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I'm an easy going versatile but mainly Top guy in good shape 5.8 ins tall, 32 inch waist with sensitive nipples, a firm bum, good legs, and a thick hard 7 ins very nice shaped "suckable" uncut cock. Love plenty of naked body contact, touching and feeling. Love oral (guys who want to just strip me and suck are a definite YES). Very happy to bend a clean guy over, on all fours, or on his back with his legs over my shoulders, and ride him hard if the chemistry is right.

Love naked horny anonymous sex with total strangers.

We all start somewhere and I’m always interested about how it started for you, so if you’ve had similar experiences I’m very happy to hear and chat about it if you would like to. I found writing it all down really therapeutic.

Anyway here’s mine

In my smooth teens, a guy giving me a lift in his car suddenly slipped his hand into my lap. I was too scared so, after first brushing his hand away, then just let him feel me through my jeans. I was turned on and my cock got really hard, so when he asked, I unbuttoned my jeans, slipped them down to my knees while we drove and let him hold and squeeze me. I was really scared and but at the same time, so excited. He parked in a dark lay-by beside a wood and undressed me. He had his hands all over me. I had my bum squeezed and nipples sucked and played with, was fondled and sucked until I came noisily in his mouth. Wow!! Such a shock, but got so turned on at the same time, and cumming in a warm mouth was such a new horny experience, so i suppose it was easy to want more.

When he asked me to meet him again I really wanted to say no, but It was all so new and exciting that I just agreed to. After that I was regularly being undressed by him, and after a while eventually agreed to be watched, then played with by his friends who sometimes came along in his car.

I was nervous, and a bit shy at first, but found that I actually enjoyed being watched plus all the complements and attention that I received. He usually drove into the same dark field entrance I stripped then usually got out and had their hands all over me and was played with naked in the dark, often laid over the car’s warm bonnet, usually ending by being sprayed with hot cum.

He picked me up one sunny Saturday morning as I walked towards the bus stop. I was hard as soon as I saw his car. He fondled me while he drove, parked and walked down a track to a wood. He got me stripped off in some bushes, then told me to wait. He returned with three guys who stood and watched. He then got me to pleasure them In turn while he watched each of them cum over me.

It was like entering a forbidden world which was exciting because it was secret, and one that always ended with me cumming. After being pimped I started to find my confidence, and decided to do what I wanted to do and, with whom, but Have to admit since those early days have always really enjoyed being slowly sucked by a warm mouth.

After several sessions I went with him and two of his friends to his flat/studio, and met another lad, Phil. We both undressed, posed, and played in front of the camera performing slow oral on each other.

Then were asked to do anal, my first time, but obviously not Phil’s because he immediately stretched out on his front, knees under him, with his smooth bum in the air ready for me to push slowly into him which felt very good.

Then I was told to lay down on my back and had my legs suddenly pulled back over my shoulders by an older guy, while another lubed me before Phil was ordered to climb on top and slowly force his slim cock into me. My first time, and, at first, a painful shock but after a few minutes of slow filmed rhythmic action I got very turned on. I still sometimes wonder where those photos and films ended up.

These adventures ended when we moved away from the area, but the need stayed with me.

Later, a neighbour, whose wife had recently died, asked me to come round to his house to help out with a few chores for pocket money. He showed me some porn mags and after lots of suggestive talk, a bit of furtive touching, and bum patting, I guessed what he really wanted from me. During that summer I just wore a pair of shorts and a T-shirt which clearly got his interest.

One afternoon I cut his lawn wearing just a pair of shorts and plimsoles. It was boiling hot and when I’d finished he bought me a cold drink, and a towel to dry off. I wiped my face. He then took it and rubbed my back, and then, without a word, slid his hand inside my shorts and felt my bare bum. I just just let him and thought “well, why not” so I let him slip my shorts down and stood there in front of him. He just said “good boy” and from then on I became his willing young pupil and plaything.

The first time I straddled his lap, kneeling on the arms of his chair, had my nipples tweeked, was stroked and fondled, got very hard, and was slowly sucked which ended in a noisy “cumplosion”.

Every weekend his grass was cut, then I was stripped naked, had my bum cheeks firmly grasped while he got eagerly to work, which really brightened up his life, and made me constantly horny.

He had me naked in his house, in his garden shed, under the trees at the end of his garden, and, when his neighbours were on holiday, laid on my back, spreadeagled in the middle of his lawn I’d just mowed

In the winter or if it rained I was usually laid out naked along his dining table with me gripping the edge of the table, and my legs over his shoulders being very slowly edged with him stopping and starting. He fondled my nipples and clearly enjoyed me noisily writhing around, but wanting me to hold back for as long as possible. He couldn’t get enough of my naked body, and frankly I was laid out very happy to let him enjoy it!!!!

