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Hello everyone

If we are going to meet you must

1. have a picture of yourself on this site, if you do not I will not meet you unless I already know you.

2. I do not do phone sex or cyber including skype

3. I do not give out my email address unless we have arranged to meet.

4. I am also on tvchix same name for more eloquent soft pictures.

5. The men I meet will be spankers, they will be into spanking; hand, paddle, cane, tawse, whip, belt, carpet beater and will know how to properly spank naughty tgirls who never use a safe word but instead submit. Those I meet will state spanking or S&M as an interest on their profiles and will get off on spanking me. With other TV's I meet there might be mutual spanking depending on how pretty and sexy they are.

6. I'm not comfortable meeting guys already in a relationship.

7.those I meet must be thrice jabbed - that is the two jabs we should all have had by now + the booster being wheeled out as well. I will want to see your bar coded card... I do of course have mine.

Hello all

Profile update Sept 2021.

I'm a lifelong submissive receptive bottom transvestite and have been dressing since childhood. I can I find be quite pretty as per pics and I very much enjoy the dominating company of an assertive man who knows what he wants from a pretty but also naughty submissive bottom girl.

One day maybe I'll find my intelligent imaginative Master Dom to whom I believe I would be very obedient for and very keen to offer myself for his best pleasure as long as he disciplined me on a regular basis so I'm always doing my best as a sub tgirl for his best pleasure. Failing that I remain open to meets with real manly men.

In any relationship or meeting I expect to be disciplined : spanked, smacked, paddled, caned and/or whipped (all implements supplied) and also bummed from behind knickers down.

I've only ever been 'injured' in this lifestyle pursuit by people who say they're into spanking but are basically not and their inexperience often shows through, to my cost.

Ideally then I'm seeking experienced spankers who know how to properly discipline a naughty girl, bring her to an unequivocal submission (no safe word) using his hand and my long handled wooden paddle otk knickers down ... Expect me to be audible during punishment, promise everything, and howl like a sissy if you do it right and don't stop until you have my complete submission... I can do oral sex quite well, better if a man has his hand on the back of my head...I usually gag and retch as find oral hard work but can be guided by a man to be a good girl especially if he uses corporal punishment to get the very best most submissive girl out of me for his best pleasure.

Ultimately and not intending to be too basic about it but it's a man's cock I want in me right up my bum tl the hilt, his hands on me holding me still and in position, positioning me head down, back arched, bottom up higher than my head, bumming me Dominantly from behind to completion, smacked now and again throughout.

Always safe sex unless I am monogamous with a Dom in which case I would wish to be owned, possessed, marked as his property (bottom only) and seeded every time he bummed me then caned after for the privilege of getting his Dom cock and cum inside my body via my bum, to make me pay back for the pleasure he has allowed me to have and also to keep me in my sub girlie dutiful place as naughty victoria.

So basically its spanking and anal in meets and for long term same but where my commitment as a sub tgirl and his commitment as a top Dom is absolute and his Dom seed would be inside me.

I can meet tgirls too and can with some (young and pretty) be Dom but with men I am always a girlie submissive passive bottom wanting domination and a manly erect cock pushed right up my hot passive red bum.

Hope to meet new men soon. But where I am hopeful I suspect its unlikely as this site like so many seems unable to bring sub-girlie trannies together with top manly Doms.

We live in hope.

Forever naughty

victoria timms

For meets I like to consider my own security and usually let a friend know when I am arranging to meet someone.

I don't put my address or telephone number on this site. If we are going to meet I will need your mobile at least and ideally a picture of you as well. I then send a message to the number you have given me so you will have my number as well and we can arrange our meeting via sms. I am also on Signal but not on WhatsApp.

I like to confirm on the morning of the arranged meet and assuming all is still on we can confirm the time and I will give you my address.


62 years old, Bisexual

5'10"  178cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
1 or 2 piercings
Size: Pretty Big
Role: Bottom
Caucasian (white)

Looking For

Aged from 40 to 75 only
Will meet smokers


Can accommodate
Cannot travel


1 on 1, Anal, S&M, Safe sex

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Verified Genuine Profile

*hubby_Dom79 (43), Man on 16 June 2022 by Webcam:
Victoria thank you so much for always making a effort.Not only do u ALWAYS obey but u make the efforts to go with it.Very enjoyable cam session as always and as always I appreciate u as ur a very submissive obedient girl .till next tune

*hubby_Dom79 (43), Man on 14 June 2022 by Webcam:
Another amazing cam session with my very obedient girl Victoria. Always makes a fabulous effort .Always does as she's told and all in all she's very genuine and very submissive. Also a lovely person to chat to after each session .Thank you Victoria till next time

*hubby_Dom79 (43), Man on 13 June 2022 by Webcam:
Well what can i say ..Once again Victoria obeyed and performed fantastic as always..Not only did she punish herself she took it very well as she knew it was what she deserved. Bumming her sore hole she did without questioning as she knows her place All in all Victoria done extremely well and I'm very impressed with her efforts .Well done Victoria till next time

*hubby_Dom79 (43), Man on 14 May 2022 by Webcam:
Once again Victoria showed her obedience and was extremely impressive. She disciplined herself. Was very neatly presented as well.always aims to please and she always makes me proud .Thank you Victoria till next time

*hubby_Dom79 (43), Man on 20 April 2022 by Webcam:
Had a nice surprise with Victoria's obedience on cam .As usual she was very impressive abd completely obedient. She was ready for inspection and dressed how she knows she's to dress.As one vert submissive girl she put her butt plug to good use abd rode it for me .Thank you Victoria till next time x

*hubby_Dom79 (43), Man on 14 April 2022 by Webcam:
Another wonderful cam session with Victoria. Again dressed n ready to do as she's told ..Again she obeyed and was extremely good as always .Thank you Victoria till next time

*hubby_Dom79 (43), Man on 8 April 2022 by Webcam:
Victoria is always obedient and very smartly dressed for our cam sessions .She poses as told bums herself abd also disciplines herself on my command .A wonderful naughty girl who always knows her place Thank you Till next time

*eryhungryarse (54), Man on 6 February 2022 by Meeting in person:
I met this wonderfully naughty girl yesterday and she is quite simply one of the best tgirls I've met. Victoria is a great host who welcomes you with open arms. I will definitely be seeing you again and again and again.

*ingerie49 (57), Man on 11 November 2021 by Meeting in person:
A delicious afternoon spent with this naughty girl Reddened her stocking clad bum Before tasting her and taking her delicious inviting pussy Until next time Victoria

*raha42 (61), Man on 5 October 2021 by Meeting in person:
Met this wonderfully sane lovely person today. Victoria has one of the most beautiful inviting bumholes I have ever seen and scrupulously clean too. Along with well formed sexy breasts we both had a very pleasurable, no pressure, meeting.