on here who don't reply to my messages!

It's not rude not to reply.
Some ladies and couples get hundreds of messages a day so it simply isn't possible for them to reply to everyone. If you don't get a response, you can safely assume they aren't interested. If you're getting a lot of "no-replies" then you should consider your profile and the messages you send. Are they giving the right message? Are you standing out from the thousands of other guys on here?

You don't respond to any of our mails.

We do this for fun and get hundreds of mails a day so we can't respond personally to questions about the site or your account. If we responded to everything that people sent us, we'd spend all our time (and more!) doing that and not improving/running/fixing the site. Or, we'd have to employ customer service goons to read and respond to questions from a minority of users at everyone's expense and we'd not be able to do as much as we can for so little cost to you. We do read all mail you send and encourage feedback. If you have reported a problem with the site we will fix it.

Do you have any tips for safe meeting?

Don't forget that the only person responsible for your safety is you, so don't put yourself in a situation where a stranger can let you down. These are some tips to help:

* Don't give strangers your home phone number, your usual mobile number or your address or let them know where you work. Buy a spare PAYG SIM for your mobile and use it for initial contacts.

* Don't rely on strangers for transport, so don't agree to go somewhere in a car with someone you don't know.

* Don't turn up to strange addresses without having met the people you're expecting, first, beforehand.

* Always meet first somewhere safe and public (a cafe) first.

* Always tell someone you trust who you're going to meet, and where.

* Don't arrange meets without having spoken to the people you're expecting to meet first on phone OR on seen on cam.

* Don't invite strangers into your home.

* Don't put yourself in a situation where if someone doesn't turn up, you'll be upset. So don't travel 100s of miles and book into a hotel in the expectation of meeting someone unless you've met them beforehand.

Attending an organised social or a swinging club meet is a good place to start.

Are you on twitter?

Yes, and we'd love you to tweet us and follow us over there @fabguys.

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