His sister, who lived a few streets away, stopped as she passed me in the street, thanked me for helping him, and suddenly said that “she was glad that I kept him happy”, and then winked, which made me very uneasy. I asked him if he had ever told her what we did. He laughed and said that he had no secrets from her, but not to worry. “We had a very very special personal relationship when we were young” was all he said. He then told me that she had watched us through a crack in the kitchen hatch, having crept in quietly through the back door. “It’s the only cock she sees these days” he said and laughed. I was really scared at first, but was actually turned on by the idea of her watching. I never saw her, but suspected whenever he arranged his armchair in the sitting room or while I was spread over the dining table in full view of the hatch, and without any effort putting on a noisy show.

I became his regular play fixture and after several visits he suddenly produced a box of girlie undies from a locked briefcase which he asked me to put on in a bedroom and enter dressed in tiny black lace panties, stockings, suspenders, and sometimes a basque, then I had to walk about his living room and perform a very slow striptease in front of him.

He thought that I was dressing just for him, but I was so turned on that I was really dressing for me and loved hearing him talk dirty and seeing him getting so excited.

Each time he would slip down my panties, and when I was left wearing only stockings or holdups, he would suck and finger me begging me to shoot cum over his face or in his open mouth.

Years later was contacted by a very much older guy who would bring a briefcase filled with erotic undies for me to dress up in before parading in front of him before being sucked slowly until it was just impossible to hold back and creamed his face.

Dressing was a new and very horny experience and I still love the idea of being dressed then slowly stripping for a guys pleasure.

Since have so enjoyed erotic times with CDs and TVs had some great 3somes, and love their special company. Love holdups, stockings and suspenders. Adore small firm titties and perky nipples!!

I still enjoy to bringing pleasure and receiving the appreciative touch of older guys!

Then there was a young blond Swedish exchange student staying with a local family for a couple of months. We dated girls together in the evenings, but spent a lot of afternoons laying naked on his bed wanking and slowly lowering ourselves onto each other and then riding hard. We nearly broke his bed!!!!

Then straight relationships/families became the norm, but it left a secret hidden need that needed to be regularly indulged.

Decided that I preferred being Top but still might be tempted to be bent over and taken by a slim cock so put “Versatile” on my profile.

I love outdoor or car meets where a guy can be picked up and play while we drive, or park in a quiet spot, or somewhere in the country. Played this game with a guy who got in, un-buttoned my jeans, slipped them down to my knees, held me until I was rock hard, then openly sucked me as I drove through villages and country lanes. Ended up in a grassy field stark naked in the hot sun, lying on my back, edged time and again until I just couldn't hold back any longer and came very noisily in his mouth.

Met an attractive older guy in a lay-by, chatted, and at his invitation followed his car to small wood, where he stripped naked and bent over a tree trunk. His moans were accompanied by birdsong and the sound of passing cars! Happily agreed to meet him throughout that summer, always finding him in the wood, naked, hot, and gagging. And would I mind stripping off too? Sure why not. Loved being naked out in the open which really added to the excitement!!!

Love outdoors, so having hot sex in open spaces or in someone’s leafy secluded garden is a real turn on!!

One young married guy invited me back to his place and then told me that his wife wanted to watch. She was peeping through the open crack in the bedroom door, while I was fucking him hard on their bed. We put on a very noisy show for her, but sadly she didn’t join in. I loved the idea of her watching and being turned on by what she was viewing.

Have enjoyed anonymous meets in the dark and naked sex in pitch dark woods. Didn’t know who they were, but thanks anyway!!!!

I’ve had so much fun. Always just went with the flow and had a really good time. Haven’t indulged in heavy stuff and, despite being open to kinks and special requests, have respected boundaries and stayed easy going about it all.

Have very recently been asked to talk dirty on the phone to a guy who was lying on his bed naked and wanted to listen while he wanked himself and kept him going until he finally couldn’t hold back and came noisily.

Can accommodate only sometimes, more often during the day, or travel. Always 100% discreet, dependable,(really hate time wasters), super clean, and very horny.

Always say what you really enjoy doing or have done to you and when is best for you and also if you have any special requests.

Pics are of me being sucked to give you an idea of what's on offer.

PLEASE READ MY PROFILE AND PREFERENCES CAREFULLY who turns me on and would like to meet. It’s important to understand what we both are looking for and what you really really enjoy. Thanks for reading this.

Any questions just ask. Cheers Jon.





