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Hello my name is Dominic Hughes or Dominic Dale Hughes to be exact but I prefer Rosa because I'm a aspiring closet "for mental health reasons" femboy, I am also just another guy when not doing that.

This profile is going to be long so if you're not interested in reading enough to get the picture of me based on your own analysis system then just fuck off seriously .

I'm a pan-sexual prefer appealing woman , appealing feminine guys "and their variants"

and lastly appealing men in the right circumstance.

Id describe myself as teenager minded so don't expect adult like behavior with me thank you, I'm rather innocent actually.

I live with my parents right now get money from the government for my mental health and lack of independence so far

"working on it trust me, making a video game in construct game engine"

Id describe myself as a memories visionary someone who wants to reflect my memories onto others in various ways mostly through sex , music and game design , idea and implementations but the list is likely to grow .

"where possible and aware"

I also have an deep awareness of humanity in a lot of area's including the personality category like MBTI "I do know about socionics,enneagram,etc" and my own typology theories and systems like energetic typology and anatomical function category pattern or color theory also I have deep awareness of the universe too and the list keeps going.

I have a anatomist/pleasure passion for sex which started at a younger age with self-masturbation with my hand then eventually with various objects around the parental family home we moved "yes it's true -_-" then grew into wanting to explore human anatomy from an reflective point of view "having sex with someone else in a dominate and or submissive position" as well : .

Just for the record

"pleasure is sweet , pain is sour"

I want to design , implement sexual experiences for you using sexual anatomist theories and experiments with safety and consent.

However being a natural type of person , I like bare skin more then condoms so I prefer that majority of the time but because their like toys as well I don't mind condoms for textures,etc but not something I want to have all the time.

I am a semi-strict vegan

Unfortunately I haven't been that successful in finding anyone with similar passions as me "hence why I am here hoping you reading this will be similar enough to my profile that you message me and then literally meet up to have sex when we are both truly comfortable it takes me abit not long though" as a result this has lead me to buy sex toys like the meiki sarah , meiki zxy ,etc, I adore sex toys so much that I actually bought some platinum silicone "ecoflex" , silicone pigment and made a crappy vagina toy that actually works but it was merely just to see if I could actually make one before I start making really great toys in the future but that's just a part of my anatomist/pleasure sexual passion .

I would recommend that you should be wondering who am I underneath all that as well so let me give you a head start, I'm an ENTP with various traits of other MBTI types and would describe myself with words like:


teenager-like , curious , very creative , very talented, selectively sexually open , grandiose ,selective risk taker , entrepreneur , obsessive , aware, forcer . selectively selfless, anatomist


self-worthless, paranoid , selectively rigid , quite insecure , self-confused , overwhelmed relatively easily.

Which brings me to my next point, you might be wondering what am I truly looking for :

However their's a catch as you may know I have mental health disorders:

Social Anxiety Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

Schizoid Personality Disorder Traits

Histrionic Personality Disorder Traits

Rarely Triggered Clinical Depression

Paranoid personality disorder traits

I've learned too keep it on the downlow though, so don't worry please"

So yea it just means I'm alittle slow with things, can get overwhelmed very easily , am very anxious at times, I'm selective about things , confused about myself at times, find it difficult to enjoy people as a whole ,etc

But please , please give me a chance, if you want to know more please ask away, I'm full of insights , information , myself and even others in some ways.


My Ideal Person " No hairy people please, No Smokers , No Druggies , No Religious People "

Preferably one of these:

Emotion Visionary / Absorber Emotioner - INFJ,

Memory Visionary / Reflecter Memorier - ENTP

Envisioner Mentor / Reflecter Emotioner - ENFJ

Discoverer Advocate / Reflecter Similirizer - ENFP

Harmonizer Clarifier / Absorber similiarizer - INFP

You can still try if you're not one of those types of people you might be appealing enough but don't get your hopes up.

Who is inspired by this profile, who doesn't mind being fully of a anatomist/pleasure passion of sex and more since I'm an entrepreneur too such as making "free", yes "FREE" sex videos online for research , pleasure and helping others , sex toys , reviews whatever, who wants to bond with me in simpler ways as well sexually like going to natural places and just being sexual with one another or going to swimming pool changing rooms and giving each other blowjobs or fucking each other,etc


26 years old, Bisexual

5'5"  165cm
Non smoker
Don't drink
No tattoos
No piercings
Size: Average
Role: Versatile
Mixed Race

Looking For

Aged from 18 to 35 only
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


1 on 1, Anal, Bareback, Feet, Kissing, Naturism, Older guys, Oral, Rimming, Rubber, Safe sex, Shaved, Voyeurism

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