AGE 30+ -99








NO PAIN OR SCAT (Though will spank)

NO CHUBBIES OR LARGE (Sorry not my scene)



69 years old, Bisexual

5'8"  173cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings
Size: Pretty Big
Role: Versatile
Caucasian (white)

Looking For

Aged from 30 to 99
Won't meet smokers


Can accommodate
Can travel


1 on 1, Anal, Bikers, Cruising, Group sex, Naturism, Older guys, Oral, Safe sex, Shaved, Voyeurism, Webcam, Wanking

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Wow what a really horny chat resulting in one hell of a messy time

*pitroasted (54), Man on 27 February 2020 by Meeting in person:
Lovely meet. Pulled a great cock from his jeans. Lots of naked body contact and mutual oral sex in front of the log fire. My cum over us both with his cum in my face. Mmmmm :-)

*ambsmarried (49), Man on 25 February 2020 by Meeting in person:
Had the chance to meet my nice friend again This time it was a double pleasure for me not only did I get to suck on that cock again but he returned the favour and drained my balls swallowing every drop !!! Mmmmmmmm

*ambsmarried (49), Man on 19 January 2020 by Meeting in person:
After what should of been a 4some I can always rely on Jon turning up ! Shame the other two didn’t show but at least I got to drain jons big cock yet again mmmmmmm

*ambsmarried (49), Man on 11 January 2020 by Meeting in person:
Just had the chance to meet my good friend again Been so long since I sucked his big cock and wow well worth the wait for that large mouthful of spunk !!! Mmmmmm

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Had the chance to meet my nice friend yet again this time as part of a 3some in which I got the chance to suck both cocks mmmmmmmm

*thaca (53), Man on 14 November 2019 by Meeting in person:
Had a really exciting time with jccambs at a m shared meet. A super, easy going guy, who is blessed with a fantastic cock. So enjoyed running my hands over his body and exploring his balls, while we were being sucked off. Never been with two guys at the same time..definitely won't be the last!

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Jackie was well serviced and spitroasted by Jon and his friend. I cant wait for the next time my darlings. xx

*opbeer2 (50), Man on 7 August 2019 by Meeting in person:
Genuine top bloke. Gorgeous cock to suck and nice load. Would meet again.

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Just met J with Silverbot and had the best threesome ever. An easy-going fabber with a nice hard cock and fuckable ass....so I had to oblige! Until the next time !

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Met this guy a couple of weeks ago. Reliable. Honest and very sexy. Loved watching him getting his big cock sucked while he played with my cock till it was my turn Hope to meet again soon

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Met Jon plus 1 today Been ages since met Jon last and well worth the wait been dying to suck his thick cock for ages was rewarded with a load from both guys mmmmmmm

*illyboy76 (44), Man on 1 June 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met this guy today in a 3 sum Great to watch him have his nice cock sucked till It was my time Very relaxed and genuine

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Met my good friend again a few weeks ago Turned up in which I soon had him laying on the desk with his big cock waiting to be sucked on I started to work my tongue and mouth round it until it was rock hard in my mouth also working his balls mmmm I soon came over his cock then ended up with a very big tasty reward of spunk mmmmmm

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Met jon as part of a 3 some realy nice guy with a large suckable cock which i sharf with chris and soon had lots of cum to taste thanks mate

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*ilverBot (68), Man on 23 October 2016 by Meeting in person:
This was a very hot 3 some: Myself dressed as Jackie, John and the third Tim. Both are well hung and horny men. My type. Having led me to the bedroom and pulled my panties down John and Tim proceeded to take turns and switch from my mouth to my man pussy. They had me gagging and moaning for more. Such a treat to then have then both cum over my face and to lick them clean. Every last drop of their spunk. Naughty I know but Jackie loves cocks and them too!

*ambsmarried (49), Man on 19 June 2016 by Meeting in person:
After a long time not seeing this nice guy I got the chance to again he turned up on a very sticky hot afternoon and climbed into the back of my van within seconds I could see and feel his big thick cock waiting to be sucked I was soon on my knees licking and sucking it with it getting harder each minute in my mouth he then started to be more forceful by pushing my head down to get every inch of his cock he then laid down so I could suck his cock more and lick his balls He then told me to wank my cock and spunk over his cock in which I did then I was licking my spunk from his cock before he shoot his 8 days worth of warm spunk in my mouth making sure I swallowed every last drop !! Love every meet with this guy hoping one day he will be forceful and put that cock in my tight ass mmmmm

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Another great sexy meeting with this friendly guy. He is so responsive to everything that he receives to his thick cock and cums loads noisily. Meet him if you can.

*easer69 (71), Man on 7 December 2015 by Meeting in person:
A very horny guy with a superb suckable cock that is thick with a lovely foreskin. Enjoyed drinking his spunk as he deepthroated me.

*ane195854 (61), TV/TS on 21 October 2015 by Meeting in person:
What a lovely guy will meet again love Jane xx

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Met this guy a few times real nice guy with a fantastic bif cock to suck on mnmmm lovely tasting spunk too don't turn the it down if get the chance

*cotman696 (54), TV/TS on 26 October 2014 by Meeting in person:
meet jjcambs in a hotel at stanstead and he was great and as described in his profile would meet again!!